Weekly Update – October 4, 2023

The Event is Over – Now It’s Time to Slay Success

5 Steps to Keep Your Momentum Going

You’re back home and starting to get settled in after surviving a mind-blowing event. You navigated through a sea of passionate business-minded attendee’s, networked till you dropped, and exchanged business cards and friend requests like there’s no tomorrow.

Along the way you likely made some amazing connections and maybe had a few exchanges that were more exhausting than running a marathon. But now that the event is over and you’ve gone through the intensity, it’s time to take a breath and figure out your next steps.


Let’s face it, large events are like a whirlwind of information and inspiration. So first and foremost, take a breather and let your brain settle down. Find a comfy spot, close your eyes, and reorient yourself back into your everyday life with a fresh set of eyes and a plethora of new ideas.

Follow Up On

Reach out to the potential partners or new connections you made with follow-up emails on any items you discussed during the event. During events it’s smart to keep list of action items that need to completed once you return home (sending introduction emails to connect people, scheduling interviews, ect.).

Create An Action Plan

Networking and business events are like a huge buffet. You’ve taken in an array of skills and knowledge, and now it’s time to digest and develop a plan. This is a great time to review your notes and ideas from the event with your team. Prioritize the most impactful strategies and tactics you learned, then break them down into bite-sized tasks.

Celebrate Your Victories

Take a moment to celebrate your victories, whether they’re big or small. Did you finally get the nerve to talk with one of your favorite speakers? Did you step out of your comfort zone and ask for help? Or did you manage to get a killer seat towards the front of the stage for a presenter you’ve been dying to hear? Celebrate these victories.

Take Action

The knowledge gained from large events is only as valuable as the actions you take to implement it in your business.

Avoid falling into the trap of “analysis paralysis” and start implementing what you’ve learned. Experiment, measure results, and refine your strategies. It’s through action that you’ll truly uncover the impact of these events on your business and life.

Following these simple steps could create tangible results.

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