The One Time Offer – Do Them! – SCCMH [Podcast 11]

Jim and Stew discuss the importance of adding a One Time Offer to your sales page.  Also discussed is the differences of the One Time Offer, Order Bump, Cross Sell, and Back End Offer – Jim shares how you can do them all with a video or sales copy text.

Tips on the One Time Offer

1 – Start Doing Them

2 – Types of One Time Offers

a) More of the same product / service
b) Easy Button offer
c) Selling a Next Step option
d) Coaching or do it for you service.

3 – You are doing people a disservice not offering more.  Your customers will stop buying from you when you quit selling to them.

Conclusion:  Make sure the One Time Offer

1 – reminds your customers that they made the right decision

2 – Reassure them what they bought is what they need

3 – But you need to let them know there is even MORE stuff to buy.

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The Transcript

Jim Edwards: Hey guys! It’s Jim Edwards here and welcome back to the Sales Copywriting and Content Marketing Hacks podcast with Jim Edwards and…

Stew Smith: Stew Smith!

Jim Edwards: I’m never sure if I’m pointing at the right spot, but…

Those of you that are listening on audio, can’t tell whether I’m pointing or not or…

Even if I have on pants!…

So, there you go! So, today Stew, we’re going to talk about something that everybody needs to think about… And that is One Time Offers!

So, the title of our podcast episode today is One Time Offer Secrets Every Serious Entrepreneur Needs to Know.

Stew Smith: One Time Offers! I like it! Classic!

Jim Edwards: That’s right. So, we’re going to talk about what is a One Time Offer…

For those of you who don’t know what a One Time Offer is… is basically, in fact… let’s use the magic whiteboard so that you guys can see what I’m talking about.

So, a One Time Offer is… look at this… This is so amazing…

A One Time Offer basically after somebody buys something from you… typically it’s after they buy, but it could be a Freebie… but they buy something and…

Before they go to the sales confirmation page… they go to a page that says…

“Wait, you’re not quite finished yet!… Hey, this is Jim Edwards and I’ve got a special one… because you just did this….

I’ve got a special One Time Offer for you… with this, this, this and this!

And the only place you can get it is right here!… right now! You’ll never see this offer again.”

Typically 20 to 30%… in my experience of people that buy this offer will… buy this offer if it makes sense… your One Time Offer.

And then, if they say yes… then it takes them over and they process the credit card… and then it takes them to the download page.

Or if they say no… then it just takes them to the download page.

Now you can do multiple One Time Offers…

I’ve seen, you know, people do four or five of them that…

That that tends to tork people off!

The magic number that I have seen really is… doing a sales page with an order bump, which is kind of a..

“Hey, would you like some fries with that”… over to a page where you make the One Time Offer… and then maybe a second one time offer… and then you’re done!

That seems to be a setup that people don’t get pissed off.

So, that’s basically what a One Time Offer is though… it is an offer that you make after somebody has paid… after they’ve already filled in their credit card data…

After they have literally bought something from you and… You offer them something else with a special deal!

So, I got three tips for you about this, but before I launch into the three tips…

Stew, do you have any comments or questions?

Stew Smith: Yes, I do! Does it have to be a video, One Time Offer?

Jim Edwards: It does not have to be video… The One Time Offer does not have to be done with video. No.

Stew Smith: Right.

Jim Edwards: However, the reason I like to use video is because you can get a whole bunch of information into people’s heads super, super fast, but… you can use a full length…

I’ve seen plenty of one time offers that were full long form sales letters and anything in between.

So… NO… it does not have to be a video, but…

that is my favorite way of doing it because I’m shy and… I’m just kidding.

I like doing it that way just because it’s fast and you can test.

Stew Smith: All Right! So, how about this… One Time Offer versus across sale? What’s the difference?

Jim Edwards: I don’t know. A cross sell to me… I don’t know.

Stew Smith: Like, I just have on Shopify… I have an APP that allows me to… if someone buys the FBI fitness book… it automatically will have a little popup that says most people bought the FBI fitness book part two.

Jim Edwards: Right. Okay.

Is that before, do they see that before or after the sale?

Stew Smith: Good point! There you go! It is before they complete the purchase…

Jim Edwards: That’s an order in my definition… that’s an order bump. You might call that a cross sell whatever…

There’s basically two… there’s something to think about… making an offer to them before they’ve purchased and… entered their credit card and think that they’re done buying…

That’s an order bump and an upsell or cross sell… what have you.

And then after they bought… they put in there their credit card, they’ve clicked the button, they think, “Hey, I bought this”… and they have bought it.

Anything after that is a One Time Offer… typically from what we’re saying here. Okay.

So, for sake definition… anything that’s happening before they bought the initial sale… and then anything that’s happening after.

Stew Smith: Got It! Sometimes, I will do it after… sometimes I’ll do something similar and you know… I have an automated email that goes to anybody that purchases something

Jim Edwards: that’s a backend offer…

Stew Smith: Ah, okay! But then, I send a personalized one and say, “Hey, check it out while you can”

Jim Edwards: Right! So yeah, they’re still not in the… that’s still a backend offer.

One time offer is when they’re still sitting there, they’ve still… they haven’t even put their credit card away yet…

It’s still sitting on their desk… and they have hit the button… and they’re still in the process of buying.

Stew Smith: Yep. Okay.

Jim Edwards: They think they’re done but they’re not

Stew Smith: Right!

Jim Edwards: But, as soon as they have to go anywhere other than that screen…

That is no longer a One Time Offer … That’s a back end offer!

If it involves email… backend offer and this is right at the point of purchase and…

Imagine it… imagine this like you’re going through the grocery store.

Okay, when you pull up to the line… when you see the candy and the national enquirer and US magazine and other stuff… those are order bumps!

Those are point of purchase. That’s, “Hey, I need some candy!”

“Hey, I need to read about Trump’s ex lovers… and the payoffs and all that”

Or what have you… “Are aliens abducting the 500 pound kid?”

Remember the weekly World News Man? That was awesome.

Stew Smith: Yeah.

Jim Edwards: That’s an order bump point of purchase.

Then, when you’re in the process of paying and the cashier says to you…

“Hey, would you like to round up for kids charity or… would you like to give $5 for what you call it?”

You know, “Would you like to give me more money right now”… While you’re in the process of paying.

That’s more like a onetime offer or… If somebody were standing there right as you were filling up your bags and said…

“Hey, you know, we got Turkeys on sale for, normally they’re $40 but we there, they’re 10 bucks… Would you like a couple of Turkeys?

And, we can add that to your order right here while we’re bagging you up!”

That’s a onetime offer…

As soon as you’re out in the parking lot, that’s all backend offers…

That’s all just… that’s a whole different transaction.

Stew Smith: Okey! I like it! I just want to differentiate. I remember going through this and getting a lot of questions with the DIY media marketing.

We did something very similar, right? Which they have access to…

Jim Edwards: Everybody who was in the Jim Edwards method premium… which you can check out at the Jim Edwards method premium.

No, you can’t because we don’t have that… You go to the to look at it.

Stew Smith: There you go

Jim Edwards: Yeah, I guess now I need to get that domain.

Okay, so I still have three tips for you when it comes to One Time Offers.

Stew Smith: Let’s get ‘em!

Jim Edwards: Tip number one is to start using them… And I learned this the hard way because I used to think that I was… it was almost something to be ashamed of.

I was just happy enough to get somebody to buy something from me… I didn’t want to piss him off.

I didn’t want to make them angry… and I learned the hard way that I cost myself millions of dollars by not doing this.

And you might say, “Oh Jim, you’re just saying that…” Nope. I’m telling you right now… I have one particular eBook that we have sold over the years.

We’ve sold since 2001 and it still sells to this day, it’s on its third iteration on average, just sold 10,000 copies a year.

So, from 2001 to 2011… I had no onetime offer with that book.

And then in 2011 I said, “You know what? Let’s just try it. Let’s just do a onetime offer “

And so, I added a One Time Offer that was for 50 bucks… $47, but we’ll say $50 for the sake of ease of math for those of you at home.

And within a week, with some little tweaks, I got the take rate on that to 20%.

So, what that meant was an extra $97,000 a year!

Now how would you feel with an extra $97,000 a year?

Stew, would you be happy with that?

Stew Smith: Yes! That that would not suck!

Jim Edwards: Okay. I was depressed. I literally was laying in the bed for two days and not wanting to get out of bed because…

I realized that over the previous 11 years I had cost myself… almost $1.1 million.

What am I talking about? Well, 10,000 sales a year… Okay…. 20% take rate… meaning 2000 people of those people would have paid me an extra 50 bucks…

50 bucks a times 2000 is $100,000 times 11 years is $1.1 million… that I left on the table by not having a onetime offer.

And that’s just for a little $29 eBook with a $47 upsell.

Stew Smith: That’s really impressive! But I will say this… Yes, you’re a little bit grumpy about that… and I understand, but…

How many times have you said, “Damn, I wish I’d done this three years ago!”

And you know you’re on to something when you say that…

Jim Edwards: …about every three years… you know what I mean?

Yes. I know… If I knew three years ago.

If, I could take the body of knowledge that I have now and go back to 1997…

I would have been done in 2001 ‘cause I would’ve bought… I would’ve made a shit ton of money in the first three years with knowing what I know now and then…

I just would have bought Google.

Stew Smith: Yes, good point.

Jim Edwards: And then I was shorted but… that’s a separate thing.

So, the thing is though… I think one of the reasons I didn’t do it was because I heard people say… “I don’t like it when people make me, when me right up front.”

And you let those whiners dictate your behavior and your business.

Somebody who’s always going to bitch about something.

But when something works… you need to just do it!

And I think, I want to say that maybe I was being lazy, but… I don’t think I was being lazy.

I think I was scared of being rejected… and I was intimidated by the technology.

But you know, now we know that it works. It’s an accepted way of doing business!

Number two, there are tools that make it super easy to add One Time Offers to whatever your funnel is.

There’s click funnels… I know that you use Shopify Stew.

There are, there are ways to do it… with WordPress it’s just not hard to do a One Time Offer… It is extremely easy to do.

So, your tip number one is to START doing them… If you’re not doing them, do it!

If you’re already doing it, try adding another one!

If you… in other words… if you’ve got one, One Time Offer… try adding a second One Time Offer either… a down sell or something totally different!

Now that leads us to tip number two, which is… what types of offers to make as one time offers?… What are the best ones to make?

Because you might say, “well, you know, pretty much… there’s only one that I can make…” and that’s not true!

There are four that work really well! Some better than others depending on your offer.

So, the first is to just sell them more of what they’ve already bought.

So, if somebody buys one tube of goo from you, say to them, “Hey look, you know you just bought this, how would you like three more for the price of two?

And you get free shipping because you’ve already paid the shipping on the one!

“Oh, okay, well that makes sense. That’s a deal.”

So, sell them more of what they’ve already bought… If it makes sense…

If it doesn’t make sense, then don’t do it.

It’s not like you can say, “Hey, you just got one ebook on how to write an ebook…

So, would you like to buy three more books on how to write an ebook?”

No, but you could sell them… like Stew… if you sell them your tactical fitness for athletes over 40 or… what are the over 40 books that you’ve got?

What are the, what are they, what’s the series there?

Stew Smith: Yeah, tactical fitness over 40.

Jim Edwards: Okay.

So, tactical fitness over 40… And then you could do a special bundle offer of…

“Hey, you can get my recovery…what are the recovery?

Stew Smith: Yeah Mobility.

Jim Edwards: Yeah. Technical, tactical mobility and recovery…  And you could sell them, you know… three more books on recovery and all that stuff.

That makes sense!

That makes perfect sense for them to get that as a onetime offer right there.

And again, even if you’re saving them 10 bucks on shipping… you can, you know, just anyway…

That’s an example of selling them more of what they’ve already got.

So, the second thing that you can sell as a onetime offer is the easy button.

So, that’s where software comes in.

So, let’s say… I was selling you a course on how to write sales letters.

Well, okay, I’ve got a video set or a course on how to write sales letters, but…

Then it says, “Hey, congratulations on buying my sales copywriting crash course… You made a great decision because it’s going to show you exactly…

How to write sales letters from scratch and be able to use them to build your business.”

But let me ask you a quick question…

“What if you could just fill out a form and whack a button and… get the sales letters and the emails and a Webinar templates… and the tweets and all of the blog posts and everything you need?”

“Wouldn’t that be cool if, if it could all be reduced down to just literally filling out a form and hitting a button… that would be amazing. Right?”

“Well, the great thing is that I’ve spent the last seven years creating this software that… makes it so you can do just that and so much more.”

“Now, I don’t have a lot of time to go into it right now, but… to tell you everything, because we’d be here for a couple hours.

But. what I will tell you is that I have thousands of people who have used funnel scripts…”

And then, I would just go into about a two minute pitch on exactly what Funnel Scripts is…

“And the great news is that it is, you know, $697 a year, but… right now you can get six months of funnel scripts for just $297…

And then at that point you can decide if you want to join or become a yearly member or by a lifetime.

But you’re able to do that and it’s going to save you a ton of money.”

So that would be another thing…

So, we’ve got the first one was selling more what they already bought at a discount.

Number two, selling the easy button.

The third thing is selling the next step…

That’s kind of what I said with you to Stew.

That could be the easy, the either one or it could be either one of selling a more or selling them the next step because…

okay, here’s the thing… you just bought my tactical fitness over 40 and it’s an amazing book and you made a great decision because…

It’s helped thousands of tactical athletes all over the world who are getting up in the middle age to be able to do great things.

The thing you need to understand is that as you build that… one of the things you really need to focus on now is mobility.

When you were made out of rubber bands and your teens and twenties… you could recover from injury without even realizing you were injured.

But now as we get older… the bumps and bruises stick with us longer.

So, part of being really fit is being very mobile…

And so, I have an entire series that’s going to help you…

To work on your mobility, to reduce potential for injury, reduced pain, increased flexibility, and…

Make you even more of an elite athlete as you go into your forties and 50s.

And normally this book sells for $29.95. But… I want you to, I really want to get this into your pocket.

So, I’m going to let you have this for just 20 bucks today.

Boom! I mean, that’s shit you yeah! I’ll take it. I mean, right there.

Stew Smith: I like it!

Jim Edwards: Okay, so the next step… and then the fourth one is to sell them some sort of coaching or done for them.

So, it’s okay, we just did this and I would be like… I’ve got this course… let’s go back to the copywriting example…

You just bought this course and it’s going to deliver on exactly what you need…

However, let’s be honest… a lot of times people are just stretched for time…

So, I’ve got a whole network of sales copywriters that I work with on a regular basis that I’ve vetted that I know do great stuff.

And so, if you need somebody to write a sales letter for you… I can actually have somebody on my team create your funnel… They’ll create your sales copy…

That means they’ll write your headline… they’ll do your hook… they’ll do your story that help you do your offer…

Normally, if you were to go on you would hire somebody… they would charge you at least 300 bucks an hour in charge you for 20 to 30 hours.

You’re talking about a five to $10,000 job. But…

I’ve got people that right here, right now, will do this for you for only $1997.

And so, if you want somebody to do it for you… You can sign up now and I’ll tell you what…

“I’ll even refund what you just paid for the copywriting course and let you keep the copywriting course.”

So, I mean that’s a great win deal if you want to do that. But…

I can’t make this offer forever! So, it’s only available right here… Right now… You’re never going to see this offer again.

So, what have I done there?… I have always affirm to them that they made the right decision on buying the product.

I never made them feel stupid for buying that first product or…

Feel like I’m telling them, oh, you bought that first one, but…

You’re not going to be able to get results unless you buy this thing. Because… that’s a sure way to piss people off.

You have to affirm and reassure them they made a great decision why they made a great decision and…

Now you have something that will make life even more amazing for them.

So, those are the four types of best types of one time offers to make. Now, can you make other, sure.

Do you have any questions or comments at this point still?

Stew Smith: No, I don’t.

I’m ready to hear number three. Okay.

Jim Edwards: So, tip number three is that you are doing people a disservice without making some sort of one time offer.

And this has been a real mindset shift for me because…

I used to think that I was doing people a disservice by offering them a One Time Offer by…

Not including every single thing they needed in the product that I was offering.

That was just stupid of me. That was the wrong mindset to have!

And so, I mentioned it earlier for my direct experience between 20 and 30%…

Of the people you sell something to want to buy something else as well.

And so, if you don’t sell it to them… somebody else is going to sell it to them.

It’s kind of like you’re, you know… I could use a really bad metaphor where you’re, you know, your mom says, you know, I can’t do it… I can’t say it.

“We know what boys want… If you don’t give it to them… then they’ll date someone else.”

Now that’s a totally, that’s a different thing.

That’s not the conversation moms have. But…

The point is they’re going to get it somewhere… They’re gonna spend their money somewhere… so they might as well spend their money with you.

And that doesn’t mean you sell something of low quality or anything like that…

Just understand that 20 to 30% of those people still have their credit card in hand… And would love to spend more money.

So, you might as well give them the opportunity to spend more money with you.

And the truth of the matter is that people stop buying from you for one of two reasons.

And I believe it was Dan Kennedy who said this, but they stopped Sony.

They stopped buying from you because… you either you stopped selling to them or…

You lied to them and you piss them off and they go away.

So, if you don’t have anything else to sell, they’re going to go buy from someone else.

That’s why you need to keep coming out with new stuff… You need to cut coming out with something else that they can buy.

And so, the way to look at this also, and you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself a hard question, is my stuff any good?…

And the answer that better be…Yeah, my stuff’s good cause it.

And if you can answer that question, yeah, my stuff’s good then…

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be selling them more stuff.

So, the big takeaway is that… I want you guys to take from these three and I’ll just recap them for you really quick.

Tip number one is start using One Time Offers.

Tip number two is pick the best One Time Offer of the four that we went through.

And tip number three is that you are doing people a disservice if you don’t do a onetime offer.

Two big takeaways… is that if you don’t have a One Time Offer, if you have a working offer that doesn’t have a onetime offer associated with it… then you hate money.

That’s just the bottom line.

You hate money… you want your kids to be begging in the streets and… there’s some sort of… there’s something wrong with you… if you don’t do it.

There’s some mental bugaboo that you have…

Some hang up that you need to get over…. If I pissed some people off with that… that’s okay.

Because in my book I talk about the principle of love me, hate me… There’s no money in the middle.

So, I’m going to tell you the truth.

Number two is that no offer should go out with some sort… without some sort of one time offer associated with it.

So, when you are planning your funnel… you need to plan the onetime offer.

I have been guilty of this in the past, which is, “Hey, let’s just get this out the door and we’ll add that to it later.”

That’s stupid because you’re going to get your biggest bang for your buck at the beginning when you first launch a product… especially out to your list and…

Your warm market is the one that’s going to give you the highest conversion rate on that One Time Offer!

So, you need to get it out the door with a One Time Offer… spend the extra time, don’t be lazy… don’t have mental problems when it comes to the onetime offer!

Just get it done!

So, Stew… before I give them the moral of this podcast… do you have any questions?… Anything you want to ask about before I give them a moral?

Stew Smith: One question… Basically.

So, the One Time Offer… and we talked a little bit about it at the beginning.

My first question was when we talked about cross selling… order bumps… back end offers… right?

How do those fit into your One Time Offer?

Would you still use those?… Or would you just go with a One Time Offer?

Jim Edwards: No, you can, you can do whatever you want.

You just have to test each part of it.

Stew Smith: If you, different products, different services.

Jim Edwards: Yeah, I mean… I’m turning the lights back on for the whiteboard.

There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t make an offer… have an order bump…

So, you know, Stew’s got his… here’s one way you could do it.

Okay. Here’s your tactical fitness over 40 with an order bump of the mobility book.

Okay… Mobility and recovery book… They come over here and you make a One Time Offer for the PT Club. All right?

And the $300 a quarter thing… And then you could… if they take that, then you just take them to the order page.

But if they don’t take that… then you might make a down sell offer of a collection of five of your books.

Okay. So that can be OTO number two… five of your books in a way that makes sense.

You know, again, the order of the over 50 crowd, whatever, you know… whatever five books that would make the most sense.

So, “They’re like, okay, I don’t want to spend $300 a quarter, but…

for another $77 I can get these five books from Stew or… $97. I can get these books.”

And all of a sudden, we’ve taken it from a $20 book… up to a $37 cart… plus a 77 or let’s just say it’s a hundred….

So, we’d gone to $137 cart value… as opposed to a $20 cart value by having… you know, in order to bump… the PT thing…

If they do take that… and if they take this, all of a sudden our cart value jumps way up!

Stew Smith: Yes.

Jim Edwards: So, by just doing these things… and doing it the right way…

You’re not putting yourself in a situation where anybody’s going to get pissed.

And if they do get pissed… they’re going to get pissed anyway.

People are looking for a reason to get pissed in the world today, now.

So, who cares? You know, if somebody gets pissed then be pissed…

Yeah, I’m doing them a service because they’re the kind of person who loves to get pissed… Let me give them a real reason to get pissed, you know?

So, I mean, I’ve done them a service either way.

Stew Smith: Yes.

Jim Edwards: Does that answer your question?

Stew Smith: Yes. Perfect.

Jim Edwards: All right, cool.

So, the moral… see… I actually had this episode plan.

Now, the moral here is that you can maximize the profit from every sale without having field cheap… or cheesy… when you use a onetime offer effectively.

Now, are you ready for the amazing call to action?

Stew Smith: Love it!

Jim Edwards: Okay. I’ve got three different choices here ‘cause I use a FB live wizard, but… I’m gonna read this, but you’re not going to know… I’m reading this…

So, if you’re one of those entrepreneurs who are serious about learning how to take this to the next level… do yourself a favor and… subscribe to this podcast on Youtube at the

And this will make it easy for you to maximize profit with your sales copy and content!

Plus, when you subscribe over Youtube… you’ll get cool notifications and our numbers will go up and…

Other people find the podcast and we’ll be able to keep doing what we’re doing instead of…

Having to put on a hairnet and ask people, would you like fries with that?

So, you’re doing us a service too. So, thank you very much! Appreciate you Stew.

Thanks for joining us guys! Start using your one time offers and we’ll talk to you soon!

Stew Smith: Let’s do this!


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