Interview with Izzy Whitfield (11 yr old author) + Believe in Yourself & Face the Fear of Rejection [Podcast 227]

Jim and Stew interviewed a young lady who had written three books for early teens on building better confidence, study habits, post-COVID learning issues, and dealing with other stresses in life. After a few minutes, you will not believe this girl is 11 years old. Trust me when we say, “You will learn something from Izzy – young and old!”. Her titles are the following:

When in Doubt…Don’t Freak Out! A Middle Schooler’s Guide to Building Successful Study Habits.

When in Doubt…Don’t Freak Out ! A Middle Schooler’s Guide to Building Successful Study Skills – Expanded Edition for Parents and Teachers

Confidence is Key: How Tween Girls Can Slay the Day & Build Unshakeable Confidence –

You can find out more about her mission and new projects at her website:

Then Jim and Stew take the discussion further to help people unlock their fear of rejection and discover ways to build belief in themselves.

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