Weekly Update – May 1, 2024

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Why Agency Work Could Be the Key to Understanding Your Customers Like Never Before!

Soosan and I have been pouring our energy into making videos lately… a LOT of videos! But, these aren’t just any videos-they’re step-by-step guides that show folks how to craft their own Authority site and how to knit together a sales funnel using a modern funnel builder tool.

It’s been an enlightening journey for me to say the least… but it’s gonna rock some worlds!

Think back-way back-to over 20 years ago. That was when we launched what was, at the time, the bestselling course on mini-sites. “Mini Site Creator!”

These mini-sites were the frontrunners of today’s online funnels. Crafting that course was a HUGE task that took a couple of months, but it stood on a solid foundation of personal experience where I had spent years building TONS of websites to sell books and courses… and to build huge, responsive email lists.

The Credibility Came From Actually DOING IT… Not Just Talking About It!

Our teaching stemmed from real, in-the-trenches work. The result? A product that generated millions in sales and transformed lives. I’m proud of the impact we made.

However, fast-forward 20 years to last week, and I’m back to feeling like a greenhorn. Not because I don’t understand the principles, mind you, but because I hadn’t personally grappled with the latest funnel builder software package.

Getting my hands dirty was humbling, yes, but it sparked some quick breakthroughs based on a direct understanding of our customers’ daily struggles.

The common gripe I’ve heard about so-called “gurus” is that they recycle outdated wisdom without truly grasping what’s going on in the real world TODAY.

I know this to be true: the moment you stop doing-whatever that “doing” is – you start to stagnate.

Your understanding wanes; your empathy dims.

Your relevance dips because you’re no longer in sync with your customer’s actual experiences.

A Harsh Truth: If You Coach Or Train, You Need To Practice What You Preach.

Want to teach others how to achieve a certain result? Then you’d better be reaching that milestone in your own business. To say it plainly, if you’re not actively doing, you’re a poser!

(I know that’s a blow to some egos, for sure, but a harsh reality nonetheless).

You might wonder, what exceptions exist to my hard and fast rule above? Consider a physical trainer for special forces operatives, like my buddy Stew Smith. At 55, he may not match the young guns in action, but he still embodies an exceptional standard of what’s achievable, at any age.

So, What Does All This Have To Do With Agency Work?

Before I dig into that, let’s define it.

In the past, we called it running a company; these days, it’s termed having an “agency.”

Simply put: agency work is all about doing “stuff” for others and charging for it, either project-based or per hour.

My own agency experiences have ranged from $25 an hour to $3,000 an hour or $100 to $75,000 for a project.

Why Would You Want To Do Agency Work?

First off, it can be a cash flow lifesaver while you’re building out other business fronts like publishing or e-commerce.

I remember how a $25-per-hour gig, just 20 hours a week, kept my lights on for a 4 months while I fine-tuned my other ventures. And even beyond paying the bills, that work kept my feet on the ground, letting me explore some things while having a safety net in place. (It kept me from getting desperate and gave me breathing room.)

Second, agency work creates empathy towards your clients, something that’s vital for coaches. It keeps you anchored in the real world of execution rather than theory.

Third, agency work paves the path to true mastery. Back in the ’80s and ’90s the concept of “super learning” became popular. I can summarize it for you like this: if you want to master a skill, learn it as if you must turn around and teach it immediately to someone else.

This urgency promotes a deeper understanding. Similarly, actually doing the work before teaching it to someone else ensures you actually know what the heck you’re talking about!

Finally, when you do agency work for others, you also accumulate a wealth of stories and examples that are unique to you! These become educational tools, giving you undeniable credibility.

There’s truth to the old saying, “Been there, done that, and got the T-shirt.”

That’s the level of authenticity and relatability agency work gives you… no matter what you do!

So, here’s my bottom-line advice:

Whether you’re raking in millions or just starting out, engage in agency work.

It keeps your skills sharp, your stories current, and your offers relevant… all of which are crucial in today’s ever-evolving landscape.

Take it from me; it’s a surefire way to not only stay grounded but also to drive your business forward, potentially tenfold.

Are you tired of recycled advice and outdated strategies? It’s time to get back in sync with your customers’ experiences. At Copyandcontent.AI, we offer tools, resources, and support to help you practice what you preach and stay ahead of the curve. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, CopyandContent.AI is the key to elevating your success.


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