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Psychological Triggers: How To Make INSTANT Emotional Appeals in Your Optin Page Copy

  • Psychological triggers prompt immediate action without conscious thought.
  • Opt-in pages should offer something that requires little to no thought to increase conversions.
  • The headline on the opt-in page is crucial in influencing the decision to sign up or not.
  • The most effective trigger is the promise of an immediate result or solution to a known problem.
  • Focusing on immediate results or problems and offering an almost instant solution increases the likelihood of people signing up.

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Let’s talk for a minute about psychological triggers and how they apply to your opt-in page for maximum conversions. First off, what is a psychological trigger? My definition of a psychological trigger is anything that makes somebody act immediately without conscious thought.

One of the biggest mistakes people make with their opt-in pages is offering people something that’s either complicated or requires them to think before they act. And an opt-in offer works best when there’s very little thought. A snap decision gets made, and the person decides, “Yep, I’m signing up for that.” Or “NO! They just want my email, and I won’t respond to this. I’m not going to give them my email.”

That whole process takes, from my experience, anywhere from two to five seconds, no more.

And it all starts with the headline at the top of the opt-in page.

That headline is where they’re going to make their decision about whether they’re going to stick around and find out more or even make the entire decision about whether they’re going to sign up. So that headline makes them decide, hey, I think I’m going to sign up for this, and then anything else they look at is simply them deciding to either sign up or not based on the supporting material.

The most critical trigger is either the promise of a result they know they want or the solution to a problem your target audience knows they have. And, in either case, it should be immediate.

That’s another mistake people make with an opt-in page; the trigger they use is something that’s way off in the future.

But if you want somebody to make an immediate decision about something, it should be about something that will provide an immediate result.

So, for example, somebody is thinking about selling their house themselves.

They click over to an opt-in page that says, “Hey, opt in, and I’ll show you the entire process of selling your house.” The reader thinks, “I think I can find that anywhere.”

Let’s say they see another opt-in page, and somebody says, “Hey, I’ll show you how to price your home for maximum profit in five minutes… and you never have to talk to a real estate agent… and it won’t cost you a dime!”

Okay. They think, “I’d like to know what my house is worth and know it in five minutes, and I don’t have to talk to a real estate agent. It’s not going to cost me any money. Sure!”

Now, do I need to know how to sell my house and the entire process? Yes. But I WANT to know how to price my house for maximum profit. So I was triggered by an immediate promise of an immediate payoff.

If you want to trigger people to sign up, focus on immediate results or immediate problems. And, if possible, offer them an (almost) instant solution to those or at least part of them.

You may not be able to solve the entire problem, but you can solve part of the problem instantly, or almost instantly.

Think of it like a vending machine.

They see the machine; they can push the button and instantly receive what they want.

Now envision an opt-in page as a vending machine. I can walk up to this vending machine, whack the button, and out pops something that will make me happy.

The psychological trigger you use needs to be based on an immediate problem or result. 

Anything else will drastically reduce your opt-in rate because you can’t get people emotionally involved fast enough with any other promise. If they have to think about it… if they must visualize something way out in the future… they won’t sign up (much).

But if they can visualize something like, “Hey, I push this button, I get this result. Yeah, I’m in. I’ll take it. Here’s my email address.”

That’s the key. And if you’re worried about magical language to make that happen, all you have to do is talk about that problem or result. They’ll fill in all the blanks when you do it this way.

You don’t even have to be that good in your sales copywriting – IF you’re tuned in to what your audience wants.

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