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The Art of Assembling an Irresistible Offer Stack That Makes BIG Sales (NO matter the economy, the market, or the price!)

One compelling offer can literally change your life!

It certainly has for me over the years! I’m a little shocked to see this list of offers that is by NO MEANS an exhaustive list! 😉 (Dates are approximate)

“Mortgage Loan Tips” (1996)

“Selling Your Home Alone” (1997)

“Search Engine CD” (2000)

“7 Day Ebook” (2001)

“33 Days” (2001)

“Multimedia Secrets Course” (2003)

“How To Get Anything You Want” (2004)

“Mini Site Creator” (2004)

“Website Video Secrets” (2005)

“The Net Reporter” (2006)

“The Jim Edwards Method” (2014)

“Funnel Scripts” (2016)

“Content Marketing Scripts” (2018)

“CopyAndContent.AI” (2023)

Crafting an irresistible offer stack is essential for transforming a good product or service into a must-have for your target audience.

Here’s a quick checklist to walk you through the key components of an exceptional offer stack, from identifying core elements and value-add bonuses to ensuring seamless presentation and perceived value.

By following this checklist, you’ll be able to assemble a compelling offer stack that not only attracts prospects… but converts potential customers into buyers!

  1. Avatar: Identify your target audience and understand their needs and preferences.
  2. Research: Look at your competitors and analyze their offer stacks to identify areas of improvement.
  3. Pain / Objections / Problems: Design your entire offer stack to address the specific pain points, objections, and problems your audience believes they’ll have to overcome in order to get their desired outcome.
  4. ID The Core Component: Determine the main product or service you want as the cornerstone in your offer stack.
  5. Stack On Cool Bonuses: Include complementary products, tools, or services that enhance the value of the main offer AND remove objections the buyers have about what would keep them from getting results.
  6. Clearly Identify Value: Provide clear and compelling values for each component of the offer stack.
  7. Scarcity / Urgency: Use the bonuses to create real scarcity and a sense of urgency.

Example of how this worked with “Mini Site Creator”

Avatar: Someone who needed to set up a sales website.

Research: Competitors were mainly selling expensive software or hosting.

Pain / Objections / Problems: Need to set up a website, don’t want to be held hostage by a webmaster, not a techie.

Core Component: Step by step training on how to set up the 4 main types of mini websites.

Bonuses: Free web hosting, free HTML design software, free uploading (FTP) software, copywriting training, and more.

Value: Listed comparable costs for each element.

Scarcity / Urgency: Original class could only take 20 people.

Simple. Easy to understand. Targeted to the audience. Eliminated all objections. High perceived value of the payoff.

That’s what made that offer stack a winner… and you can apply the exact same principles to your existing / new offer today!

By the way, we have AI Genies to help you plan your entire offer stack AND write the sales copy, ads, blog posts and more to promote it… check out CopyAndContent.AI for more!

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