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Time Mastery: The Two Golden Hours

Here’s a question I was asked not too long ago…

Q: “How do I find time to work on my online business when I’m swamped with my ‘day job’ and my family?”

A: Let me start by saying I understand 110% about trying to get started with a mountain of time commitments facing you.

I used to get up at 4:00 a.m. in the morning and make websites from 4:15 until 7:00 when I had to go get ready to head to my day job.

I used to stay up until 2:00 a.m. working on things too.

But that’s a tough road and it’s hard to find the energy.

Then one day, almost by accident, I discovered a strategy I now call “The Two Golden Hours” that changed everything!

I got home late from an appointment and knew I had to get some things done. I was TIRED and didn’t feel like doing anything at all, but instead of blowing it off, I asked a question “What could I do right now, even though I’m tired?”

So, I picked an item from the list that “felt” like I could get it done right then. Then I picked the next, and then the next. After about an hour of getting a LOT more done than I expected, I realized that I had chosen ONLY the “mechanical” things from the list – things that didn’t require any creative thought.

The next morning, I tried the same technique of picking an item from the list that “felt” like I could get it done right then and there. As I moved through the list for about an hour, I realized I had only been selecting “Creative” things like writing or creating graphics.

Then it hit me! “Two Golden Hours”

Hour 1 = “Creative Hour”

Hour 2 – “Mechanical Hour”

WHEN those hours happen during the day will vary from person to person. For example, many of my friends are at their most creative in the middle of the night.

If you pause and reflect for a little while, you should have an instinctive sense about which 2 hours of the day fit those categories for YOU.

To use the “Two Golden Hours” strategy, do this:

1. Identify two hours WHEN you can take action every day.  (If it means getting up an hour early or cutting out TV, so be it!)

2. Decide which hour will be your “Creative” hour and which will be the “Mechanical” hour.

3. Put these hours into your appointment book or software for EVERY DAY (Monday – Friday) and treat them as THE MOST important appointments of your life (because they are!)

Take your to-do list and divide all the tasks into two groups: creative or mechanical.

During your “Creative” hour, do creative tasks. During your “Mechanical” hour, do mechanical tasks.

Email me at the end of the year and tell me about how this one simple strategy changed your life… because I know it’s THAT powerful! 🙂

You CAN find the time to do what you really want to do. You just have to make a plan and do it!

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