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From Vision to Reality

Create Anything You Really Want In Your Life!

In the book of Proverbs, it is written that where there is no vision, the people perish.

This simple yet profound statement has always resonated with me and has shaped the way I approach life.

To me, it means that we need to have a vision for our lives to thrive and truly live our purpose. If you don’t have a vision of where you’re going, you’ll never get there!

I firmly believe that success is built from the inside out. It all starts with having a clear internal vision of where we are going. This vision serves as our guiding light, our North Star, out GPS in the journey of life.

There are three primary types of visions we all need to consistently operate with in life.

Thing Visions

The first is a vision of the things that we want in life. This may include material possessions, such as wealth, a dream house, or a specific car. While these may seem trivial, they are the easiest visions to manifest. By consistently visualizing these desires, with determination, action, and emotion, we can almost always bring them into our reality.

Action Visions

The second type of vision is one that revolves around actions and experiences. It involves visualizing the things we want to do, such as starting a business or embarking on a meaningful trip. This vision propels us into action and drives us to achieve our goals.

“Self” Visions

The third and most crucial vision is often overlooked.

It is the vision of our true selves. By consciously constructing the person we want to become, we can transform our lives.

We can visualize the person we aspire to be, the behaviors we want to embody, and the habits we want to shed. This form of self-visualization is the key to creating lasting change from within.

Success Is Rooted In Our Abilities To Visualize Our 10.0 Selves

The statement “where there is no vision, the people perish” is a powerful reminder that success is rooted in our ability to visualize ourselves. While many are quick to visualize external achievements, very few utilize the power of vision to shape their true essence. However, this type of vision has the potential to bring about the most profound and lasting transformation in our lives.

By embracing the practice of visualizing our true selves, we can begin to align our lives with our deepest desires. It all starts with seeing ourselves as the people we aspire to be.

When we do this, we automatically start living our lives in line with our true essence, paving the way for lasting success and fulfillment.


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