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9 Secrets To Skyrocket Sales With Your Copy and Content… No Matter What You Sell

Who doesn’t want more sales? I mean seriously… unless your life is perfect, and you’re already living in a mansion with a Money Bin like Scrooge McDuck – you want more sales.

In fact, you don’t just want more sales. You want…

More sales. More subscribers. More leads. More money.

Yeah… all those cool things would be great right about now!

Okay. Let me help you out. Unless you plan on building your fortune through lotto scratch tickets down at the local mini-mart, you’re gonna have to put some stuff in front of people that makes them wanna spend money with you.

What kinda stuff?

Sales Copy and Content. That’s the key!

Sales copy makes them buy, try, and sign up.

Content makes them like and trust you… and leads over to your sales copy.

This content and sales copy stuff has been around a while. It works.

BUT, the internet makes it easy for any bonehead to come up with sales copy and content and post it up on the Web. Once they do, it adds to the overall noise assaulting everyone’s sense on a daily… hourly… minute-by-minute basis.

If you want to stand out from all the chuckle heads (which you do), you gotta do these 9 things.

If you don’t do them, it means you hate money and want to force your spouse and/or kids to work a part-time job against their will until the end of time… or until inflation goes away. (So, until the end of time!!!)

You don’t want that. You love your spouse. You want success.

You want your sales copy and content to perform like a thoroughbred… NOT like a rented mule just back from a 2-for-1 special during planting season.

So here you go…

9 Things You Can Do To Make Your Sales Copy and Content Kick Ass

1. A Compelling Headline

Oh crap! There’s that broken record again. “Everything needs a headline!” Yep! The first words they see on a page or the words that come out of your mouth on a video or podcast need to grab attention. Without it, you’re gonna have to put on that hair net and start asking people “Would you like fries with that?”

2. A Story Or Anecdote

A story is what makes the lesson or the point stick. Stories help the reader feel like whatever action they take was THEIR decision! Stories work great in both sales copy and content.

3. Social Proof

It’s one thing for YOU to tell me something… it’s entirely something else if a customer tells your audience. Comb social media, your help desk, and your emails for anything that resembles social proof and get permission to use it… and then USE it!

4. A Clear Call-To-Action

When should you include a call to action? ANYtime and EVERYtime you put out a piece of copy or content.

This might sound obvious, but how many blog articles or videos have you seen that left you wondering what to do or where to go next?

5. Include Relevant Pictures / Visuals / Graphics.

I’ve seen the right picture boost click-throughs in an ad by 300% or more! On social media, pictures grab a LOT more attention than words! Add spice to your copy and content with images… you’ll rarely go wrong.

… And now for the part that might feel like 11th grade English, but can save your life as far as conversions.

DO THESE THINGS and you’ll see results. DON’T DO THIS, and you’ll also see results (but those results will suck)!

6. Break Up Long Sentences And Paragraphs

Usually when someone says, “The old rules don’t apply.” you should grab your wallet and run like hell! However, the old rules for paragraphs and sentences don’t apply online. Keep your paragraphs short, and your sentences shorter! Most of my paragraphs never go beyond 5 lines.

7. Use Bullet Points And Lists

  •  People don’t read anymore. They skim!
  • The fastest way to help a skimmer is with bullet points and lists.
  • This applies to both sales copy and content.

8. Highlight Important Points In Bold Or Italics.

Bold keywords or use italics on text blocks to aid skimmers. Don’t overdo this! Also, avoid using bold and italics together. Depending on the font and the size of the screen, it can make text difficult to read.

9. Use Active Language

Write in a way that actually engages people. Writing in an active voice rates as one of the most effective ways to do that.

An advanced tip in this area is to go through your copy and content to eliminate everywhere you use the following words: is, am, was, were, be. That’ll make your English teacher proud!

BONUS #10: Proofread

Well, there’s a tip from Captain Obvious. Proofread your stuff.

Get another set of eyes on it. (Spouses and kids who get good grades in English make great proofreaders – and you can often get away without paying them. They’ll do it because they love you. Oh, and they stand to benefit if you make money!)

Proofread it again… and again! One single slip up brands you as a jerk. One misspelled word DOES matter… especially in your ads, sales letters, and important content.

Hold your horses. I agree with the little voice inside your head freaking out! It shouldn’t matter. Yes, they should focus on the message, not a single spelling error.

Get over it! Proofread your stuff!

Ok… so there you have it. 9 10 things you can do to supercharge your sales copy and content. Some might even call them secrets. Why are they secrets?

Apparently they are secrets because people don’t do them consistently!

Spitting out crap is easy. Most people do it every single day. Problem is, with the advent of ChatGPT and other AI Robots, the avalanche of crap is about to swamp everyone.

The only way to survive, let alone thrive, is to do more with your copy and content than just slap it up on the web and hope for the best!

By the way, are you looking for a tool that will help you get quality content done fast, with very little editing (sometimes none) needed?

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Oh, and for the conspiracy theorists out there, this fits in great to the Terminator scenario… “The robots are going to kill us all.”

We are on the cusp of exciting times in content creation and copywriting, but beware the risks!

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