“The Robots Are Going To Kill Us All”

Every day delivers more and more news about AI. 

In the last week, Google has announced their competition for ChatGPT named “Bard.”

In prior weeks, schools denounced AI and several people invented AI detectors to combat students taking the “easy way out.” 

Others even questioned the ethics of content created by AI. 

Oh, and for the conspiracy theorists out there, this fits in great to the Terminator scenario… “The robots are going to kill us all.”

We are on the cusp of exciting times in content creation and copywriting, but beware the risks!

1. The AI will make you lazy.

If you stop running or working out, you get out of shape FAST.  If you stop thinking, you become lazy mentally. 

Does that mean you shouldn’t use AI for sales copy and content? No! It just means you use it wisely. It’s a tool. And the biggest reason to use ANY AI tool is to get your first draft done as fast as possible.

2. AI does not fact-check. 

I have a Quote Of The Day Genie in development. 

To test it, I requested a quote from the AI, and it gave me a quote that was cool and relevant to my audience. But it said the author was “unknown.” I asked, “Can you tell us who this quote is most likely attributed to?” The genie said the quote isn’t specifically attributed to one person, but it is often attributed to the late American businessman, Warren Buffett. 

My first thought was, has anybody told Warren Buffett that AI thinks he is dead? At the time of this writing, he is alive and well!

If you combine laziness with a lack of fact checking, you could end anywhere from looking really stupid to some sort of liability. I am not an attorney; I don’t play one on TV. If you get lazy and don’t do any fact checking, you could end up looking dumb (at a minimum). 

3. You Will Sound the same as everybody else with a Chat/ AI “Robot!”

You will start seeing AI content penalized by Google for search engine optimization purposes. Why? It’s a business decision. It is not in Google’s best interest to promote content that was created by a partnership between Microsoft and OpenAI!

Even with their version named “Bard” on the horizon, if search results start returning junk, Google will filter AI VS Human content. They’ll find a way to reward the human content over AI content. 

You are going to need content that is judged to be “human” – or as good as “human.”

But this is subjective. 

There’s a tool popularized a few weeks ago called GPTZero. Created by a 22-year-old kid, it tells you if content is AI or human generated. 

My team and I ran a test of straight ChatGPT created content versus Genie created content. We were consistently able to input raw content from the genies that was rated as “human” written by that detector. Why? Because we do a better job than just a straight ChatGPT robot. 

Now, I can’t guarantee that’s will be the case in every single instance because the detectors get updated too.

4. General Ai Content Has No SOUL. 

There’s no soul in that content. A living being can have a soul, but a computer can’t have a soul. Therefore, it cannot make a moral or other type of judgment. 

In the second Harry Potter book, Dumbledore says to Harry “Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can’t see where it keeps its brain!”

Make no mistake, AI will always give you an answer. The quality of your answer directly depends on the quality of what you enter. If you enter garbage, you’ll get garbage back.

I’m not pooh-poohing AI. I LOVE AI!

What I’m saying, though, is that straight AI content out of a chatbot, or another AI robot is the lowest common denominator for your sales copy or content. 

In the pyramid of value, the more soul you can add to your content, the more you’ll connect with the right people. 

You’re not just showing up with a blank sheet cake (with no icing) you bought at the grocery store and saying “Happy Birthday, Little Timmy!”

You’re showing up with a sheet cake that has Timmy’s name on it, extra frosting, candles with his age, a sparkler, and personally singing Happy Birthday to the little rat!

When YOU add VALUE, all of a sudden, that common sheet cake went from a $10 sheet cake to a lifelong memorable experience for Little Timmy because you poured yourself into it. 

5. You Must Show Your Audience Love

MOST people will just go grab the “AI sheet cake,” throw it on the kitchen table at the party, and ask, “Why isn’t Timmy jumping up and down and singing my praises as his favorite relative? What’s wrong with that ungrateful little turd!?” 

You must add value and your persona to any content or sales copy you create with AI… that’s the difference maker!

Now, to toot my own horn..

Our AI Genies enable you to produce valuable content and sales copy you can add value to a hell of a lot faster than composing it from scratch by yourself. 

Also, our Genies will kick ANY AI robot’s butt in a head-to-head competition.

Want to know more about the greatest AI content?

Soon we’ll be releasing a new tool that unites the convenience and speed of AI with a proprietary blend of my experience and software to create fast, quality content that requires very little (sometimes no) editing.

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  1. Peter Avatar

    Jim always loved you stuff. I don’t sell anything on line to much of an old fart but your philosophy has helped in my business and enjoy your posts. I also enjoyed feeding the chickens we call em chooks here in Australia. Regards Peter

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