Walk Thru – What Wizard is Right For Me? SCCMH [Podcast 18]

Jim and Stew walk TJEM member Sara Pitts through a sticking point she is having with developing a product launch video for her membership site.  We pull Sarah into the podcast and discuss the steps and options for all of us to consider when making a video script of webpage sales copy. ( http://thejimedwardsmethod.com )

Thanks Sara for joining us – see what Sara does at http://www.mostmotion.com
Goals of the Video:
1 – Hook them with the problem they are having.
2 – Show the purpose of the product / service you offer
3 – Explain the #1 reason why it is simple to use
4 – Show results!

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The Transcript…

Jim Edwards: Hey guys, Jim Edwards here and welcome back to another episode of the Sales Copywriting And Content Marketing Hacks Podcast with Jim Edwards and

Stew Smith: Stew Smith.

Jim Edwards: Where we help people just like you go from blank screen to compelling content and money making sales messages at the push of a button…

At the whack of a button.

Stew Smith: Whack it!

Jim Edwards: No experience required. Yes, we’ve enjoyed whacking since about age 13.

So Stew is the producer of the podcast now, and I got fussed at earlier off camera for actually trying to have any sense of control over this show at all.

So, I appreciate you reminding me who’s really in charge, Stew.

Stew Smith: Not a problem, sir.

Jim Edwards: And so today we had a question from a very loyal user of the Jim and Stew Universe…

a Mrs. Sarah Pitts.

Shall I share my screen to show her question?

Stew Smith: Absolutely. Let’s do that.

Jim Edwards: Okay. And so this is, she loves to use gifs and stuff.

This poor little puppy dog caught between a rock and a hard place, and she says,

“Jim, I’m following the product launch script in FunnelScripts.

It’s actually the product launch recipe in funnel scripts.

And was wondering which wizards would help me create the content for the four videos in the Jim Edwards method premium and feeling a bit stuck.

And I’m sure I’m making this harder than it needs to be able to help.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.”

So Stu said,

“You know what, let’s get her on the podcast, Jim!”

And I said,

“You know what, that’d be great!”

Stew Smith: Let’s walk her through it.

Jim Edwards: That’s right. So she’s not here yet, cause we wanted to give kind of the background and whatnot.

Stew Smith: I think this would be a good one, especially because we all come up with new ideas.

We all have a product to launch.

It’s a book, it’s a service, it’s something new.

And there’s a recipe for that.

Jim Edwards: Sure.

Stew Smith: And let’s kinda describe a little bit of what we’re, we’re going to walk her through.

Jim Edwards: Okay. So the thing is that the product launch follows a specific recipe. Especially the way that Russell…

So this is FunnelScripts, and a this is one of the FunnelScripts recipes where we show how to use a combination of scripts to get a specific result.

So what this does, and I just filled it in like I was Stew, I’m talking about mobility.

Actually, I’ll change this to tactical fitness and let’s say he’s doing his launch today. Whatever the date is. Okay?

The way these work is that you can keep track of your progress, which is cool.

So, each time you do one of these things like,

“Okay, I read the five pages in the dotcomsecrets book.

“I’ll watch the full training on how to use this particular thing.”

And you see how that thing’s going across the top. So it helps you track.

So now the video number one is wow.

And the purpose is to wow them with the big idea and show them how you and others are using whatever concept it is.

So maybe you’re talking about mobility. And I know that Sarah one of her big things, is mobility.

So she was asking about, which script would I use to make a video for “Wow And How.”

And so, if you look at this, FunnelScripts is going to help you to create the sales copy for this.

Now, there are a couple of scripts inside of FunnelScripts that you could use.

You could use the Origin Story Script to explain the “Wow and How” of your own personal story.

If you wanted to highlight somebody else, then you can use a case study…

Which a case study – if done right – is really a story of how someone has gotten results…

As opposed to a testimonial, which is, “Here are the results that I got.”

Does that make a difference?

A lot of people always ask me, I know that’s kind of an aside, but I figured I’d hit on that.

A lot of people ask what’s the difference between a case study and a testimonial?

A case study is

“How I got the results.”

and the testimonial is,

“Here are the results I got, and that’s why the product is awesome.”

That’s the difference. And I think it’s important to understand that distinction.

Stew Smith: I’d like to see the difference of those because that’d be a neat draw.

I’ve never seen this one before.

Jim Edwards: We can do that. Let’s do that on a different podcast.

Stew Smith: Oh yeah, absolutely.

Jim Edwards: One day. But, definitely, we should make a note of…

Let’s explain the difference between a case study and a testimonial on a future podcast.

Cause I think that’s important. That’s an important distinction.

So this first one, okay.

The video is basically all about,

I’m going to assume you’ve done all this stuff…

But the video on this first one is “Wow and How…”

Big idea…

Show them how you and others are using this content, whatever the concept is.

So it’s like tactical mobility.

So if we come over here into the world of the Jim Edwards Method and we come down here into content creation…

and here comes Sarah.

So hang on one second Sarah.

I’ll finish this thought, and we’ll grab you.

“What is the thing that you could use here?”

And to me, the easiest one is the FB Live Video one because this gives you all kinds of versatility.

So, in this case, I’m making a video.

What’s my name?

Sarah pits.

Who’s our target audience.


My main topic is here.

Here is the big concept of whatever it is,

mobility, and how you can change your life and stuff

And then just use this one to create an amazing video that expounds upon the actual big idea that you’re trying to get across.

So now that Sarah is here, I’m going to stop sharing real quick and Sarah, give everybody and

“Welcome to the podcast, Sarah.”

Sarah Pitts: Thank you.

Jim Edwards: And so real quick, give everybody in 30 seconds or less.

Hopefully, you use the “What I do in the one-second wizard” and tell us what I do in one second.

That was mean.

What I do in one sentence.

Tell everybody what you do real quick.

Sarah Pitts: I help athletes of all kinds to avoid injury using movement.

Jim Edwards: Okay. You used to be called the wiggle lady, but then that got strange.

And so now you have a program called what?

Sarah Pitts: Smart Club.

Jim Edwards: Okay. And also you have your Most Motion. Yeah. Okay. What Most Motion.

Sarah Pitts: Most Motion is really the name I’m training under because it describes in a very short way.

What I do.

I’m looking for the most motion that somebody can have all times.

Jim Edwards: Okay, cool.

Stew Smith: MostMotion.com check it out.

Jim Edwards: Awesome. Okay. So we went through, and I looked at the question aI reminded everybody and I made one little quicky correction on something you asked.

There’s not a… well not yet. There’s going to be…

But right now there’s not a funnel script for a specific product launch script, but there’s a recipe.

And so the recipe helps you lay out what the four videos are that you would want to make and then gives you links to specific scripts that you could use to create each one.

So the purpose of the first video is “Wow And How.”

This is basically the Wow them with the big idea and show them how you and others are using this concept.

So, the parts aside about making the sales copy for the actual pages and stuff. If we’re creating the video…

If you’re using FunnelScripts…

You’d want to use the Epiphany Bridge, or you’d want to use the Origin Story script to talk about your experience and just how your life changed

And to explain the big concept and whet their appetite for what you’re doing here in the big picture.

In a lot of cases, I think that this is your best bet for this video right now. Okay.

Because your story, your epiphany bridge, what that’s gonna do is really explain “Why?”

Why Sarah?

Why did Sarah decide to do this?

Why did Sarah go on the journey?

What was Sarah’s journey?

What happened to her?

What caused her to want to help people?

What does she see…

Do you see what I mean?

That’s where you just get all the big stuff out of the way.

The difference between an epiphany bridge and an origin story…

Epiphany bridge is based more around a decision or an event.

An origin story is more like a backstory.

So Epiphany bridge might be based around, the point of high drama of…

You saw a champion triathlete pull up lame 500 meters from the finish line and saw him writhing in agony and said to yourself,

“You know what, there’s gotta be a better way.”

And so that launched you on…

Do you see what I mean?

That’s an epiphany. You had an epiphany…

Whereas the origin story is talking about,

“I was here. This is where I was. This is what I was doing. This is what led me to this moment.”

It’s not like a specific event if that makes sense.

Sarah Pitts: Yeah.

Jim Edwards: So it’s more like a little history.

Sarah Pitts: Okay.

Jim Edwards: So, then the other thing you can do though is use the case study script with a specific person.

Because sometimes, it’s one thing if I tell you what happened…

It’s another thing if I tell you about what happened with one of my students.

Jim Edwards: And so we were talking about the difference between a case study and a testimonial.

A case study is a story about how someone got results that others want.

And a testimonial is basically here are the results I got because the product is awesome.

So one is an end, and the other one is a story.

And so like with Stew,

“Stew was born, a natural athlete was gifted, was raised by Martians.”

“He just was born to be a Navy Seal. There are pictures of him with swim fins on at the age of five, and he could do a 50-meter underwater swim at the age of three without taking a breath.”

But when he’s talking about fitness, it’s one thing for him cause he became a Navy Seal.

It’s another thing to have case studies from guys who say,

“I was a 17-year-old, and I weighed 120 pounds.”

“I couldn’t do a pull-up or a pushup. And within 18 months I was 165 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal.”

“And I made it through BUD/S on the first try.”

That’s the kind of case study that’s a better story than Stew telling his own story because he came from a privileged background.


Stew Smith: Hahahhaha!

Jim Edwards: Even if it’s not true, it’s like people just assume that you had it easy, but you know, it’s easy for you to do it.

But it’s another thing when you talk about somebody else.

Stew Smith: Agreed.

Jim Edwards: So that’s another option for that first video. Okay.

Now you asked specifically though inside of the Jim Edwards Method Premium,

“What could I use for that?”

And so my thing is that… your fallback always us the FB Live Video and Podcast Segment Script Wizard…

Because this’ll help you to create a video for anything and be totally organized and good to go with it.

So, I would use this one, and you know what, we may actually go through and use this in a second, Sarah, real quick.

I mean, I think it’d be fun to use this.

It would only take like, I bet it would only take 10 minutes.

You and I will probably fight about what you want to say because I want to be filthy and you’ll be worried about governing bodies and

“Jim, it’s not really that way.”

but we’ll get past that.

I get asked that with Stew two.

Is that cool? Does all that makes sense so far?

Sarah Pitts: Yes.

Jim Edwards: Okay. So the transformational thing is this is where you let people look over your shoulder and walk them through or walk through the process with them and prove that it works.

So again, this will help you to do what you need to do as far as sales copy and other stuff.

But proving that it works…

You’re going to want to use the case study script.

Now you can use a case study for yourself. You can make yourself the case study.

You can show

“Okay, here’s where I was.”

That’s why you see people using before and after pictures so much.

Or they use bank statements…

Or they use pictures of closing statements with real estate…

Or things that just prove,

“Hey, I produced this result.”

And this is really what this is about is showing them how you would produce a specific result.

So a case study, great.

However, again, you can come back here and use this to explain the steps in the process.

Use this to explain how they’re going to use whatever it is.

And the neat thing about this is that divides everything into threes. You never want to do more than three steps.

You never want to explain more than three concepts in a video.

You always want to summarize.

The other one that would work with this as well that you would want to try…

Would be the Instant Tip Wizard – The Single Juicy Tip

Or you could use the Product Review Wizard…

Or you could use the Tooltip Content Wizard.

Any of those things that kind of walk you through explaining how something works and how to get a result.

So it would just depend on if you were trying to demo the product then I would actually try the Tooltip Content Wizard and just experiment.

But also what’s going to happen as you see the pattern of…

Really with any kind of demo…

Is that when you’re demoing something or explaining something, there’s a process that you need to go through.

And I’ve learned this the hard way over the years, and that is nobody really cares what it does.

What they care about is the result that it produces.

So you’ve heard the thing,

“Don’t tell me about the labor pains. Just show me the baby.”

“Everybody loves sausage, I know Stew does, but nobody wants to see how it’s made.”

“Everybody loves bacon, but no one wants to see how bacon’s made.”

All of those types of things.

So you don’t want to spend a crap-ton of time talking about how they get the result.

You want to talk a lot about here’s the results you can expect.

So the way that you structure that, let me get my little redneck iPad.

Am I going into too much detail here?

Sarah Pitts: No, I was going to ask,

“Do I actually show them inside the membership?”

Jim Edwards: I would. Why not?

Sarah Pitts: Okay. Yeah. Just checking.

Jim Edwards: Yep. I mean I would say, Yeah, Why not?

So, but the cool thing, if we’re talking about inside your membership and you say…

Okay, for example, let’s say you have this problem.

So thinking in terms of now using the wizard, using one of the thingsto – and we’ll do this, but as far as the actual demo itself – okay…

First thing you want to do is hook them with the problem that you know that they have.

Second thing is you want to hit them with the purpose of the product that you have created.


And then number three, you want to hit them with the number one reason why it’s easy.

Sarah Pitts: Okay.

Jim Edwards: Then the fourth thing you want to do is show them the result that they’re going to get.

Explain the result that they’re going to get.

Does that make sense?

Sarah Pitts: Yeah.

Jim Edwards: When you’re making these videos, you’re going to get bogged down in the “How,”

Because most of us do because,

“Let me show you how we’re going to fix this to you. Let me show you how…”


The how comes from the purchase of the product that you’re launching.

So I hit him with the problem. You made the problem painful.

Then you explain the purpose of the product that you are going to be bringing to them and why it’s easy and then emphasize the result.

So for example…

I’m just doing it off at the top of my head…

But let’s say somebody has a really bad problem with knee pain.

All right, so…

“Do your knees hurt?”

“Are your knees driving you nuts?”

“Does it seem like every time you make progress with your training, all of a sudden your knee comes up?”

“And your knee is the thing that’s keeping you from taking things to the next level?”

Well, here’s a secret you may not know…

Your knee pain is probably caused by something either in your hip flexor…

Your quad…

or your calf

and man I don’t know if that’s true or not

But I think it is.

Sarah Pitts: Haha!

Jim Edwards: Okay. It’s not. Whatever it is.

Sarah Pitts: Kind of.

Jim Edwards: So kind of. That’s why you haven’t watched enough of your videos yet.

“So the purpose of most motion membership or the most motion club is to help you to take your problem…

And then instead of guessing…

Know, exactly which simple exercises are going to help you to overcome that pain…

And more importantly, help you prevent suffering from it in the future.”

“So, let me show you how easy it is to use the membership site.

“So all we do is come in here…

We click on knee pain, and then it walks you through this path.

It’s just like a slippery slide.

And the result is you will not only get rid of your knee pain…

Or you can also…

I don’t know what you can legally say, but you can alleviate your knee pain. But again…

“The most important thing is to get yourself to the point where you don’t ever have to suffer from this type of knee pain again.”

That would be the kind of demo that I would do for them, for the information that you’re talking about because now you’re showing him,

“Wow, she’s got a bunch of stuff. It’s really well organized, and I can pick and choose from the problems that I have.

What you want going on in their mind is…

All I have to do is watch the video, and it’s gonna solve my problem.

Now we all know that that’s not necessarily true in every case because they might have to watch the video and do something.

But on the flip side, there are some videos that you know, you might watch and say,

“Oh, if I just stopped doing that, then I’ll stop having pain.”


So you know, that’s not frequent, but hope springs eternal.

Does that make any sense whatsoever?

Sarah Pitts: Yes. Thank you.

Jim Edwards: Okay, so then let’s look at the last couple of videos real quick.

I feel like I’m doing a lot of talking here.

“The second one is the ownership experience.”

So get them to imagine what their life will be like when they commit to this program.

So again, we’re looking at some sort of a future pacing event here.

Some sort of something that will get them to imagine themselves as getting a result.

So I’m looking over here on the right under content creation,

And if you already had some content, you could sandwich it,

But if you had content, you wouldn’t really need to sandwich your own content.

You can always come back to this one.

This is like your go-to one.

Stew Smith: I liked that one.

Jim Edwards: You can use the PowerPoint Presentation Wizard, but again, our purpose here is to get them to imagine their life.

So we want to future pace them.

You could interview, you could do a quick interview with a student…

You could do a case study again back to

“What was it like and what’s your life like now?”

Sarah Pitts: Could you do a comparison of what the industry is teaching, and why it doesn’t work?

And then show them the alternative?

Jim Edwards: You could…as long as… in my opinion though, you should make sure that you really point out the fact that if the industry was right, you wouldn’t be having these problems.

Sarah Pitts: Uh, huh.

Stew Smith: You could dispell some myths, right?

Dispel some myths as well, and show what science says yeah.

Jim Edwards: Versus reality or any of that stuff.

But again, you want them to imagine themselves using what you’ve got and getting the result.

And the easiest way to imagine it is to use somebody else as a proxy…

To have that case study of someone else…

Or you demonstrating something for them.

Sarah Pitts: Okay.

Jim Edwards: And then the last one is the actual offer, which again…

The offer itself, me personally, I would use the…

Over here in FunnelScripts…

I would use the VSL Wizard.

I would use the new Offer Stack Script that can help you really come up with a crazy, cool, great offer and…

Overhear inside of the Jim Edwards Method Premium…

You could use the Instant Sales Message Wizard.

That would be basically the one that I would use…

The Instant Sales Video Script.

Sorry, I got so many of these things.

But, as far as the actual script…

This is really isn’t time for content.

This is time for knocking the thing out of the park.

What you could use though is the Product Review Wizard.

And you literally review your own product…

And use that framework to present the product in a review style format that would be another option for that.

So there you go.

So what questions do you have at this point?

Did that answer your question?

Is that helpful or not?

Sarah Pitts: No, no. I don’t have any questions, and yes, it was very helpful. Thank you.

Stew Smith: So let’s, let’s walk her through one. Let’s just take one of those that we demonstrate or showed. And now let’s demonstrate the actual walkthrough, and you fill in the blanks for us, Sarah, or we’ll help you.

Jim Edwards: I’ll type as you talk. So let’s go back, and we’ll use the FB Live Video And Podcast Segment Script Wizard.

And let’s pretend like we’re doing…

Which one of the videos do you want to pretend to do this for?

Just the first one to explain the big idea.

Sarah Pitts: I don’t know. I think I’ve got that one down actually.

Jim Edwards: Okay.

Sarah Pitts: It was the second one I was struggling with, really.

I was trying to make it too complicated by explaining what was in the membership and that kind of thing.

Jim Edwards: Okay, let’s do this with the intention of your actually gonna be walking people through the membership.

So, you’re making a video.

Who’s our target audience?

Sarah Pitts: Exercise enthusiasts.

Jim Edwards: Wow.

Stew Smith: I like that.

Sarah Pitts: I’ve gone beyond triathletes now.

Stew Smith: That’s very smart.

Jim Edwards: Okay. Exercise enthusiasts. And what’s our main topic here?

Is his mobility or injury prevention or what?

Sarah Pitts: That always gets me. I can never decide which one.

Jim Edwards: Okay. How about mobility and injury prevention?

Three words.

Stew Smith: That’s good. Let’s see how that works.

Sarah Pitts: Yeah.

Stew Smith: I love it.

Jim Edwards: What’s your target audience’s big desire?

My target audience really wants to…

Sarah Pitts: Train without pain.

Jim Edwards: Train without pain. Holy Crap.

You sound like Ron Popeil the inside it was…

Jim Edwards: Oh, my God. You don’t know who Ron Popeil is?

He invented everything from the pocket fisherman to the inside the egg scrambler to the Showtime Rotisserie.

Sarah Pitts: I don’t know what any of those things are so they must be a US thing.

Jim Edwards: He is a famous inventor and pitchman on TV.

So what’s the big payoff you show them how to get in this video?

I show my audience how to…

Sarah Pitts: Feel springy and free in their training.

Jim Edwards: Meh… Okay. We’ll try that.

Feel springy and free in your training. Okay.

And the big pain, you’ll show them how to avoid.

I’ll show you how to get that pay off.

I’ll show you how to feel springy and free in your training without having to like struggle to overcome injuries or something…

Sarah Pitts: …sacrifice training time.

Stew Smith: There you go.

Jim Edwards: Due to injuries.

Sarah Pitts: Yes.

Jim Edwards: Cause I want to get the injury thing in there.

Stew Smith: Yeah.

Jim Edwards: Okay. So who or what does the enemy they face in this area?

So the main thing holding people back in this area is…

Outdated thinking or wrong thinking in the about exercise or what?

Sarah Pitts: I would say outdated rather than wrong, but yeah.

Jim Edwards: Okay. Outdated thinking in theories about exercise and recovery.

Sarah Pitts: Yeah.

Jim Edwards: All right. Now we probably don’t know the title for this video right now, but let’s leave it blank.

And through the power of the Jim Edwards Method Premium, it will suggest titles for you.

You’re going to share tips, secrets.

What are you going to share?

Questions? Points? Chapters? Perspectives? Outcomes? Solutions? Results? Conclusions?

What are you going to share?

Sarah Pitts: I’ll say tips.

Jim Edwards: Okay. And what would be the first three chunks?

Now, this is where it helps to like break out this old thing then as “a piece of paper.”

Because as you start doing this…

If you’ve written down what you think the three things that you want to cover on…

What would be the three tips you’d want to cover in this thing real quick that you’re going to want to cover in this video?

What would be three tips you would give somebody that we can tie videos too?

To help them feel springy and avoid losing training time due to injury.

Sarah Pitts: Okay. I don’t know. There’s so many going through my head right now.

I just…

You know when you get brain freeze, and you can’t really pick one.

Jim Edwards: Okay. So the first one I would say is that you need to incorporate mobility training.

Sarah Pitts: Yeah.

Jim Edwards: And maybe it might be that mobility training is not separate from training.

It should be integrated.

So we’ll talk about that.

Integrate mobility training with workouts.


Sarah Pitts: It shouldn’t be painful.

Jim Edwards: Okay. So workouts should not be painful.

Sarah Pitts: Nor should the mobility stuff, and it doesn’t need to take forever.

Jim Edwards: Okay. So the three that we’re going to do are…

You need to:

Integrate mobility into your training or

Integrate mobility training with your workouts.

Mobility should not be painful, and

It doesn’t have to take forever.

Those are the three main points. That sounds cool.

Stew, what do you think?

Jim Edwards: You’re muted, dude. Are you muted?

Stew Smith: Sorry, my dogs. My dogs are barking.

Jim Edwards: That’s okay.

Stew Smith: No, I loved all three. I think that’s, that’s perfect. Especially, you know when you’re trying to avoid injury, avoid pain, you got to go with those three.

Jim Edwards: Okay. So we’ll say you want to integrate or no… we’ll just do…

Integrate mobility directly into your workouts.

Okay. So what points do we want to cover in this first chunk?

Can I make some suggestions or do you want to just tell me?

Sarah Smith: Yeah.

Jim Edwards: Okay. Most people think of mobility as something separate.

And again, this is just going to give you points that you’re going to make a video, right?

So these are your talking points.

So most people think of mobility as separate, but it’s not.

What else would want to say in that chunk?

Sarah Pitts: The easiest place to put it is your warm up.

Jim Edwards: Okay. And can I make a suggestion?

That’s one of the reasons why you know most motion…

What’s the name of your membership site?

Sarah Pitts: It’s Smartt Club. Smartt Club with two tts.

Jim Edwards: So you could do a demo show all the different warm-ups you have and how short and easy they are or show the warm-ups in the site and how fast and easy they are.

Is that cool?

Sarah Pitts: Yeah.

Jim Edwards: Okay. So the title of our second…

Is there anything else you’d want to cover in this first chunk?

I would close by saying…

Obviously, you don’t do all of them.

You choose one and keep it fun…

Or the lady in the purple shirt will come find you and beat you with a foam roller embedded with spikes.

Sarah Pitts: It’s only good form.

Jim Edwards: Hahaha! We’re going to get an east-coast west-coast thing going here.

Cause Stew swears by his foam roller.

Mobility should not be painful.

All right. So what do you want to talk about on that?

Sarah Pitts: Okay, so the body is predisposed to move away from pain.

Jim Edwards: Okay.

Stew Smith: How about people confuse flexibility with mobility? I don’t know if that’s something.

Sarah Pitts: Yeah. Is that true?

Stew Smith: Extra bullet?

Sarah Pitts: It is.

Stew Smith: That’ll give you some moment to kind of discuss the difference…

A little education content in there.

Jim Edwards: You should also do the tea towel analogy.

Sarah Pitts: Haha! Everybody loves that. Cool.

Jim Edwards: Okay. And then what would you be able to show them in the membership that helps them with mobility, without it being painful?

What else could you show them?

Sarah Pitts: I pretty much any of the videos to be honest.

Jim Edwards: Okay. But it’s not about the video itself, it’s about the result that they want.

So in the first chunk, we were talking about integrating mobility directly into your workout.

And so we showed them how you’ve got videos that are easy for them to integrate into their workout, especially if they’re doing it in their warm-up.

So now we’re talking about mobility should not be painful.

So again, you can show any one in there, but what about the videos keeps them from pain?

Do you see what I’m saying?

So you want to point out either a video or a part of a lesson where you show them and talk to them about the fact that they should never do something to the point where they feel like they’re gonna fall out.

Should never…

Do you see what I’m saying?

I’m not saying it the right way, but you want to reinforce to them that you’re never going to make them do anything that’s going to cause them to hurt themselves while trying to increase their mobility.

Sarah Pitts: Yeah.

Jim Edwards: So maybe what you do is you show…

Let me share the screen again.

Again, this is totally up to you, but you should show the range of video topics.

But stress how none of them are designed to cause pain.

Sarah Pitts: Okay.

Jim Edwards: And that you insist that they only go to a certain level.

And then back off.

Sarah Pitts: Uh, Huh. Because I get the results faster that way.

Jim Edwards: Through repetition, you get the results, not pain.

Does that make sense?

Sarah Pitts: Yes.

Jim Edwards: So our third chunk was, it doesn’t have to take forever.

What do you want to talk about here?

Sarah Pitts: Okay. So the usual way of doing mobility is either foam rolling or stretching or both.

That’s only part of actually a four-step process, and the movements inside the membership combine all up a four-step process into every single movement that we’re doing.

So any science that you can think of that might suggest that you do mobility and pieces, is just slowing things down, and actually, we can speed that process up by creating movement.

Jim Edwards: Yeah, it sounded real well…

I didn’t get any of those bullets.

Sarah Pitts: So science is rubbish. Nature is great.

Jim Edwards: Hahaha! Okay.

Sarah Pitts: Yeah, I mean movement improvements all about the whole of that four-part series.

And if you don’t do those four parts, there’s actually not much point in doing it at all.

So you get a temporary increase, but then if you don’t do it again, you’ll start to tighten up again.

Jim Edwards: Okay. What?

Stew Smith: I heard your Chihuahua sneeze.

Jim Edwards: Oh yeah. She’s over in her bed. Just… the older she gets, the more weird noises she makes. I mean, she’s just, she just, she’s my baby.

Sarah Pitts: Awwww.

Jim Edwards: All right. So then what would you do?

What would you do with the video stuff in there?

What would be the last thing you would show them?

Sarah Pitts: I might show them the plan that has six-minute videos on it.

Jim Edwards: Okay,

Stew Smith: Nice. And each one of those six minutes has the four steps.

So, you can do all four steps in six minutes.

Sarah Pitts: It’s actually got more than that. Every movement’s got the four steps in it.

Stew Smith: Oh, Nice!

Sarah Pitts: And the six-minute video takes them further than that.

And in the six minutes, they do both sides of the body.

So you’re actually doing everything in three minutes.

Stew Smith: Oh, wow. Nice. Oh, so maybe a statement…

“in as little as” you know

“In as little as three minutes.”

Jim Edwards: Okay

Stew Smith: Cause this one is all about saving time, right?

Jim Edwards: Yeah.

Stew Smith: It doesn’t have to take forever. Yeah.

Jim Edwards: Now, I will tell you, having done a bunch of those six-minute videos, it’s a long-ass six minutes.

Stew Smith: Hahaha!

Sarah Pitts: Hahaha!

Jim Edwards: That doesn’t go into the sales copy.

It’s kind of like that “Five-minute abs.”

Yeah, you can do it in five minutes, but it’s a memorable five minutes brother.

Stew Smith: Or like a five-minute plank pose.

Jim Edwards: Yeah. Oh, that’s wonderful.

Stew Smith: It takes an eternity in five minutes. It’s like a breath hold.

Jim Edwards: So what would be the two to three most important things you want them to take away from this video, Sarah?

Sarah Pitts: I guess the way that it’s been done in the past hasn’t worked.

Jim Edwards: It’s time to try something new.

Okay. What else?

Sarah Pitts: It’s not difficult. It doesn’t take as long as you think.

And the results are better than you can imagine.

Jim Edwards: Okay.

Stew Smith: It is something special when you feel no pain.

Jim Edwards: She, yeah, no kidding.

Stew Smith: You know when you’re used to feeling pain and then all of a sudden you walk out of a mobility session, you’re like, I don’t hurt.

Sarah Pitts: Mmmhum.

Jim Edwards: Okay. So we want them to check out the Smartt Club, and I’m going to save this, so we don’t lose it.

Jim Edwards: I don’t like that one.

Top three…



Stew Smith: There you go.

Jim Edwards: Mobility and injury prevention and easy three-step guide to train without pain. I like that.

Stew Smith: (clap clap clap)

Jim Edwards: So we’re going to copy that, we’ll lock that in, but I’m just going to go ahead and dump that into here as your title.

I mean you can change it however you want. I think that’s the one

Sarah Pitts: You know more about this stuff than me…

Jim Edwards: All I know is to come up with the first draft and then test the crap out of it.

That’s all.

That’s all I’ve learned it.

And as soon as I’m in love with something, it’s a piece of crap.

And the one that I think isn’t going to work is the one that makes all the money.

So all I’ve learned is to come up with drafts quickly and test…



and let the money paying public to tell me which is what.

So this would be like your video post.

“Hey, exercise enthusiasts here’s the secret.

You need to feel springy and free and your training so you can train without pain.

So you don’t have to sacrifice training time due to injuries, drop pace, watch this.

Mobility and injury prevention video right now.

Before I forget, may I suggest you get all the details you need for added, easily trained without pain it mostmotion.com.”

That’s actually really good.

And I would want to have that like as the text on the page with the video when you’re doing a launch video stuff that’s actually really fricking good.

Stew Smith: That’s good sales copy.

Jim Edwards: Yeah, yeah.

Stew Smith: As well as the script.

Jim Edwards: So here’s your video script, you know,

“Hey everybody, welcome to a building injury prevention.

Easy three step guide to train without pain.

Sarah Pitts here with a new mobility and injury prevention video for every exercise enthusiast who wants to feel springy…”

And can I have, it should have been singular, and I did plural… My bad.

Jim Edwards: All right. It’s okay. I can fix it.

I’ll rewrite the whole thing just for you, Sarah.

Sarah Pitts: Haha!

Jim Edwards: Here’s an availability and injury prevention for every exercise enthusiast that wants to feel springy and free and your training and train without pain and without having to sacrifice the training time due to injuries.

Here’s what I mean. So tip one…”

I mean, boom, you just busting this out as I know you can print it out and have it right there by your phone or iPad.

Stew Smith: Oh, Yes.

Jim Edwards: Here’s all your stuff. Here’s the big takeaways from today’s mobility and injury prevention video.

I mean boom, boom, boom pointers.

You can feel spring in free, and you’re training without having to sacrifice time due to energy.

“Oh, before I forget, if you’re serious about learning how to take this next level, drop what you’re doing and check out the Smart Club at mostmostiong.com which makes it easy…”

And there you go.

Sarah Pitts: Okay, so with a product launch, would you have that last bit?

Jim Edwards: No, I wouldn’t. If it was a product launch, then the thing is…

“tune in tomorrow…”

And you tease them with the next video.

“So tune in tomorrow, and I’m going to share…

If you’re gonna do the transformational thing in May,

If you’re doing a case study,

“I’m going to share with you a case study on how you know of somebody who went from fat to fit someone who went from totally bound up and couldn’t move.

Someone who kept getting injured and losing time during the training, who was able to then not lose any time from training, was able to…” do whatever they wanted to do.

So you tease them with what’s coming the next day.

Sarah Pitts: Okay.

Jim Edwards: Does that make sense?

Sarah Pitts: Absolutely.

Jim Edwards: So no, you wouldn’t have this bit until the last day when you actually do the product launch release thing to make sense with the offer.

Sarah Pitts: Okay.

Jim Edwards: So, but I mean that’s… right there with two knuckle draggers that don’t know everything that you know about stuff.

I mean, between the three of us, we were able to put together a nifty little script there that I think you could execute very well.

Sarah Pitts: Cool. Thank you.

Jim Edwards: Do you agree?

Sarah Pitts: Yeah.

Jim Edwards: Or are you just saying that? Cause it’s like,

“Oh, it’s time to go.”

I think it turned out great. It looks good.

Stew Smith: I think it looks really good. Yeah.

Jim Edwards: And what I’ll do so we don’t lose it. I’m going to actually…

I saved it, but I’m also going to output everything in a docx file…

Which I’ll send you because then that way you’ll have all the stuff right there.

Stew Smith: Oh, look at that.

Jim Edwards: There’s your script.

Stew Smith: Man, that looks awesome.

Jim Edwards: There you go. Cool. So cool. Well, I think we’ve… I would just like to say,

Do you have any last words you’d like to say to everybody, Sarah before we wrap up?

Sarah Pitts: No, just thanks for the opportunity. It’s really helpful.

It’s got me past a very big sticking point.

Jim Edwards: Cool. And what would you say to other people who might be on the fence about FunnelScripts or the Jim Edwards Method Premium?

Sarah Pitts: Just do it honestly. Just do it. I didn’t…

I struggled.

I took me three weeks to make one webinar…

And it’s taken me half an hour to make the next one.

Jim Edwards: So, cool.

Stew Smith: Yes.

Jim Edwards: Nice work. Cool. Well, if you want to find out more about FunnelScripts, go to FunnelScripts.com

If you want to find out about more about the Jim Edwards Method, you can go to thejimedwardsmethodpremium.com

And if you want to find out more about what Stew Smith does, where should they go, Stew?

Stew Smith: StewSmithFitness.com

Jim Edwards: And Sarah, give us your one second…

Did you use the one-second wizard while we were on here?

I saw you doing stuff in the background.

Where are you using that?

Sarah Pitts: Hahaha!

Jim Edwards: Tell people where to go. Close this out. Do your best.

Sarah Pitts: I can’t do it when you put me on the spot like that.

Jim Edwards: Yeah, you can! Do it.

Stew Smith: Oh, well, where do I go to? If I have a bad knee and I need, I need some help.

It’s not like Dr. “bad,” it’s just achy.

What? Where do I go?

Sarah Pitts: Uh, Yay! You go to mostmotion.com.

Stew Smith: There you go. Sweet.

Sarah Pitts: Yeah.

Jim Edwards: Okay. That’s…

We’re gonna work on that. Let me,

Sarah, you’re awesome. Thank you, Stew.

Everybody have a great day, and we’ll talk to you soon.

Stew Smith: Thank you.


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