Staycation Tips for Entrepreneurs – SCCMH [Podcast 72]

Jim Edwards and Stew Smith share some valuable information for the entrepreneur who is self employed to unwind during the stay at home order.  But for everyone, being able to do something safe to unwind and create a nice “Staycation” for you and your family is something to consider sooner than later. 

Whether it is gardening, yard work, reading a book, going for a drive, watching some mindless television, or taking daily naps… a staycation needs to be put on the schedule.

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Jim Edwards: Hey guys, Jim Edwards here. Hope you’re having a great day. Welcome back to the Sales Copywriting and Content Marketing Hacks Podcast, I believe this is Episode 72.

Stew Smith: Yes.

Jim Edwards: I’m your host Jim Edwards along with my wonderful co-host, Mr. Stew Smith. Welcome to the podcast Stew!

Stew Smith: Thank you, sir.

Jim Edwards: I’m excited to have you here!


And today we’re going to talk about something extremely important, which is how to have a vacation or staycation or maintain your sanity while in lockdown.

Now, sometimes when I think of a vacation, I think about maybe four guys taking a little canoe trip down a river in Georgia.

Not something I want to do.

Perhaps not all I’m saying is not my idea of a vacation, just like Stew doesn’t want to go on a cruise.


Stew, I need a break, buddy!

Stew Smith: I know what, I will say this, even though, it’s a weird time because most of the country who work at a facility or a, place of business, they’ve been on vacation for a while.

And it’s a mandatory vacation that they’re not making money and, it’s tough.

Jim Edwards: Yeah.

Stew Smith: So, I don’t want to make light of this by saying, Hey, as an entrepreneur, my situation never really changed. The only thing that changes I didn’t have things that were kind of disrupting my day. So, I wound up working harder.

Yeah, beat, I agree with you. I’d like to say I took a day off today, man, I’m working out harder. I’m working in the house harder. Yeah, I’m just tired.

Jim Edwards: And I’m the same. The thing is, though, when one of the reasons why you take a “vacation” is to vacate the premises and to get the hell out the house and go somewhere else.

A change of scenery, a change of diet, a change of climate of change of people around you.

And right now, that’s kind of hard, though. I guess if everybody’s wearing masks, you can pretend like there’s somebody else.

I mean, I’ve been doing that around the house running around in my tighty-whities and a mask going this is a stickup. And I get laughed at by my wife, which is hurting my self-esteem. So, the point, though, and I do have one maybe is that I thought maybe we could besides day drinking.

Stew Smith: Yes.

Jim Edwards: We could. We could brainstorm some things that people could do on a staycation, perhaps to get that same effect as a vacation. And perhaps our friends who are here with us live, we’re doing this in front of a live studio audience on Facebook.

Just a side note, can you imagine how much it would have cost to do something like this 10 or 15 years ago?

It was impossible.

We’re doing a live TV broadcast around the world using free software. Well, not zooms free, but I’m using Facebook platform. Yeah.

Stew Smith: Yeah, it is. It’s pretty quite amazing. The technological advances that have occurred because you’re right. It couldn’t have afforded to…

absolutely couldn’t have been able to.

Jim Edwards: This noise right here would have been impossible to do 15 years ago online. So, let’s, let’s think about what we could do so, Ray says plant a garden. We not at our house. That’s where we’re doing that.

That’s kind of cool. I don’t not sure that qualifies as a vacation type thing. But it’s definitely something to take your mind off of stuff.

It’s like a little mini staycation thing that you can escape to each day.

Stew Smith: And you know what I’m going to do, Jim?

Jim Edwards: What?

Stew Smith: I’m going to get a pool for my backyard.

Jim Edwards: Nice!

Stew Smith: It’s not a nice inground pool. Yeah, but it’s just something kind of cheap.

I can maybe fit across, maybe 10 feet in a big circle, hold on about two and a half, three feet of water, and then rope around my waist and anchor to a tree that I’ll pass next to, and I’m going to build my own endless pool.

Jim Edwards: For real?!

Stew Smith: Yep. Because I don’t know if the pool is going to be opening up soon. And I definitely don’t want to swim in the rivers around here, right now.

Jim Edwards: Do you really think three feet is deep enough for you to be able to actually get a good stroke?

Stew Smith: Oh, yeah. Even I don’t go down that deep. Maybe.

Jim Edwards: Okay.

Stew Smith: Yeah.

Jim Edwards: All right. I mean, like you even at our pool are shallow ends three feet.

Stew Smith: Okay, roughly so.

Jim Edwards: Okay, that’s cool. I mean, I’m thinking I’m thinking about putting a mandatory round count downrange in my yard.

Stew Smith: Oh, that’s smart.

Jim Edwards: Just saying, hey, every day, you need to go blow 100 rounds of various calibers through various weapons, doing various skill drills, working on times, and other stuff since nobody ever gives me those in my workout anymore.

Stew Smith: I was going to put a lawn chair by my new pool and read a book. Just relax. All right.

Jim Edwards:  I like that.

Stew Smith: The weather’s nice. Let’s take advantage of the nice weather before it gets crazy hot.

Jim Edwards: Okay, well, I’m going to turn my phone off.

Stew Smith: Oh yeah, got to do that.

Jim Edwards: And the phone’s going to stay off for like 72 hours. And Terry said,

“Well, what if there’s an emergency?”

I said, if there’s a big enough emergency, they can drive over here and tell me there was an emergency.

All right, So, that’s one. I’m going to turn the computer off for 72 hours completely.

I’m going to plan out stuff that Terry and I can do. We enjoy listening to audiobooks together.

So, I was thinking we could plan we could drive somewhere like an hour out an hour back with a good hit on the good one on the audiobook and not have to leave the car just right around, right throw bottles at people.

I mean, no, I wouldn’t do that.

Stew Smith: Yeah, we may do. That’s a good idea. We may go do some vehicular monument hopping.

Jim Edwards: There you go.

Stew Smith: Like we live about 30 minutes from DC. Okay, cruise around all the monuments just fun.

Jim Edwards: Out smear yourself I mean one way to keep people social distancing is like jump out in a thong and smear yourself with hand sanitizer right in front everybody and then just run around and flip flops.

Stew Smith: Yeah that would do it.

Jim Edwards: Do I guarantee no man stay six feet back. Now wear a mask Be respectful okay um…

Stew Smith: Oh, that’s a good idea go for a drive nice Sunday drive is always. Yeah.

Jim Edwards: But go some but do it with a purpose like go somewhere rather than just driving around because I think it’s boring to have a destination.

I do have a kid who’s trying to get his driver’s license, so we can practice. There you go.

Jim Edwards: The mall parking lots probably empty.

Yeah. No kidding.

Jim Edwards: What else? Come on, guys, give us some other ideas for what we could do on staycation to have a real vacation at home.

Stew Smith: I have I’ve got into a couple of Netflix shows.

Jim Edwards:  Yeah, we’re at Tiger King Tiger King give me ideas

Stew Smith: I refuse to watch that a lot of people have watched it, but I refuse to get into that go down that rabbit hole.

No, there’s one called Medal of Honor, and it’s about eight or nine different individual stories of their heroic…

Jim Edwards: I watched it I watched it is really good.

Stew Smith: It’s about a year old, but I just found it is an incredible thing there’s going to be a second season and then I found another one that’s kind of cool called History 101.

Jim Edwards: Yeah.

Stew Smith: And it’s just basics, basic history things, but why that happened. Yeah, and just started getting into that one too. Everything from fast food to meanness China to why we have Middle East oil.

Jim Edwards: Yeah, I started watching that to watch. I got through the McDonald’s one. Those are good on cardio days or on mobility day.

I catch up on my Netflix on mobility day.

Susan says they did a family rock.

Oh, that’s a cool idea, which was cool.

Only thing got to be Oh, Mr. Brett Lynch’s here. I haven’t seen him in a while. Brett is the one that gave me this at funnel hacking live.

Stew Smith: Well, yeah.

Jim Edwards: So, um, I have not forgotten I still want to make a challenge coin right. Um, you got to be you got to be careful though with those history shows.

Because there might be yeah.

Jim Edwards: Yeah, there’s a hidden agenda, and many of those that as the resident history major, I can tell you that history is not history is written by the victor to a degree, but history is rewritten by the person with an agenda, and nobody is…

You’re supposed to try to be.

Stew Smith: Historically accurate

Jim Edwards: Well, just not crazy. Yeah, just not it’s like, I got to stick with the facts, and a lot of people don’t do that anymore.

Stew Smith: I would agree with that. Um, a couple of Netflix shows out there that are Yeah,

Jim Edwards: The real history of the United States.

Stew Smith: Yeah, they go down.

Jim Edwards: So, but anyway, but I agree, and the one thing I have found with those shows and it annoys the crap out of Terry is I like to skip from one to the next to the next. Like, if it’s no good.

Then I just I’ll watch one episode. Hey, this sucks. I don’t want to watch the rest. But with my wife, it’s like it’s a commitment. Like No, no, watch this. We’re going to watch it.

Stew Smith: No, no, I’m with you, Jim. I like I give it 10 minutes. Yeah, I’m done. They haven’t grabbed me by 10 minutes now.

Jim Edwards: It’s like a marriage to this thing. So, you got to be careful if it’s got eight seasons. Holy crap. I’m not ready for that commitment.

Stew Smith: Yeah, there’s got to be some dating involved in the first few. Yeah,


Jim Edwards: There’s but I’ve been Other thing reading the book you said, sitting outside reading a book getting out into some nature. Yeah that was that was fun. We actually had Susan and Michael, and Chris came over and camped in our yard they brought their camper and since we’ve got, huge property, they brought it over hooked up the water, and stuff.

And then we were having social distancing campground and stuff, and we would sit, we were sitting over in the car, but they were camping. It was like we really had camping. It was fun. And we didn’t have to go anywhere. That was cool. So, getting creative.

Stew Smith: That’s what else what I saw. I did see drive-ins are coming back.

Driving release drive-in movie theaters. Yeah.

Jim Edwards: Is that going to be part of the baby boom that we’re going to have in nine minutes and nine months from this.

I love it.

Jim Edwards: One of the things I’ve been saying I’ve been reading is that the divorce attorneys are going be real busy in the next 30 to 60 days, and the hospital maternity wards are going to be real busy in the next seven to nine months.

Statistically speaking.

Stew Smith: Very possible.

Jim Edwards: Rosetta says I was living big in a tiny house on YouTube when I want to take a break. That’s actually a cool thing in taking mini-breaks. Yes, taking a mini-vacation.

Yep. 30-minute break. Absolutely.

Stew Smith: Yeah, actually, what I like to do. I like to watch, like the shows on the universe.


And it gets me a little tired because it’s like, sleep is like class, and I start falling asleep. And then I just take a nap right there on the floor, with my Beagle.

So, like 30 minutes, and all it takes is like 15 minutes of listening about quasars. And, quantum particle, astronomic wonders.

Jim Edwards: Yes,

Stew Smith: Yeah. Yeah,

Jim Edwards: Yeah. Hey, that’s cool, man. Um, okay, what else? What else could you do? What else?

I think the biggest thing is just mentally getting away from the computer, and away from all this stuff.

Have you noticed this?

Like when I when I’m doing something creative like creating a new wizard or working on this new OTO wizard I’m energized, but when I have to check email I want to go pound my privates flat with a brick out in the driveway.

I mean, I really do. It’s like this wave of unfun just washes over me, I just, it’s, I can instantly change my whole physiology in less than a minute when I check email.

Stew Smith: Yeah, I think it’s your attitude. It’s your problem.

See, the way I look at email is it gives me ideas to be more creative. Because usually their questions, their questions, and I’m like enough for you.

I’d be like, Yeah, that’s a good idea. For a wizard, I’ll write that down.


So, for me, it’s, I usually answer a question, if I, if it’s something I’ve already written, I will send it to them and say,

“Hey, look, this is a very common question already answered it, check this out. And of course, on every article that I write, there’s somewhere to go to the store fully explains everything. So, it’s, I look at it as kind of like a little opportunity versus an annoyance. And it’s like one on one sales copy.”

Jim Edwards: It’s I can respect that answer. And I have a two-part response. Number one, you are not the first person to tell me I have a bad attitude.

The first was Mrs. Van Seanie. And at Peabody elementary school and kindergarten when she told me that I was fresh, and apparently in the 70s fresh didn’t mean what fresh means now in popular culture.

Second, I will adjust my attitude and start adopting.

Try to nine going to do it, but I was going to lie and say I’ll try looking at emails and opportunity, but I’m not going to,

Stew Smith: Sometimes they are because, I have found that, when questions arise, it’s probably because I didn’t explain it well enough. Previously.

Jim Edwards: Damn, you’re taking this self-responsibility stuff pretty serious,


Stew Smith: And that’s when I can either make edits or I can further explain and come up with a new product maybe. So, just a thought, wow. But like I said patience, but like said, I have to have a good attitude about that because sometimes I get, and like today, I’m annoyed by stupid questions.

Just because I’m tired. I’m burned out a little bit. And my wife told me yesterday, you’re overtraining because I give her all the list of the overtraining symptoms. Yeah, no irritability. restlessness. Yeah, whatever. Yeah. Number one being irritable, at everything.

Jim Edwards: Vicki just said, I create art when I need a break, my brain goes to completely different place a good place.

Stew Smith: Agree!

Jim Edwards: That’s something that Terry and I used to do. every couple of weeks before this stuff happened, we would go to art class. And so, we could make our own art class. Because that would be magical we could have a sing along too! But in all seriousness, we could we could do our own art class as part of our staycation. We could plan on

“Hey, we’re going to do art class today, and she can drink beer.”

And I can act stupid and the dogs can bark and it’d be fun.

So, we’re going to do that one to add that to the list. I think you should paint a picture of your dogs.

At least one of them.

Jim Edwards: Okay. 100 I can do that.

Stew Smith: Be a five foot five. You have five dogs or four Yeah four part series.

Jim’s paintings.

Jim Edwards: Little Brown blob, a little bit of black blob and a little bit of black and white blob, of the Beagle colored Chihuahuas she is so cute man!

Has just gotten nothing but cuter to cutie pie.

That’s her name is cutie pie. Let’s pretend she Yeah, she’s she is something she’s my nap buddy.

Stew Smith: I walk my dogs often as my getaway from the office. That’s always fun.

And when you walk beagles it’s always a chore-venture. Yeah, they don’t they don’t do a casual walk. They are constantly sniffing and then they’re onto something then they’re pulling you. It’s…

Jim Edwards: That last video you posted. Parker look like he was on a prisoner.

Stew Smith: Aw man

Jim Edwards: Chain gang, man. Now you’d like Awesome. All right

So, we came up with some good ideas, go for a drive and listen to an audio book.

For a walk, turn off your phone, turn off the computer make a commitment to leaving them off for more than just an hour.

Tried to take little mini breaks if possible.

Watch mindless stupid stuff if you like and do some art.

Tie rope around your waist in and build your own house pool. Build your own pool, basically yard work.

Yard work gardening.


We didn’t talk about that. That lasts for about 10 seconds for me.

Stew Smith: Yeah, I usually fall asleep.

Meditation but my wife says I’m snoring Oh,

Jim Edwards: Right. Brett says workout that’s a given bro.

Stew Smith: Yeah, come on, man. It’s a good everyday.

Jim Edwards: Come on, man. Yeah, um, I think the other thing from like, what

when talking to all them.

One thing is being on a schedule while you’re working, but then like when you this morning you slept until eight.

I slept I slept in the other day till 6:30 I felt like I was cheating.

Yeah, it’s mix up your schedule a little bit.

Stew Smith: Yeah.

Jim Edwards: And feel different, that kind of stuff. Um, so, I don’t I’m not sure what else we what else we might have missed but actually I have a plan now I have some cool stuff that Terry and I at lunchtime today we’re going to plan out our staycation.

And we’re going to put it the other thing, put it on the calendar there you go on the calendar and block your calendar, so, you can’t schedule other stuff.

That’s great idea. because you got to have it creeping on.

Stew Smith: It’s got to exist,

Jim Edwards: Right? Cool.

And don’t take little work breaks during your staycation.

Yeah Oh I just got to answer this email no saving I just got to go check email real quick yeah don’t will tell you one thing that don’t get Oh, it’s checking in and mortars yeah.

How to make your hat processing orders that’s right that’s a good question whenever ever I get one my phone goes to Cha-Ching

Jim Edwards: There you go that’s smart Arlen says hike in a canyon oh you all have to go y’all have to head west for that wow yes true head to where you can responsibly see one of the wonders of the world while super appropriately socially distancing.

Stew Smith: Forgot that say one more thing.

Jim Edwards: What?

Stew Smith: A Cannonball Run. Cannonball Run, like cross country, cross country road trip.

How fast can you do it?

Jim Edwards: Holy crap, dude. We’re going to get sued somebody.

No, I read an article the other day that the record has been broken in the last three months.

Like five times, and so, funny because nobody’s on the roads, everybody’s zooming through the. Okay.

And I think they broke 24 hours from one end of the country to the other.

Jim Edwards: I think that yeah last I think that’s been done for a while, maybe not. I just remember the last time I read about the guy who broke a guy who broke it.

He had a specially designed Beamer.

They had they had every kind of radar detector, he had a special switch to turn his brake lights off, so, that when they were speeding at night and hit it, the cops wouldn’t see where he went.

I mean, this was crazy what these guys did Oh, So, can you imagine now and plus the cops won’t pull you if you’re over a certain you got to be way over because they don’t want to get Corona

Yeah so, now’s the time, man. I mean, if you want to be let’s get if you want to break the law, now’s the time.

You want to do a little beanie.

You want to come on to my house and break in.

I’d love it. I would love it if somebody came and broke into my house while I was here.

Be amazing.

But anyway, let’s stop.

Stew Smith: Yeah, let’s stop.

Jim Edwards: I hope you guys enjoyed this. This was fun. Those of you who joined us live would you be interested in the future of us doing our doing the podcast live on Facebook like this so, you can see it?

Rather than us doing it and posting it. I mean, it really wouldn’t make any difference for us to do this live called the podcast and do it here.

You guys let us know we will pay attention if you like nah, don’t really give a rat’s ass.

Like said I recorded it so, I can watch it later too. So,

Jim Edwards: Dude, I went two weeks without cussing on a video and I just said ass. Does that count?

Stew Smith: I don’t know.

Jim Edwards: That’s iffy. I was told crap was okay, but I don’t know. All right, well, see what it is a donkey?

It is but it wasn’t used in that context.

However, I am sensitive to the donkey issue. I don’t want to take them for granted.

All right, cool. so, people are saying so, maybe we’ll start doing it live, Might be fun. No, no, no. No harder on us. It’s just one more button. Click, and I guess for you guys, we’ll make the effort.

Yeah. All right. Cool. All right. Great job Stew thanks, and we will talk to you guys soon, everybody. Have a great day.

Stew Smith: And we’ll see you soon!


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