It’s Not What It Is – It’s What It Does – SCCMH [Podcast 21]

This is Sales Copywriting GOLD here folks.  Jim and Stew discuss a problem most of us have as entrepreneurs – actually selling our products / services incorrectly.

It’s Not What It IS… It’s What It DOES! When it comes to sales copywriting, one of the biggest mistakes people make is getting hung up on WHAT they sell. Not what your products or service actually DO for the people that buy them.

Hook and sell on emotion, easing of a problem with anything we sell. We all need to remember that people buy what you’re selling based on the desires it satisfies or the problems it solves. As Jim references in the podcast, we don’t just sell tea, a book, or a drill, we sell products that help people ease their pain, solve their problems, or help them reach their goals and dreams.  Never forget that.

TWO TIPS: First, before you ever start a copywriting, advertising, or email marketing session, begin by answering these three powerful questions.

1)      What problem do you solve or desire do you satisfy?

2)      Who do you solve the problem or satisfy the desire for?

3)      How do you solve that problem or satisfy the desire?

By doing this, you’ll put the emphasis where it belongs: on the end result you offer. Most people focus on their product and the fact they want more sales (and FAIL miserably). I suggest you get clear on the result you provide, who you provide it for, and how your product makes it possible for them to get what they want.

Second, sit down and make a list.

List off at least 5 desires and 5 problems your product or service satisfies and solves for your target audience. Then, next to each of those items write out the EMOTION or emotionally charged outcome tied to solving that problem or satisfying that desire. Finally, next to the positive emotion, write out the emotion or emotionally charged outcome tied to NOT solving that problem or satisfying that desire. How will life feel if they don’t solve this or get this done?

Tying the emotion to both the positive and negative gives you incredible power in both your understanding of what you’re really selling AND in your ability to communicate in your sales copy.

Bottom line: STOP selling what your product or service IS and START selling what it DOES!

This is exactly WHY works so well. Once you identify the problems you solve, the desires you satisfy, and who you do it for… you can create ANY sales copy you need to sell ANYTHING… guaranteed!

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The Transcript…

Jim Edwards: Hey guys, Jim Edwards here along with

Stew Smith: Stew Smith

Jim Edwards: And Stew decided he’s going to be nature boy today and hang out in his backyard. Tell him why Stew.

Stew Smith: Well, I have no Verizon in my house, so I’m using this Zoom app and can do the same damn thing, which is pretty amazing.

Jim Edwards: Yeah, well…

Stew Smith: If you want to do podcasting, you’ve got to get the zoom app on your phone and on your computer

Jim Edwards: That is true…

Stew Smith: And you can do it whenever you want.

Jim Edwards: I was looking for the thrilling, harrowing tale of why you don’t have Internet in the house.

People might think, oh, did he not pay his bill?

Stew Smith: Hahahaha! Well, we had a big storm the other day, and my neighbor swore she saw a funnel…

About a hundred yards away from my house.

It took out like three light poles but no houses. Thank goodness. But… we had no power and no Internet.

Jim Edwards: When you say fun, will you don’t mean like a marketing funnel? You mean like a tornado funnel?

Stew Smith: Yes, and in Maryland, those things are pretty rare.

So…they don’t even know the word “tornado” in Maryland, it’s just like this little funnel cloud came down and ripped up some trees that landed on power lines.

Jim Edwards: And plucked me up and took me to meet Jesus…

Or Dorothy.

Well, we’re glad you’re okay, and we’re glad that the dogs in the house and the roof are still in place.

Today, we’re going to be talking about something that again, isn’t really under my craw…

But it’s something that is holding a whole lot of people back.

So the title of today’s episode is…

“It’s not what it is, it’s what it does.”

And so recently, we relaunched FunnelScripts, and it’s gone really, really well.

And I did this giant Q&A Webinar, and there were a thousand questions I had to go through…

The came from the live Webinar, and I got to tell you that at least one out of five questions about the funnel scripts was,

“Will it work for my business? I’m an electrical contractor.”

“Will this work? I sell dental services.”

“I’m a chiropractor.”

“I sell to bereaved parents.”

“I sell the chicken farmers.”

“I sell the pig ranchers.”

“I sell to this and this and this…”

And everybody’s like…

“Will it work for me?”

And my response to all of them was,

“If your product satisfies a desire or solves a problem for a specific group of people, then Funnel Scripts will work for you.

And I kept saying that over and over and over.

And then I got an email, I got a thing in the help desk day before yesterday, or the girls did, and they asked me about it, and the person said…

“I sell physical products and I’m a consultant, that helps people sell physical products. And I don’t see hardly any examples in there that talk about physical products.”

And my first response was…

“F you! Because there are examples in there.”

But then I wanted to be the mature person, and I realized that again…

This is somebody who’s fixated on what the product is rather than what the product does.

So we’re going to do sales copy 101.


Stew Smith: Yes.

Jim Edwards: Do people sell instructions on how to do pushups and pull-ups?

Stew Smith: Yes.

Jim Edwards: Okay. But by learning how to do more pull ups and push ups…

What is the end result they hope to accomplish by getting better at running, rucking, pushing, pulling, and doing sit-ups?

Stew Smith: Meeting some form of standard for a future profession.

Jim Edwards: Of?

Stew Smith: In passing a fitness test in the military, law enforcement, or firefighter.

Jim Edwards: Okay. So, that’s a result.

None of your books are entitled “How to do more pushups with Stew Smith?”

Stew Smith: No.

Jim Edwards: What’s the title of your first book?

Stew Smith: A Complete Guide to The Navy Seal Fitness.

Jim Edwards: Okay. And then there was a subtitle of like…

Stew Smith: “12 weeks to BUD/S.”

Jim Edwards: Right. So what is the emotional payoff of that book that they’re trying to get?

What is the desire? What’s the problem?

List me off some of the problems and desires associated with that.

Stew Smith: People want to be a navy seal or an army ranger or FBI whatever that problem is, or that goal is, I have a solution…

Jim Edwards: Right

Stew Smith: For them to reach that goal.

Jim Edwards: What’s the emotion attached to wanting to be a navy seal?

Stew Smith: Oh, I would say patriotism.

Jim Edwards: Okay.

Stew Smith: Pride. Challenge.

Jim Edwards: Okay.

Stew Smith: And you know, accomplishment.

Jim Edwards: Okay. So extreme personal accomplishment, extreme pride, looking good in front of others, taking care of your country, all these things.

So, do you think it’s what sells your books is the fact that they’re learning how to do pushups…

Or the fact that they want to be a Navy Seal?

Stew Smith: Yeah. I mean, I’m sure they, they want to be a Navy Seal and learn everything that’s part of that journey.

Jim Edwards: Right.

Stew Smith: Has to be more than just one thing, you know?

Jim Edwards: the point though is that you sell a solution to a problem.

Stew Smith: Yeah.

Jim Edwards: You want to be a navy seal.

I want to be able to get through BUD/S, but I can only do 30 pushups right now.

I got to get in shape.

The problem is I want this thing, but I’m not in shape.

So you bridge that gap for people.

You’re not selling a “pushup book.”

You’re selling a “become an elite warrior” as the end result book.

Stew Smith: Yes. Yes. Yes.

Jim Edwards: So what you guys need to understand is that you’re not selling a thing.

You’re not selling a software.

You’re not selling coaching.

You’re not selling a book.

You’re not selling a physical product.

You are selling a result, which typically that result is either solving a problem or satisfying a desire or both.

Solving a problem so someone can then satisfy a desire to reach a goal.

Stew Smith: Yes.

Jim Edwards: That is what you are selling.

You are not selling a freaking book.

So, the result that you’re selling is a solution to a problem.

Desire, satisfaction, or hassle removal.

Roadblock removal.


So I did a…

My dogs over there snoring…

I did a live session with a buddy of mine…

Guy named Dave Lindenbaum who’s a coach for a real high-end two comma club mastermind.

And the lady that we were working with sells tea.

She sells loose leaf tea.

Who cares?

It’s like…

What does the loose leaf tea do?

“Well, it helps women to have a more healthy pregnancy.”

Well, that’s still kind of that still kind of really amorphous.

“What about a healthy pregnancy?”

Well, it helps them to have a stronger uterus.

Okay. Well…

I mean I don’t think there are too many people searching for,

“I want to Kevlar-coated uterus.”


So, what else does it do?

What problems does it solve?

“Well, it helps them get over morning sickness really fast.”

Stew Smith: There you go.

Jim Edwards: Oh, wait a minute.

Now let me tell you, you got two kids that you know of right Stew?

Stew Smith: Hahahaha! Yep.

Jim Edwards: Okay, so your wife has a problem with morning sickness.

Stew Smith: Yes.

Jim Edwards: And it was pretty unpleasant in the whole household, wasn’t it?

Stew Smith: Because you felt bad for her. Yeah.

There’s nothing you can do.

But is there a product that would help?

Jim Edwards: Yes, there is an all-natural herbal tea that apparently, if you drink it three or four times a day…

It will eliminate the symptoms of morning sickness.

Now would you have bought that for your wife during those two periods of morning sickness with your two kids?

Stew Smith: Yes.

Jim Edwards: Would you have bought a bunch?

Stew Smith: I probably.

Jim Edwards: Would you have worried too much about how much it costs as long as it worked.

Stew Smith: No.

Jim Edwards: Exactly.

So now all of a sudden we’ve gone way beyond. It’s not…

“Hey! Here’s healthy pregnancy tea.”


“This tea eliminates the symptoms of morning sickness quickly and keeps them from coming back.”

We’re not selling tea anymore.

We’re selling what?

Stew Smith: Yeah, a solution to morning sickness.

Jim Edwards: Right. Now, you can stack on other things like helping you to have a better…


Stew Smith: Couple bullet forms there, you know?

Jim Edwards: Right.

Stew Smith: Urinary tract infections…

All that stuff.

Jim Edwards: Exactly. But the main thing that’s being sold now is not tea…

But a solution to the problem of morning sickness.

You’re not thinking…

“Wow, is this the same as Lipton tea?” Is this…


We’re getting rid of morning sickness…

Now here’s the other part.

Most women have morning sickness.

The doctors want them to take what? Starts with a d…

Stew Smith: Uh… Dramamine.

Jim Edwards: Drugs. Dramamine is a drug.

Stew Smith: Sure.

Jim Edwards: So now all of a sudden we can get rid of another problem too.

So not only can we get rid of morning sickness, but we can get rid of the problem of being told you need to take dangerous drugs are harmful narcotics, right?

Stew Smith: Right.

Jim Edwards: So “New miracle tea alleviates instantly,”

Well… quickly…

“Quickly eliminates the symptoms of morning sickness without dangerous drugs are harmful narcotics.”

So now, we’re eliminating other problems too with this, right?

We can get it, and we don’t have to take drugs that could potentially harm the baby…

Which ultimately is what everybody’s worried about.

So we’re stacking on the elimination of these problems, and we don’t want to hurt the baby…

We don’t want to take drugs…

We want to avoid narcotics…

And we want to get rid of morning sickness…

And we can do that all with this new miracle tea.

Stew Smith: I like that because it’s not what it is. It’s what it does.

Jim Edwards: It’s what it does, right. So you need to think about that.

Now, let’s go back to our fun example of the drill.

All right, that’s got a one-inch chuck that again…

You chuck it’s a big deal, but to everyone else, nobody cares.

Except maybe Chuck’s wife who has morning sickness.

So here’s the thing…

The drill.

What is the thing that the drill does?

You’re not selling a drill.

If you have extra long battery life in that drill, what does that mean, Stew?

If you have a drill with extra long battery life, what does that mean?

Stew Smith: You get more stuff done.

Jim Edwards: You can get it done right now.

Stew Smith: Without having to charge.

Jim Edwards: What is the emotion or the problem attached to getting more stuff done?

Stew Smith: The emotion?

Jim Edwards: Yeah.

Stew Smith: I dunno. Guess I’m happy. I’m not frustrated that I got to wait 30 minutes to get started again and lose track and all that.

Jim Edwards: Right.

Stew Smith: Or have by another drill battery.

Jim Edwards: Right. Have you ever been in the middle of a project with a cordless drill or a cordless thing and had the frigging battery give out so you couldn’t finish your project?

Stew Smith: Yes.

Jim Edwards: Okay, so that’s a big problem.

So now all of a sudden it’s like avoid the pain and frustration of having an inferior battery go dead on you in the middle of a project.

Keep your wife from getting upset with you because the “honey do” list is not done.

Get your list of projects done faster so you can spend more time with your kids on Saturday afternoon instead of limping along with a crappy drill with a crummy battery.

All of a sudden these…

They’re selling the solution, not of a drill with longer battery life…

You’re selling the solution of…

“Get back to having fun with your kids.”

“Eliminate the problem of your wife being mad at you because you’re not finishing the projects.”

“Eliminate the frustration of standing around, waiting for the frickin battery to charge…”


“Having to run to home depot to buy a hundred-foot extension cord and dig out the crappy old corded drill that you buried somewhere in the garage.”

Stew Smith: You know, my favorite line for this one is…

“Stop wasting time.”

Jim Edwards: Yup.

Stew Smith: Yeah, that’s a great little bullet point.

“Stop wasting time.”

Jim Edwards: Right. And when you start,

One of the things that I’m working on…

I’ll show you this.

It’s taking place on my whiteboard here…

Let me turn on the lights.

The batteries are dying…

But thinking about it from…

Okay, it’s not what it is.

It’s what it does, right?

Which means it satisfies desires and it solves problems.

But then think about…

Now take that to the next level. All right?

If you think about a problem that it solves…

Think about the emotion that’s tied to solving that problem versus the emotion of not solving that problem.

And all of a sudden you’ve got this Ying and Yang…

One, two punch.

So, an example of like a gin-at-home kit.

Okay. Creating gin at home.

I actually have a friend of mine who sells a whole bunch of these kits on Amazon all the time.

It’s a DIY gift kit that shows people how to create their own flavor gins at home.

Now you might think…

Oh, it’s a DIY gin kit?

No, no.

It solves a problem of…

“What are you going to give the person that has everything.”

All of a sudden, the problem that it solves is a unique, cool gift that you can give a friend.

What’s the emotion that’s tied to that solution?

“Wow, I’m gonna love to see my friend’s face when I give them something that they think is totally cool and totally unexpected.”

That’s a cool emotion, right?

Because that’s linked to love and being with your friend.

Now think about the emotion of not solving this issue.

Think about the emotion of giving someone the same old crappy gift.

Maybe you give them a drill with a one-inch chuck.

All right.

Stew Smith: Or a tie…

Jim Edwards: Or a tie…

Stew Smith: Or a pair of socks,

Jim Edwards: Or a pair of socks, right!

You’re giving them the something that they’ve never that everybody else gave them. And it’s kinda like…

“Oh… thanks.”

How are you gonna feel when your friend looks at you and gives that forced smile of…

“Oh, thanks.”

“Thank you.”

When you know, they’re really thinking…

“Aw shit! Another tie.”

That’s exactly what they’re thinking.

So if you think about…

If you really want to figure out why people buy your stuff…

Sit down and make a huge list of the desires that you satisfy and the problems that you solve that your product does…

And if you can’t come up with at least three or four desires that your product satisfies and three or four problems that it solves…

Either you suck, or your product sucks.


Whatever it is.

And then what you need to do is take each one of those desires in each one of those problems…

And figure out that emotion that’s tied to the satisfaction of that desire and the emotion that’s tied to the solving of that problem…

And then flip it.

What is the emotion that’s tied to not doing that?

What is the emotion that’s tied to not solving that?

So, let’s take it full circle back to Stew and teaching these kids how to get ready for BUD/S or something.

What is the emotion that’s tied to failing that PT test Stew?

Stew Smith: Yeah, it can be a depressing event for people. Especially if these are the type of kids that have never failed anything in their life.

You know, they’re kind of hard go-getters, achievers, and that’s tough.

Jim Edwards: I mean, didn’t you tell me that when you have guys that…

If somebody fails BUD/S…

None of your guys, but other guys that come in that are not… that they fail out of buds…

Don’t they put him on suicide watch for a couple of days?

Stew Smith: Yeah, they will.

Jim Edwards: So let’s real, I mean, let’s dig into this for a minute.

So you, you have put your whole being into getting ready for this PT test and if you fail it, what’s going to happen?

What are you going to feel?

You’re going to feel depressed.

You’re going to feel like you let down your family.

You’re going to

Stew Smith: Your friends… think about all the people that you told that you’re going to Seal training,

Jim Edwards: Right!

Stew Smith: And you didn’t make it. It’s tough. I mean, it’s a tough thing to deal with.

Jim Edwards: Yeah. So I mean, these are the kinds of emotional things.

I know you don’t do this because you tell me I get too salesy sometimes, but I mean these are the things that you can weave into your shedding a tear over it…

Good god.

There’s some politics going on there.

Stew Smith: Shut up. It’s a lie.

Jim Edwards: But this is the level that you need to get to.

This is the stuff you’re selling.

This is what makes people buy…

Not a how to do more pushups book.

Stew Smith: Yes

Jim Edwards: I mean, that’s a fricking, that’s an article on the Internet.

Stew Smith: Yes.

Jim Edwards: That’s some weird muscle had chucklehead making a youtube video.

That’s not what you’re selling.

You’re selling how to get through BUD/S.

You’re selling how to be the ultimate warrior.

You’re selling how to join a brotherhood that only a few thousand people have ever joined in the history of the United States Navy.

You’re selling…

Protecting, and serving your community as a police officer and being in shape to be able to save the lives of your comrades and stuff.

Stew Smith: Yes!

Jim Edwards: That’s what you’re selling.

So you guys need to understand that it’s not what it is.

You’re not selling a tea bag.

You’re not selling a drill.

You’re not selling a blackhead removal kit.

You’re not selling a spatula that won’t melt when you leave it in the frying pan.

You’re selling a beautiful complexion.

You’re selling the perfect birthday cake that…

“Little Timmy will remember for the rest of his life.”

You’re selling…

I don’t remember the others…

You’re selling the getting rid of morning sickness and being able to have a more peaceful pregnancy.

So the kid pops out, knowing how to play Chopin by the time he’s two on a piano.

That’s what your selling, you’re not selling what it is.

And this is the biggest mistake that people make.

And I learned this when I…

My very first sales job out of college was I sold life insurance.

But I learned real fast that I wasn’t selling life insurance.

I was selling love and peace of mind.

If you love your kids, you’ll make sure they’re taken care of…

And you’ll have peace of mind that they will be taken care of…

If you’re newly married, you don’t want to leave your wife high and dry and ready to go to the poorhouse saddled with debt.

You want to have the peace of mind that she’s going to be provided for…

Until she finds another husband…

You know, that’s what you’re selling.

So, what are your thoughts on all this, Stew?

I’ve done a lot of…

I’ve been thinking about this a lot…

Stew Smith: And I can see that.

I think this would be a great one to follow up with an article.

And we’ll post that in the Facebook page.

We’ll put into the description how to be a member of that Facebook page, by the way.

Sales Copywriting And Content Marketing Hacks Podcast Group

Jim Edwards: What?

Stew Smith: Sales Copywriting And Content Marketing Hacks Podcast Group.

Jim Edwards: Hahaha!

Stew Smith: What did I call it? Content marketing.

Jim Edwards: We need to get you back in the basement. This fresh air is obviously clouding your mind.

Stew Smith: But anyway, so it’s a really neat group where we’ll discuss this in more detail in an article that you can write and courses, this video.

But you know, my thought on it is it makes me go back and rethink every product that I’ve ever put up on the Internet…

Describing what it is.


And I was like,

“Yeah, I’ve done that. But do I really describe what it does?”

Jim Edwards: Right.

Stew Smith: And I think that is a really good way to go back and test a minor change in your sales copy and just a couple of bullet points in there on what it does.

Add that in there and just see what happens.

Give it a test.

Jim Edwards: Right. I think, and you know why I think people do that though is…and it’s easier…

I still struggle with it and have to be reminded myself.

That’s why I bring this up.

When you’re too close to your own product, you’re like,

I like when I asked you… when people ask you,

“What do you do?”

You say,

“I work out for a living. I work out and write about it for a living.”

Stew Smith: I do say that.

Jim Edwards: But that might not be the best thing to tell people because you’re telling people what it is, not what it does.

So, “I work out and refine workouts to continually help young people that want to serve their country and community in special operations, police, and firefighters to help them get ready to serve mentally and physically at a high level, quickly.

Stew Smith: Yeah.

Jim Edwards: That’s what you do.

That’s what it does.

Stew Smith: Yes.

Jim Edwards: That also sounds cooler than saying,

“I work out for a living and write about it.”

Stew Smith: True.

Jim Edwards: I’m not criticizing because I’m…

Stew Smith: No, no, no, no.

Jim Edwards: Hey, I write sales copy and create software to help other people do it, too.

That’s what I do.

But what I do, but what that does is,

“I help entrepreneurs just like you go from a blank screen to compelling content and money making sales messages at the push of a button, no experience required.”

That’s what it does, not what it is.

Stew Smith: Right.

So we all just need to be more conscious of it…

But when we’re real close to it, we know how cool it is.

So we just want to tell what it is cause we know what it does. So we default to what it is.

Stew Smith: Yes! That’s a good point.

Jim Edwards: And we all do that. I’m not throwing stones or anything.

I’m just trying to help people understand what you should do instead.

Stew Smith: Yeah. I think I get caught up in like…

“Here’s what you get with the product.”


And it is what it is.

And it’s not,

“Here’s what you get if you do it right.”

Jim Edwards: Right.

Stew Smith: You get this result.

Jim Edwards: Right.

Stew Smith: And I think, yeah, I need to get in there and test that.

Jim Edwards: And you know what that means. It’s like,

“If you do this, then you can have this.”

But what people are buying is that “having this,”

They know they’re going to have to do something…

But when you’re in the buying phase…

You need to focus on the,

“You can have this.”

“I’m going to give you specific workouts that are customized workouts that are going to help you to become a Navy Seal or make it to BUD/S if that’s what you want to do.

It’s like the guy… when I was a freshman in college, and I was in ROTC…

And I wanted to go to Airborne School…

And one of the senior class, the fourth-year guys said,

“I’ll just tell y’all right now if you really want a slot to Airborne School, you’re going to get a slot to airborne school.

And I remember thinking,

“I really want to go.”

And then I learned what

“really wanting to go really met.”

And it meant getting up every morning at 5:30 and being at the gym at 6 and working out till 7:30 and leaving puddles of sweat on the floor and going…

Oh dear God, I didn’t know I had these muscles and…

It was all that stuff.

And then really wanting to go meant about a month into it when I was ready to quit saying,

“I guess this is what he really meant. If you really want to go.”

And it meant showing up one more day…

One more morning…

One more morning…

One more morning…

And then it got easier…

And it got easier.

And then I was maxing the PT test, whereas before six months before I could barely do 20 pushups.

So you, in your mind Stew, know that that’s what they’re going to have to go over…

But when you sell, you can’t tell him that.

Stew Smith: Yeah. Hahaha! Yeah. I got you.

Jim Edwards: Tell him in a way that’s like,

“I’m going to show you the workout you need to do.

And if you really want to become a Seal, these are the workouts you’re going to need to do.”

Stew Smith: Right.

Jim Edwards: Fair enough, though.

Stew Smith: I like that. That’s cool.

Jim Edwards: That’s fair. It’s true.

Stew Smith: Yes.

Jim Edwards: Hahaha!

Stew Smith: It’s not what it is. It’s what it does.

Jim Edwards: Right. So it’s like anything else.

So anyway…

Stew Smith: One more thing.

Jim Edwards: Sure.

Stew Smith: It’s also what you do with it. And so as the,

“Let’s do this officer, right?

“The chief, let’s do this officer.”

Jim Edwards: Yes, sir.

Stew Smith: You got to get in there and do it too, right?

It’s really cool when you and I are talking about it, right?

But let’s get in there.

Make some changes, make sure your sales copy is actually showing people what it does.

Jim Edwards: Right.

Stew Smith: You know what your product or service will do for them.

Jim Edwards: Right.

Stew Smith: So, take it seriously.

So, not only do you need to show what your project does, or your product does…

You need to do it yourself.

Jim Edwards: Right. And, and that’s a really, really good point.

Can I share one last thing that’s a really good personal example of this?

Stew Smith: Absolutely.

Jim Edwards: When I first started coming out with my wizards and my scripts and my online scripts and my other stuff… When I was showing it to people, I would spend the majority of my time showing people how you fill out the form…

How you answer the questions…

And then I would show them…

“And then it pops out this and this and this and this.

So, I would spend 80% of my time showing them how to fill out the form and making sure they really understood that…

And 20% of my time showing them all the cool stuff that it kicked out, and sales were good.

When I flip that, and I showed for only 20% of the time…

“Here’s how you fill it out. It’s going to ask you questions like What’s your name?

Who’s your audience?

It’s going to ask you stuff you can do.


And it’ll probably take you 30 minutes to fill this out.

Once you do that and you hit the button, let me show you all the cool stuff it kicks out.

It creates all your slides.

It creates your entire sales letter.

It writes all your emails…

It writes all your ads…

It does all this stuff and…

All these things that would have taken you hours and hours and maybe weeks to do.

You get this from just a tiny investment of maybe 30 minutes of filling this thing out.

This is amazing.

When I switched it to that…

When I stopped talking about what it was and showed them what it did, literally…

My sales went through the roof.

And so that’s a really good example from my own personal life of when you understand that…

You’re selling and what it does, not what it is.

You’re not selling software, you’re selling all the stuff it kicks out on the other end.

You’re not selling coaching, you’re selling the benefit of the knowledge.

Then your sales are going to massively take off, and people are going to get what they want.

So like Stew said, don’t just take this on an intellectual level and say,

“Oh yeah, that really makes sense.

That’s really cool.

Thanks for sharing that and then go back to trying to sell people what it is.”

Go make some changes.

And that applies to us as well.

The two of us.

Stew Smith: Yep. Yep. Going to do that today.

Jim Edwards: Yeah. So awesome session. You guys need to go join the Sales Copywriting And Content Marketing Hacks with Jim Edwards Facebook Group.

Stew Smith: It’s a closed Facebook group.

Jim Edwards: It’s free to join.

You need to make sure that you subscribe to the Sales Copywriting And Content Marketing Hacks Podcast with Jim Edwards and Stew Smith of which you’ve tripped across an episode.

Make sure you go and check us out on Youtube because checking us out on Youtube actually helps us more than subscribing on iTunes.

Stew Smith: You should do all of that iTunes and Google Play. If you just want the audio version right a little bit easier on your bandwidth.

Jim Edwards: There you go.

Stew Smith: Especially if you’re a tornado victim and suffering out there outside. I feel really bad Stew’s having to endure being outside and trying to operate his whole business on his phone because of tornado damage. Not even a hundred yards from his house.

We’re going to be setting up a Go Fund Me for him.

Stew Smith: Hahaha!

Jim Edwards: Hahaha! So, anyway. All right, guys, great session.

Good job, Stew, and we talked to you guys next time.

Hey, this was…

What was this?

Stew Smith: Number? 21

Jim Edwards: Man, we’re old enough to drink.

Stew Smith: Yes.

Jim Edwards: Awesome. All right, guys.

Well, have a great day, and we will talk to you soon.


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