Weekly Update – March 27, 2024

Article of the Week

Does Being Forced to Sell Your Stuff Piss You Off?

(Or worse… does it scare the crap out of you?)

I remember the day like it was yesterday.

I was a brand-new mortgage loan officer. I had worked my butt off to get this job, and once I got it, I was eager to dive into the world of loans and mortgages. I studied my butt off and reached the point where I could have been an underwriter with all the knowledge I picked up.

However, there was a BIG problem – all that knowledge wasn’t getting me any business!

That’s when my loan processor, Cheryl, popped her head into my office and asked me what I was doing. I mumbled something. Then, she looked me straight in the face and said, “You better get your butt out there on the street and get some loans because if you don’t bring in loans, I lose my job.”

She was a single mom with 2 kids. Her words hit me like a ton of bricks. I realized that all the knowledge in the world wasn’t going to help me sell. People were not going to come to me. I needed to be a salesperson who went out and found people who needed loans, and then I would know what to do once I found them.

I shifted my identity!

I hit the streets, determined to make a change. I met with potential clients. I worked on my selling skills. It was tough at first, but I refused to give up. I faced rejection after rejection, but I continued to push forward, motivated by the thought of Cheryl losing her job because of my inability to bring in business.

Slowly but surely, my efforts began to pay off. I secured my first client (Thanks Wally Glisson!), then another, and another. Word began to spread about the new up-and-coming mortgage loan officer who was passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated. My client base grew, and so did my confidence. I was no longer just a loan officer – I was a salesperson, a persuader, a go-getter.

I wasn’t a loan officer… I had become a very competent marketer of mortgage services!

Are you struggling to sell your services or products as a speaker, coach, trainer, author, or entrepreneur?

Do you feel like you’re constantly on a rollercoaster of sales going up and down, and it’s taking a toll? It’s time to shift your perspective and rethink your identity.

Many people in entrepreneurial professions tend to tie their sense of accomplishment and value to the work they do, such as speaking, coaching, or writing books.

However, unless you’re able to effectively sell what you do, you won’t make any money. This often creates a sense of resentment and frustration, as you feel forced to market and sell your services or products in order to make a living.

The key to breaking this cycle is to shift your identity from being solely a speaker, coach, or author to that of a marketer.

Instead of feeling like you’re forced to sell your expertise against your will (‘cuz selling sucks and people should just buy from you because you are awesome!), see yourself as a marketer who happens to be selling your services or products.


By making this shift, you can draw satisfaction from spreading the word about your offerings, rather than feeling burdened by the need to sell.

This shift in identity is crucial for long-term success, especially as an entrepreneurial professional. Without it, you’ll most likely find yourself experiencing the feast or famine of sales, going through periods of intense selling followed by lulls in income.

But when you embrace your role as a marketer, everything changes.

You’ll find that your income becomes steadier and more predictable leading to greater overall happiness and satisfaction. With a newfound focus on marketing, you’ll become more productive and can help even more people with your services or products.

So, the next time you find yourself struggling to sell what you do, remember to shift your mindset. Embrace your role as a marketer who happens to be selling your expertise, and watch as your success, fulfillment, and finances soar to new heights.

It’s a simple shift that WILL make a world of difference in your journey!

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