Weekly Update – December 20, 2023

Article of the Week

World Domination 2024

Picture this…

You. The trailblazing entrepreneur of 2024 in your niche.

You. The go-to expert in your field.

You. The person everybody looks to for answers and advice.

How? By unlocking the secret weapon in your arsenal: the power of authorship.

Unleashing the Book Within: Your 2024 Game-Changer

Here’s the future, TODAY: The year is 2024.

The business battlefield is fiercer than ever. In this whirlwind of digital dazzle and marketing mayhem, what could possibly set you apart from everyone else?

Enter the unassuming hero – your book.

That’s right. Not just any book… YOUR book!

Crafting Your Magnum Opus: More Than Words on Paper

This isn’t about filling pages with fluff and jargon. Oh no! Your book is a strategic chess move in the grand game of business dominance.

It’s your story, your philosophy, your playbook – all rolled into one compelling narrative that positions you as the maestro of your market.

The Secret Doorway to New Realms

Imagine a world where your book is the golden key that unlocks doors you didn’t even know existed. From speaking engagements to media coverage, from industry recognition to an ever-expanding community of social media followers – the ripple effect is mind-boggling.

Remember the real estate maverick who ended up on the New York Times Real Estate front cover? (Me!) That’s the kind of serendipitous stardom we’re aiming for with your book.

Your Timeless Business Weapon

Your book isn’t a flash in the pan. It’s a lighthouse that continually guides new opportunities and clients to your shore, long after the first copy is sold.

It’s the legacy that keeps on giving, the gift that cements your place in the hall of fame of your field.

Your book is the “Swiss Army Knife” of your authority… helping you cut through the noise and clutter of the “me too” crowd at every turn.

The 2024 WriteYourBook.AI Challenge: Your Launchpad to Legend

And here’s the clincher – you’re not embarking on this authorial adventure alone. The WriteYourBook.AI challenge, starting January 15th, is your co-pilot on this journey. We’re offering a sizzling 20% discount to transform you from entrepreneur to author-extraordinaire.

It’s more than a challenge; it’s a metamorphosis.

So, as the new year unfolds, ask yourself: Are you ready to be more than just a business owner? Are you ready to be an author, an authority, a legend in your field?

The pages are blank, the stage is set, and your story awaits. Join the WriteYourBook.AI challenge and let’s turn your business into a bestseller.

Here’s to writing your way into business brilliance in 2024 with AI doing all the heavy lifting! 🚀📚✨

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2 responses to “Weekly Update – December 20, 2023”

  1. Jill Free Avatar
    Jill Free

    Is the “Write Your Book” genie included in the monthly subscription?

    1. Nancy Carswell Avatar
      Nancy Carswell

      The original Write Your Book is available to yearly subscribers as an on-demand challenge.

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