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This Changed Everything For Me!

 “The New Frontier of Copywriting: Harnessing the Power of DISC” 

  • Copywriting veteran discovers the game-changing power of DISC in sales copy
  • DISC communication categories revolutionize copywriting techniques
  • Communication styles can drastically change based on the situation, leading to more effective copy
  • Incorporating DISC into copywriting software enhances user and reader experience
  • DISC adds a layer of magic that can elevate copy and content to the next level

Decades in the Game

I’ve been in the game of writing sales copy for quite some time now. Since 1990, to be precise. But it wasn’t until around 2001 that I decided to get serious and get good at it. Over the past two decades, I thought I had mastered everything about writing sales copy. I figured any future improvements would be small and incremental, just some tweaking here and there. But boy, was I wrong.

The Unexpected Twist

Recently, I started using something that completely shifted my understanding of copywriting: DISC. Now, I had heard of DISC before, those personality categorizations like Myers Briggs that explain why people behave the way they do. But I never really paid attention to it. It seemed like “HR stuff” or psychobabble, which could not be applied to sales copy with specific, tangible techniques.

A Seed of Curiosity

Then one day, a colleague mentioned using DISC to analyze and improve copywriting – specifically with writing email teasers. She suggested focusing on the four main DISC categories: dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness. Her comments stuck with me and made me wonder if this could actually work. And that’s when I embarked on a journey to understand how communication styles, like DISC, can be applied to sales copy specifically.

Shifting Perspectives

One of the critical distinctions I’ve discovered is that people’s communication styles can change radically based on their current situation. Someone who is typically direct and confident in their day-to-day life may become more cautious and seek assurance when faced with something new or unfamiliar. This realization has been a game-changer for me in my sales copy. It allowed me to write sales copy that resonated with different communication styles and made my copywriting skills take a quantum leap.

The AI Connection

Not only has DISC improved my copywriting, but it has also made the genies inside CopyandContent.AI (the software I created to write sales copy) even more valuable. By understanding and incorporating DISC directly into the software, the user and the reader of the sales copy or content can experience tremendous benefits.

Never Stop Learning

So, never assume that you know all about copywriting. Using DISC in sales copy and content marketing is a game-changer if you’re willing to learn the basics. And here’s the cool part: you don’t have to become an expert in DISC to put it to use. Simply applying its most basic principles can yield massive results.

I thought I had uncovered all the “secret sauces” in copywriting, but I can tell you now that DISC adds another layer of magic that can rapidly elevate your copy and content to the next level. It’s an exhilarating journey that we’re all on together.

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Last Week’s Article

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  • What headlines REALLY do… and how to make them do it better
  • How DISC amps up the power of any headline
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FACT: Headlines are the most important component in any sales copy.

As the first element that people encounter on your sales copy, blog, video, or email, they perform three essential functions: stopping the reader in their tracks, setting the stage for the upcoming content, and pre-framing the right audience to be receptive to the message.

Here’s an in-depth look at how headlines function and how DISC communication styles can MASSIVELY enhance their effectiveness.

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