Things We Have Learned During Quarantine – SCCMH [Podcast 63]

Jim Edwards and Stew Smith discuss some of the things they are learning during this quarantine period. Whether you have your own home office, entrepreneurial occupation, or working from home/laid off, this time is what you make it. Stay safe, healthy, and keep working hard!

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Stew Smith: Hello, everybody…

We’ve got another edition of the sales copy story with the Jim Edwards method, special guests, Jordan watt…

Jim Edwards: Gordon Watt.

Stew Smith: Gordon, what did I say?

You said Jordan.

Stew Smith: My bad Gordon Watt.

Oh, that’s been one of those days actually been one of those weeks.

Jim Edwards: Can your hat do that still?

Can you go look at, can your hat do that?

Stew Smith: Wow.

Look at you guys.

See, I felt a little bit out of the group.

So I went and grabbed my, a midshipman hat for today…

Jim Edwards: That’s a good looking hat.

Stew Smith: But we are a, we’re a little bit stir-crazy today, I think.

And what’s fun about being stir-crazy and stuck at home is that we didn’t have a guest today.

And I said, Hey, let’s call Gordon…

And sure enough, he had time according to plan,

He’s got time to kill!

Nothing better else to do.

Let’s go onto the women’s do show.

Gordon Watt: No Problem!

Jim Edwards: Absolutely.

So Gordon’s awesome.

Gordon is a huge supporter of all things Sales, Copywriting and Content Marketing Hacks, Jim onwards method, Funnel Scripts, everything.

If I had like 10,000 customers, just like Gordon, I would fill up the cruise ship, I want me to do the Jim boat, and then it wouldn’t matter if we got quarantine because we would all just keep sailing the seas together.

Gordon Watt: Absolutely!

Jim Edwards: So we’re super happy to have you here.

And the reason I’m wearing this hat is because Gordon actually sent me this hat back in the day.

He’s like, dude, I got something for you.

I said, what?

And so this showed up.

Tell us just a little bit about yourself real quick, Gordon and what you do, and what’s up and why you love pigs.

Gordon Watt: Alright, let me tell you a quick story about, so prior to getting to in this online space, I was incarcerated over half of my life.

So understanding that to change do things really, really differently because understanding that I couldn’t go back to where the things I used to do.

I’ve had businesses, I’ve had money I’ve done a lot of things.

In my life.

So I want to switch over.

And that’s when I went to an event with my ankle bracelet on, and I met Russell Brunson backstage.

Jim Edwards: Wow.

I got to interview him.

I volunteered for this one event, and I got to meet guys like Russell, this wouldn’t, you could go up to Russell and actually talk to him…

And then I got interviews with him when you won an affiliate contest.

And until I met very good people from this crowd, and we’re still friends.

I’m to this day with the people I’ve met.

And one of the main subjects was like, this is what’s so magical about what you’re doing, Jim.

Because when Russell started a Funnel Scripts, he told me, Gordon, like, your enthusiasm, I like itself, but I didn’t know nothing about this business because I just came out of prison from doing a law 12 year stench.

Jim Edwards: Damn.

Gordon Watt: So what happened was I told him, I mean, he gave me some insights, him like certain things and he said, he told me straight, he’s going to change these things.

He’s going to change this world upside down with what he’s got coming out.

And I kicked myself in the ass for not following his (footsteps,) but I didn’t know anything about the business and what Jim was doing.

Jim’s been around here for a long time, but what he’s doing with these scripts of his and everything, he sees giving you everything on a platter so that you can become something that you can change in the moment.

Because I use most of your scripts on a daily basis talking to my daily job.

So that’s how I know it works.

Everything has worked.

But fast forward to a few furious later, I’ve spent so much money on trying to find the right mentor going through masterminds.

Going into groups going into certain things and none gave me the creativity, the fact that I can use this for everyday life…

I can use this for my businesses…

I can use this for things that you wouldn’t have even thought of…

I’m using it for, I’m getting very good results.

So before they saw this downturn was.

So it’s like when I say what you’re creating right now for the culture with you and Stew, it’s going to be really, really, you’re changing the industry on its head, too.

And you basically, you partnered up with Russell because a long time ago I took a chance with you, right?

Oh, it’s like $297 beta test, whatever…

Cause I was looking for something that you see these poker players, the poker players always get the main table, right?

There’s gotta be a skill to it…

There’s gotta be a way to it.

It’s not about the systems.

It’s not about the technical jargon.

It’s not about that.

It’s what you can put on a paper to move people in a direction…

And you can use that in real life when you’re also talking about, so that’s what brought me to Jim…

Jim Edwards: So let me ask you a question.

Cause I’ve heard you say this and tell everybody you’re working on your online business.

You actually do a lot of mentoring of kids keeping at-risk kids, and you speak a lot in front of those groups, which is amazing.

Gordon Watt: Right.

Jim Edwards: Tell people though you’ve always alluded to this and you’re like, dude, I use your scripts like real life and it helps to increase my tips and all this other stuff.

And I’ve never gotten a chance to talk with you about that.

But how are you using scripts to help you in your everyday business?

Even the one that has nothing to do with online marketing?

Gordon Watt: Right.

So basically, what happens is I’m a bellman at one of the premier hotels is Las Vegas strip.

So one of your past webinars in the Jim Edwards method was, or one of the webinars I’ve seen is once you make it about them, everything changes…

So like knows what I do, I’ve got the uniform, I’m by the bell card, I’m doing all this stuff…

But at the same time, when you’re looking at somebody, each individual is different…

Whether they’re coming in for business, they come in for party.

It might be a bachelor party nobody wants to use your service.

So the minute I make it about them, their pain, their suffering, you don’t want to be sending that line over there.

Everything changes because I’m thinking of my audience right there, which I only have maybe two to three minutes to do it.

I might give them a one-sentence hook.

You don’t want to be standing there in a line let me take of it so you can start partying right there.

So I have three seconds like I and then all my other guys that work along with this Korean.

How do you make money with that?

How do you, how are you doing it?

And, it’s basically taking your scripts, putting it in my terms for what’s going on right now.

And then you might have some families like, Oh we’re getting VIP, we’re doing something they said I give them the whole spiel where you might not do this, you might stand in line, maybe provide a service.

I mean, what’s the difference between me and a gray uniform and somebody else over there.

But I’ll tell them this.

I’ll use the Colombo close, by the way, when you come back, and you’re not ready to go, this comes back to me, and we’ll settle you up right here and figure out how I can help you in more for this so you can enjoy your vacation.

And it works for business.

It works for businessmen, families on vacation, his bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, and everything.

I just that’s just one example because I use some of the skills,

Jim Edwards: Bro… Let me just stop you right there. That’s brilliant.

I mean, even Stew and I, at the same time, I was like, Holy crap…

And if you guys listening to Gordon just saying that, just saying that, just understand that hook and being totally attuned to that audience right in front of him in the comments down below.

Say something like, that’s amazing or way to go, Gordon, because I’m telling you, he just dropped on you a real-world cash money in the pocket or not in the pocket example of using a hook with your audience.

That was brilliant, dude.

Stew Smith: Yeah.

And that’s not, they’re not reading it. It’s not on video. It is right there.

One on one.


Perfect time to use it.

Jim Edwards: It’s brilliant.

And by the way, when you’re done, you come back and see me, and I’m going to make sure that you get totally taken care of so you can enjoy your vacation.

Enjoy your trip.


That’s beautiful.

Stew Smith: Yeah.

Gordon Watt: Yeah. And that’s just one example even for like when I talk to these at-risk youth kids, right?

So I tested some of the other Jim scripts with I’m talking to like, so the kids that I talk to are between ages, maybe 8 to 18 gangs into truancy, everything that you can think possible.

I had, I talked to about 50 kids with a bunch of all of us that’s been through the system and they want to share.


So one of the other main things that I, we use with the scripts is, you mean what I do in one sentence?

Cause they’re always going to ask, right?

“Gordon, what are you going to do for me?”

So depending on who I’m with and what, cause we talked to the parents, also what I do for in one sentence might be I help struggling youth just like your kids, so they know end up in the system in a matter of one hour.

So it’ll be like, and then I give them the real spiel about being incarcerated.

This, I mean all of us just because I had a, I don’t look this way anymore.

It doesn’t matter because I’m helping and I’m up-serving everybody else in the community to do that.

And you should see the stories about these kids, what they’re doing right now…

It’s ridiculous now if I can save a kid by using Jim’s stuff to turn them in the right direction because we offer things for them to occupy their time when I can get one child, one kid, to not pick up a gun but go play sports or going to the military or something.

That’s how I know it works great.

Because real-world examples is moving this person into where I want him to go.

And it’s not online.

It’s not on video, it’s just talking one on one.

And I, when I talk to a lot of people about their insurance salesman or a product or service, you have to get into the right frame of mind because I use Jim scripts every day just for fun because as you can tell, I don’t speak very good English cause it’s.

Jim Edwards: You are doing great…

I’m from Hawaii, we have pidgin English.

What has helped me also to is in my head I posted a meme or here on this group where it’s like you can turn Ironman into putting all those scripts in together so you can formulate your whatever you want.

And the magic about it is you’re going to start speaking with the scripts that you put on paper.

It’s going to start coming out of your mouth, and it’s going to be so natural.

It’s just ridiculous.

Jim Edwards: Right. And that’s, and you’re absolutely right.

And that’s been the people who really use the script.

And by the way, people in the comments, this isn’t a rabbit hat.

This is a unicorn.

My thing very much.

And Gordon sent me this hat, that’s why I have it on.

You need to show up on time next time you would have known that.

Like you knew we were doing this time, but the thing is you use the scripts enough, you will start thinking like the scripts…

And that’s my ultimate intention is for you to start thinking in those patterns so that it just comes out of you naturally.

It’s like training wheels.

Gordon Watt: Right.

I had a client, right?

The just, just break before all this happened.

They do sales, they do stuff, they do things and everything else…

But when you show them what you really can do, I’ve been called, right now people secret weapon because like they send me “Gordon, I need this tagline.”

All right, let me( muscle) Jim’s wizards taglines…

Jim Edwards: You don’t tell them that?

Gordon Watt: No, of course not…

I’m telling you because this is a group because it’s like, it makes me look smarter than I really am.

It’s really detrimental because like a lot of people don’t have the creativity that you’ve put into these formulas for what you have going on when he lays everything out.

Whether it’s you’re going to be a PowerPoint, even when you look at even some of the mentors that you might be having now that I’m in this world from this, I know how not to write scripts.

I know what not to do.

I know because I work at the hotel.

I see scripts and advertisements every single day.

Stew Smith: Yeah.

Gordon Watt: And none of them say, what does it mean for them?

Once you nail that down, life gets much beautiful.

That’s a fact.

It makes life much easier because once you’d make that transition to just benefit feature said, and you add something to…

Going to, what does it mean for you to have this product?

Like you said, the whole world changes and things start getting in your head, in your mind, because now you’re going to start getting creative, creative about what you say.

Jim Edwards: Yeah.

Gordon Watt: I mean you put it all in.

No in a way so that everything just moves online where it’s like pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop…

Jim Edwards: It’s every mother’s worst nightmare.

Your kid’s starting to think like Jim Edwards.

Stew Smith: Hey, Gordon…

What is your favorite wizard or script that you would do with a paying client?

For instance.

Gordon Watt: A paying client.

It, depending on what they want, what they need…

When I ask them, it’s like they might be having a hard time with like say a product review is, it is one, like I’m doing something with these life coaches right now where I am using like the avatar wizard life coaches.


So it’s like the quote, blurb scripts is really, really good.

And I just did a post, I just did a piece of content just right before I came on here for the tips.

I forgot what I did, what I use, but I use them all, I mean wizard or the tidbit, the tidbit tip wizard.

I like the tidbit wizard a lot.

When I’m doing, say I wanted to make the outline for that, then sometimes I might go over I might go play with what’s in Funnel Scripts because it is like building a pizza, right?

Jim Edwards: Oh, we can take the hats off.

Gordon Watt: Now it’s like building a pizza or a sandwich.

Do you know what I mean?

You’re going to start all with something…

See, I’m looking at something this way and I work everything backward like you said.


Because everything I’ve done before didn’t work…

So now, when I see things working, and I look at the opposite end, how is it going to affect everything else?

Because all the wizards, all the things, the content, you can take something from the blurb wizard, add it into your content…

You can transition into something else from the 62nd tidbit, right?

You can transfer something in from Funnel Scripts that you might catch your eye that…

You’re going to lay your foundation, you’re gonna lay your door, you’re going to start putting your pizza sauce on it.

Then you’re going to start putting your pepperoni, whatever you want, and then your call to action might not be to a product or service.

It might be just something to, you might give another tip, and that’s a whole another wizard you can use…

So you just stacking it on like your building blocks seem like how you’ve been teaching us all this time.

Jim Edwards: Yeah.

That’s why I use the Lego thing instead of pizza cause I would gain all my weight back if all I thought about was building pizzas when I’m doing this all the time.

Gordon Watt: Yeah. So I mean a lot of the times it is like depending on your mood because like everybody’s moods in the morning, like Stew, you might be thinking about something for your content for the site that you went on and then you might have a different idea.

And I kind of like a hammer on that creativity between that five and seven o’clock in the morning because I’m up already four o’clock because I am always thinking, right.

Usually, I would I’ll try something out, and I might catch another idea…

May I mess around with the tag posts wizard…

I might end up using the signature speech widget to do it for somebody else because they don’t have the creativity…

This gives you creativity on steroids on top of pixie dust because everything’s going to.

Jim Edwards: Steroids and pixie dust, wow.

Gordon Watt: It’s a combination where a lot of things is going to come into your head because you start answering the questions.

Because when you go to a marketing agency, you see they’re going to do the exact same thing because they want to get into your audience’s head feelings, moods, emotions.

And if you can start picking that up quickly, that’s when you’re going to take your copy through all your message or whatever you’re thinking you’re doing to another level that surpasses even the people I looked up to.

Jim Edwards: Yeah,

Stew Smith: Yeah. Funny you mentioned that because one thing I did this morning was, I started off with an article idea wizard.

I can’t remember what I was exactly.

Gordon Watt: Yeah.

Stew Smith: Just to of give me a topic.

I wanted to write, and then I went straight to the hidden persuasion wizard, which helped me recreate an entire article on what I was working on.

So I actually use two wizards this morning as well.

Jim Edwards: And the funny thing is that people, I create the wizards for what I think is the obvious purpose.

I mean, I don’t think to use the hidden persuasion wizard to write an article, but like every wizard I’d come out with, Stew finds a way to use it to write an article.

Like he took the avatar wizard and unlike, Hey man, check out this avatar profile.

I said that’s not a profile.

That’s an article, and he turned his into an article and ended up doing really, really well with it.

So yeah, that’s cool to just hear how other people are using, are using the stuff.

In fact, everybody in the comments down below, and yes, we really are…


Hi Karen.

Hi Rezwana.

Hi John.

Hi, Tamah.

Just to prove, do you got Jamie, Nick, hey Peng Joon’s here.

What up, dude!

Tell us, what is your favorite wizard?

What’s your favorite wizard?

What’s your favorite script from FunnelScripts?

From the Jim Edwards method premium from author wizards…

what is your favorite one in it?

5 Minutes Perfect Webinar would be on the top of my list because I can, I can craft a story.

Jim Edwards: Did you see the training that we did?

I think it was a month before last we did the bridge page in a day…

I got the idea from the guy at the mystery man at funnel hacking live dudes like, dude, I use the one headline wizard from expert secrets scripts…

I use the five-minute perfect webinar, and I use the offer stack and boom; I mean, I’ve got an entire bridge page done in today’s day.

Gordon Watt: Bridge page.

I use a lot when I’m talking to somebody to explaining how you’re going to move from that story.

You know, Jim, this is how cursed you did to me.

This is all curse cursed you gave me, I cannot watch a movie without taking of scripts anymore and what the plot is and what’s going to happen.

Jim Edwards: Yeah, and you’re sitting there, wait, okay, when’s his buddy going to disappear?

Is this the bottom, or is this like, are we still have we hit rock bottom now it’s going to be time for his best friend to leave.

Stew Smith: That character dies.

Gordon Watt: Oh my goodness.

Jim Edwards: And then it’s like, and the characters back.

So that means we’re getting ready for the transformation and my wife’s like, “Shut the hell up and just enjoy the movie.”

Gordon Watt: That’s what I get through right now because this, it’s like everything I watch, I’m looking for where I can pull this bottom rock bottom and use it as a headline.

Everything I do right now, billboards are across Vegas all over this place.

Every time I drive by one, I think about how I can make it better.


And I see them every day.


Jim Edwards: Even more the strip joints.

I mean even for those, they have ones up here.

Not, it’s just ridiculous.

It’s funny.

Jim Edwards: It’s a family show. Family show. Yeah.

Gordon Watt: Between the Funnel Scripts.

Jim Edwards premium and the book, the book scripts, all hazards, author ridges.

I have everything cause it’s all saved.

I can save all the projects, I can refer back always to what’s going on, and I can just piece it all together.

Jim Edwards: That’s awesome.

Stew Smith: So tell me this, we, we, we heard what your favorite one is…

Gordon Watt: Okay.

Stew Smith: Now tell me what your favorite one does.

Give me a story of that just comes off the top of your head.

Whether it is in business or it was a one-on-one helping at-risk youth.

What’s a good story that you’ve able to take some of this information to knowledge and have a wonderful outcome with them.

Gordon Watt: So what happens, I use a third party story reserved for one of my members that speak, wrote out the script for him, putting all his parameters, all his criteria, all his thing, and I gave it to them a sheet of paper…

He did his own words because these days, these are all gang members, people that that between the kids relate to him because he’s all tatted out.

Got it on his head, everything else.

But the way the story crafted was they could relate to him more.

And one of my board members who’s a professional, digital marketing person looked at me, looked at him, he said, where did this story come from?

I said, “I just crafted it.” just nonchalantly, right?

She goes, you need to do more of these so these kids can relate to the story…

And that worked perfectly because if I can take a kid,

a youth that’s just going down this path, what’s the difference between a youth and a person struggling in their business?

Jim Edwards: Dude, you’re selling that kid on a change in life.

You’re telling a kid on a, on a different path to take.

You’re changing.

I mean, if anything, you’re doing more, something more important than selling songs.

Gordon Watt: And that’s why the reason why this your saw, the scripts are so powerful because anybody can make money, right?

You can make money.

Anybody can make money.

I’ve had money, right?

It’s a matter of moving people in their right direction.

Whether it’s through your stories, your scripts, how are you going to craft it?

What are you going to do to show them?

And you just make it, the scripts make it so easy to do.

And what pumps out make, say it from your bonuses, from insane bonuses when somebody picks one of them and they look at what it’s going to print out, it’s a wisdom and a wizard is a, it’s a box package for they want to do and they’re going to be stuck to whatever it is.

It’s like I can’t stop playing with it.

Because like, oh, I’m like, what in the world is this?

What is this?

I’m like, no, I and if you was to ask me this a few years ago when I was going on this journey about marketing online and just, and going through that process, there would be no way I could give out the information…

I am getting people right now…

And it’s because of what you gave me, cause I can use it for anything…

Instagram, Pinterest, like you said, YouTube, anything and everything possible online, offline helping…

You know what’s really weird.

I think I was wanting to tell you this, the best scriptwriters of comics because it puts emotion out of you, right?

Your scripts pull different emotions on different people at a different time, and it makes it so much easier if you knew how to use it correctly with a little bit of sprinkle dust and figure it out.

Because a lot of people don’t have that creativity.

You gave them that creativity in a way that they might understand, and as you move on using more of the scripts and you keep using them, it’ll be easier to do agile words.

I had a, had a person tell me, Oh they didn’t, it didn’t come out like how I wanted it to is a, because you’ve been doing it wrong for all these years, now that you have this and all you have to do is edit it later.

Because once it pumps on a rough draft like I tell my clients right now, dude Gordon, what can you do for me?

I’ll put your rough draft for your talk show in less than an hour.

They go, you can’t.


Jim Edwards: And then you do it like 15 minutes.

Then they gotta wait to send it to him cause you don’t want to give it to him too fast.

And he’s like taking my name and stuff out of it to see that it came from, I know what you’re doing.

Gordon Watt: You know you did that.

And then you add your words because when you adding like say Sam talking about too, I’m writing a story for like church for church there, they’re going to do something.

It’ll be different because I need to know what their audience wants, how they talk, what’s going to be their, their emotion, what’s going to be their thing.

And I kinda like dig deep where it’s second nature, now.

Which is really, really scary because I take it to a different level.

Jim Edwards: Yeah, absolutely.

That’s, well, that’s where we’re going from unconscious incompetence to conscious incompetence to conscious competence now to unconscious competence.

And you’re going over into the unconscious competence…

You have internalized all these thought patterns, and that’s when it really takes off.

So that’s awesome.

Gordon Watt: I mean, especially with that book you suggested and, there was always a word for people like a with Dan Pink’s book, right?

That you said it always, I always wondered like what I always called, and I finally resonated with me.

Like I’m an ambivert, I’m an intro.

I’m an introvert during the morning, and at night when I’m at work, I’m an extrovert.

But that gives me two possible reasons cause I look at it as if you look at like a Rubik’s cube, there’s things that you’ll come up, down and sideways, backward and forwards…

But what about the cracks in between that hold the thing together?

Jim Edwards: Oh, excuse me.

Modern-day philosopher, that’s getting deep now.

Gordon Watt: This is what scripts do.

Jim Edwards: That’s deep, dude.

That’s like real deep.

I like it.

I like its kind of like music.

It’s not the notes, but the spaces in between the notes…

Gordon Watt: And does the message.

And you gave me the ways to write those hooks.

Jim Edwards: That’s awesome.

Stew Smith: This is one of the best uses for scripts and wizards.

I’ve I’ve ever heard.

Jim Edwards: Yeah, absolutely.

Stew Smith: This is excellent.

Gordon Watt: Yeah.

Cause it’s just not, it’s just not made.

If you take it to a different level, right.

It’s not just made to do it online.

Yeah, you can make a long-form sales letter and put everything else like everybody else does.

But at the end of the day, you can use it for so much, much more Jim and so much more and much, much more and much, much more.

Because if you apply them, you start doing things that you never thought was possible.

I mean, a lot of viewers are going to be here watching this cause I always watch the replays and stuff.

But you mean it’s, you’re going to watch the replay and think that, what can I do?

Because now you, nothing is going to expand it to what?

There’s much more to this scripts in, meets the eye, and I’m a perfect example of it.

Stew Smith: Hey, Gordon, great job.

But we’re going to wrap this up, but the last question is, what is your future plans as a, using these scripts and wizards?

Jim Edwards: And just in your business and everything in general, what’s, does the next couple of years hold for Gordon Watt?

Gordon Watt: I’ll be producing a couple of talk shows using these scripts…

I’ve got three clients right now that want me to do the headlines, and I’m taking the headline scripts, giving it to them.

They’re picking the ones that they want, right?

And it’s like a YouTube talk show, but three of them got, got something else going on.

But I’m taking your advice, and I’m looking at comments on other people’s pages from groups, real deep groups.

I’m taking all the hooks out of there and giving these talk.

Show people content to talk about.

Stew Smith: Nice.

Jim Edwards: Very cool.

Well, we’ll be excited to track your progress and so everybody, make sure you give Gordon a big round of applause.

Not easy to be.

On here with Stew and Jim, Stew is tough.

There’s a tough customer to these people.

He’s rough on people…

I just got to pull him back…

Actually, that’s not true…

Stew is the voice of reason.

Stew Smith: I’m the listener.

Jim Edwards: Because I’m the talker.

That is true.

That’s absolutely true.

Gordon Watt: What was so cool about it?

Because I’ve been watching you guys so long.

I mean, every episode I watch, and I can see both sides, which is perfect.


I can see it’s perfect because this way, you mean, I understand that you’ve got to have both sides, and this what makes it so successful going into it more often.


I was ready for you Stew.

Stew Smith: This is great!

Thanks for the last minute.

Gordon Watt: No problem.

Stew Smith: Whenever, I guess we’re stuck at home.

We’ve got time to do these types of things.

So if anybody wants to do one of these with us, you gotta let us know.

Jim Edwards: Yeah.

Stew Smith: Let us know, and we will put you on the list.

Jim Edwards: Want to share your Copywriting Story. Absolutely. Cool.


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