The Story Genie Walk-Through – Learn How to Tell a Story That Sells [Podcast 229]

Jim Edwards and Stew Smith discuss creating stories that sell. From creating one in thin air to using software to assist in the process if you need to fix your story to help you sell more products and services.

Check out for access to sales copywriting and content marketing for all your business writing needs. Let the Avatar-enabled Genies do the work for you. Jim and Stew share ideas on getting something useful and easy to accomplish.

Check out these AI-generated software walk-throughs and quickly achieve the desired results to help take your business to new heights. The Genie-Walk-Through is one way to see these amazing developments each week. Join the Sales Copy and Content Marketing Hacks Facebook Group at . This vibrant community is not just a place for insights and discussions but a treasure trove of shared knowledge and experiences. It’s a space where your voice is valued, and your ideas can flourish. For a deeper understanding of the tools and techniques used to create exceptional sales copy, explore


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