Speed Dating with Jim – SCCMH [Podcast 67]

Answering Several Questions about Wizards and Scripts and Funnels.

Jim answers several questions about sales pages, sales copy, as well as using the many wizards and scripts on this podcast.  Check out the questions / answers in this podcast and feel free to contact the help desk as we will get to these either personally by email response or make it a podcast Q and A.

I want to send a copy of my book to my dream 100 clients.  I want to send a letter with this book. I was wondering if you have a script or help on how to write that letter for those special clients.

Stuck and Going Off on Tangents

I am stuck with my sales page.. I keep going through the scripts, and I really want to pin things down. I am trying to get a point across, but I feel like I’m missing the mark. I’ve redone it multiple times, but I feel like I keep getting off on a tangent. I’m not sure what you charge, but I will pay for a quick strategy session

Insurance / Sales Face to Face Meeting Alternative

I am in the insurance business, my primary client are 65 and older people.  We used to do face to face seminars until the COVID19, so I would like to see about doing the webinar seminar.
I am writing to see if you can maybe walk me through or give me a different perspective on this.

It is Easy to Overthink This..  I’m doing a giveaway for a software that helps NPO’s such as schools and churches do fundraising. I cannot figure out which of these scripts to use for giveaways…

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Stew Smith: Everybody, Stew Smith and Jim Edwards here…

Jim Edwards: Did you almost forget my last name?

Stew Smith: Another podcast.

I always call you, Jim…

I was like, last name…

Stew Smith Jim Edwards here with another podcast, Sales Copy Content Marketing Hacks podcast, and baby Yoda…

Here it is with me.

I didn’t know the baby Yoda had a mustache…

Jim Edwards: what’s up Stew, I am baby Yoda and since never speak on The Mandalorian.

I like there’s my sidekick behind me.

What what what?

Nobody knows what I sound like.

Well, I’m gonna have a deep voice later.

Stew Smith: We are going a little bit stir crazy here…

But we actually have a good show for you…

We’re gonna call it speed dating with baby Yoda.

Jim Edwards: I don’t know.

Maybe just the speed dating with Jim.

You’re seeing stuff.

Stew Smith: Alright, so this podcast number 67, Jim.

Jim Edwards: Cool. Whoo…

Stew Smith: All right…

So this is one of my favorites.

We get a lot of questions that come in, and I am going to basically ask them to Jim, and Jim’s going to answer them.

Jim Edwards: It’s like speed dating with Jim but Stew doesn’t want to call it that.

Stew Smith: Speed dating with Jim.

Yeah, that’s why we roll here.

Alright, so these came into the email there for you, Jim…

And we could call this part funnel fix part walkthrough…

However, elaborate you want to get Jim we’ll get there, or it could be a quick one-sentence answer.

Jim Edwards: Okay.

Stew Smith: Are you ready?

Jim Edwards: No, actually, I’m not ready.

I have a new phenomenon today.

Okay, what’s going on in the world?

You’re familiar with hat head, right.

Stew Smith: Yes,

Jim Edwards: Well, dude…

I have to go to the grocery restored this one I came home with mask face…

I had the indentation of the mask all around and all over my face…

And I was just really terrified that I would have mask face during the podcast today, but

Stew Smith: You must have way too tight.

Jim Edwards: I’ve been accused of being wound too tight in the past.

Stew Smith: All right…

Are you ready?

Let’s do this…

Jim Edwards: I’m ready.

Stew Smith: So, I want to send a copy of my book to my dream 100 clients want to send a letter with this book.

Okay, I was wondering if you have a script or help on how to write that letter for those special clients.

Jim Edwards: Okay, so the number one thing is for those who don’t know your dream 100 would be like your top 100 people that you want to target with somebody so like my book, Copywriting Secrets.

I wanted affiliates to promote it.

I would pick out the top hundred people that already have my ideal customers in

their target audience and, I would send them a copy of my book…

That’s what we call dream 100.

So, the big mistake that people would make is to send the same email to all the same people.

And I know we see people doing that, but if you really want to get the great results, you should send a personalized letter to each one of them.

So, you can have a cool hook, and I would recommend using one of the hook scripts or hook wizards, title wizards, subject line wizard, the question wizards just a hook is what is the most important part in this entire process.

And that hook could probably be the same or adapted for each one of them.

But if you’re looking for something that would be to give you a little template to run on, then probably inside of Funnel Scripts, the fast teaser and tweet script, I might Start with that…

But then I would customize the hell out of it for every single person I was going to be talking to.

Stew Smith: I like that.

What do we think about maybe the avatar wizard?

That’d be something you would write, maybe write a letter out of that…

Or maybe…

Jim Edwards: I might use the avatar wizard to explain why my book was great for their target audience.

Stew Smith: Got it.

So, I would describe the avatar for the book and then say,

“Hey, Stew, can we help your SpecOps candidates, double their contract rate?”

And Stew, I’m pretty sure that this is your ideal customer.

And then I would list off I would describe it would use the avatar wizard and describe that, and I wouldn’t use the whole thing…

I would use the highlights.

And then I would say something like,

“My new book selection secrets details my experience in 20 years in Special Operations and this and that or the other, so that would be the transition type thing.”

Stew Smith: I like that.

Jim Edwards: I would try that.

Okay, disclosure that was just made up, I’ve never been in the military and…

Stew Smith: Good answer!

This one actually is a question about that…

Somebody noticed that this veteran Army veteran a sapper himself 20 years retired.

Asks about the seance certificate you have on your wall behind you.

Jim Edwards: So that is actually my son, my son in law was a combat engineer.

He was over in Iraq.

His company gave me that at their returning home ceremony.

They also gave me the Minuteman award.

And a challenge coin that was only for guys in the unit.

That’s a picture of me getting everything with Jon’s commanding officer, but they gave me all that appreciation for the support that we gave them for the entire year that they were deployed to Iraq.

So that’s why I have that stuff there.

And the other thing is, my son in law is now a deputy sheriff with the next county over, and I like supporting the military and law enforcement.

So we actually bought a bunch of assault rifles and other stuff that the sheriff’s department needed.

And I’ll buy a gun for a cop man.

And my wife and I were named citizens of the Year for the county.

Stew Smith: Nice! Oh, there we go.

He was just curious about that.

Jim Edwards: I’m a huge supporter of our military, firefighters, law enforcement, and I just gravitate towards those types of folks, as you can tell, because I somehow persuaded Stew to be my friend after I stalked him seven years ago to train me.

Stew Smith: Alright, so anyway, he has a question.

Not only that, but he has a question.

He’s stuck on a sales page, going through the scripts, I really want to pin things down…

I’m trying to get a point across, but I feel like I’m missing the mark.

I’ve redone it multiple times, but I feel like I keep getting off on a tangent.

I’m not sure what you charge, but I’ll pay for a quick strategy session, ten-minute funnel fix.

I did ask him, like what his website was, and he doesn’t have it up.

So we weren’t able to really do a 10-minute funnel fix on this.

Jim Edwards: When you hear back from him, we can definitely do that.

So, but my number one thing that when people start running off on tangents is because they are talking about what their product or service or software, whatever is rather than what it does, as soon as you start focusing on what it does, what’s the result?

What’s the benefit, what’s the payoff, then you can get a real solid focus for everything, everything revolves around that.

And I would encourage you, if you’re feeling that way, go in and use the avatar wizard inside of the Jim Edwards Method Premium inside of Funnel Scripts inside of Traffic Secret Scripts…

The other thing that will help you to get focused is to get really focused on your customer and what their desires and problems and pain points and roadblocks are so.

Stew Smith: Nice! Here’s a good one…

Insurance sales face to face meeting alternative…

Okay, so this is kind of like, what’s going on right now.

I’m in the insurance business, and my primary clients are 65 and older.

I used to use face to face seminars.

Until this COVID-19.

But I would like to see the webinar seminar.

I have gone through a little bit of the perfect webinar questions to build up by webinar, I’m finding it a little difficult completing the questions because, on our seminar, we are selling really anything while we are doing the seminar we’re more interested in getting them to say yes for an appointment with us, which is kind of a sale but not sure how the questions relate to what I’m doing…

So any advice for a different perspective on the webinar,

Jim Edwards: Right?

So, I would tell you that you’re not selling financial services, Insurance Services on the webinar, you’re selling people on meeting with you…

And so what you have to do, the purpose of that webinar is to make them feel like they’re not okay…

They either don’t have the right insurance, they don’t have the right plan, or they’re not sure if they have the right insurance for that, sure if they have the right plan, do they need long term Care Insurance?

Can they still get life insurance?

Whatever it is…

So really, you need to talk about problems and mistakes and things like that people make at this age, whatever age that you’re trying to hit them with…

And then the solutions on the webinar and then close them to an appointment, you close them to a zoom appointment, I wouldn’t even try and close them to an in-person because that’s not going to happen.

So if you’re going to meet somebody online, the cool thing is that you could literally develop the lead online, massage the lead into one on one appointment, then do the one on one appointment through a zoom meeting.

But I wouldn’t try and sell any financial services I would sell them on the need to have a review on the need to have these particular questions answered.

Are these particular things looked at by a professional?

Like I said, the way you do that is by put sowing doubt in their minds.

Because right now they’re thinking, Oh, we got this covered.

We talked to somebody 20 years ago, we’re good.

I mean, gosh, 30 years, I’ve known this guy, and are over 30 years, and we’re doing everything via zoom.

But we’re really reexamining every single thing that I’m doing, and I thought I had stuff covered and I don’t.

So anyway, that’s my answer.

Stew Smith: That’s a great answer…

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing…

Try to get them on a zoom or a phone call.

Jim Edwards: With a specific objective.

That’s the thing, not a “Hey, let’s get on and just talk about what’s going on in your life and all this other stuff…”

Stew Smith: Maybe having an assessment tool, a checklist.

Boom, boom, boom, boom.

I need to do some.

Jim Edwards: Yeah…

Stew Smith: So I can see their weaknesses.

Jim Edwards: Yes, that’s good…

That’s really good.

Stew Smith: All right, so all right, so last one.

It is easy to overthink this.

I’m doing a giveaway for software that helps nonprofit organizations such as schools and churches do fundraising cannot figure out which one of the scripts to use.

I’m specifically in need of a headline for a contest page as well as a script headline for social media…

Any help would literally pull me out of the trenches of overthinking this in my head, by the way, Jim, the software is amazing.

If this message ever gets directly to Jim, tell him he’s changed my life in a very dramatic way.

Jim Edwards: Well, that’s awesome…

Stew Smith: Yeah.

Jim Edwards: So, I have actually helped people with nonprofit fundraising stuff with Funnel Scripts and Jim Edwards Method, and what people tend to do is they focus on the fundraiser itself rather than the result that somebody gets by contributing money.

So, but it sounds like you’re focused on the fundraiser itself, meaning the fundraising organizations themselves…

So you gotta phrase everything in terms of the mission, how what you’re going to do is help them to accomplish their mission.

And so everything is couched within that.

So if it was Disabled American Veterans in you were approaching them, then every all this stuff is about how this is going to help them serve more veterans…

It is going to allow them to change lives and that kind of stuff.

If you are the nonprofit, targeting the end-run consumer, the person you’re trying to get to donate money, you need to focus on the emotional payoffs that they’re going to get from actually making a donation from being a part of the fundraiser…

And as well as the payoff.

So if you’re selling like a guy that I’ve talked to who they help people raise funds by selling coffee, so if your organization wants to raise money, you can do it by private labeling coffee and other stuff from his company…

And they take care of all this stuff…

So if you can tie the two things together, which we did, I don’t remember the exact verbiage was basically how every coffee lover can make got a huge difference in the lives of foster kids…

Now think about that…

I’m a coffee lover.

And I’d love to make a difference in the life of a foster kid.

Let me pay attention to this.

So that’s the kind of hook you want to figure out what’s the payoff that your target audience is looking for?

And again, it comes back to the thing we harp on all the time.

You’re selling what it does, not what it is.

And so what does it do?

What does donating do for the end-run person?

What does this do for the organization that’s trying to get the donations?

I hope that answers the question.

Stew Smith: No, that was a great answer…

That’s a great answer, and that is four questions that were asked this week that I thought we could jam into one show.

Jim, where can people find more information about you?

Jim Edwards: Um, scared me! You can go to copywritingsecrets.com, and you can get a free copy of my book I just asked you pay a small shipping and handling, we’re up over 22,000 copies of that book sold since last October.

That’s pretty cool, right?

I had to place a new order so now I can say we have 30,000 copies in print.

So we got books.

If you’d like a free one, I’ll ask just pay a small shipping and handling.

If you’d like to be part of the number one best copywriting community on Facebook…

Go check out the Sales Copywriting Content Marketing Hacks group on Facebook…

And of course, you can go to thejimedwardsmethod.com check out my blog and all the cool stuff that we sell.

And you can even join the Jim Edwards method premium, which every month you get a brand new training for me plus access to all my past archives, the vast majority of my software and you’ll see interesting cameos by Stew on occasion as well over there So yeah, that’s how you can plug into Jim world.

Stew Smith: Yeah, and everything that we talked about today from headline scripts to avatar scripts, webinar, scripts, wizards, they’re all right there.

You gotta get some of those and understand how easy it is to make your sales copy and content.

Jim Edwards: Absolutely.

Stew Smith: There you go.

And also, check out the Facebook page, which you already told him but.

Jim Edwards: second Facebook group.

Stew Smith: Yeah, yeah.

Okay, very closed group.

You have to be invited.

Jim Edwards: Well, you have to be allowed in.

We don’t just let any idiot and only special idiots.

Stew Smith: Right, number 67 in the can we’re done.

Jim Edwards:  I wasn’t in the can I was at my desk.

Stew Smith: Take care, everybody.


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