5 Biggest Mistakes People Make With Lead Magnets

Quality, not quantity, make a great lead magnet.

If you want to build a huge, rabid, responsive list, keep your lead magnet focused on a SINGLE “Big Idea, Solution, or Payoff” your target audience REALLY wants.

Focus on a single, HUGE promise that’s important to your target audience.

If you structure your lead magnet wrong, it’ll blow up in your face and cost you a lot of time, money, and credibility.

So, if you want to know how to get a LOT more leads, here are some mistakes for you to AVOID like the latest plague:

Mistake # 1 – Trying To Cover Too Much Ground With Your Lead Magnet

Nobody wants to spend 8 hours going through your lead magnet! (Sorry to bust your bubble.)

They want an easy win or a fast solution for their problem, and that’s why they’ll sign up for your lead magnet. 

The biggest sin you can commit is dumping a bunch of crap on somebody who just wants something fast… and that’s what lead magnets are: a fast solution or result. 

Mistake # 2 – Ho-hum 😴 Title or Hook

The title of your lead magnet acts as the hook and is the single biggest determining factor of whether people sign up or not. 

The truth is, most people who sign up for your lead magnet will never even look at it (but we’ll solve that issue with follow-up emails, so stick with me). 

Million Dollar Advice: Spend as much time on the title of your lead magnet as you do on the actual creation, and the results will amaze you. 

Mistake # 3 – No Logical “Next Step” That Moves Them Through The Funnel

Some people approach lead generation – and especially lead magnets – with the idea that they’ll “see if it works, and if it works, then they’ll take the next step.” 

That’s dumb! 

You need to make sure your lead magnet is designed to naturally lead people to the next step in your sales process. 

Whether that’s buying a product, signing up for coaching, or even just going to a full sales letter, that lead magnet should grease the chute to make the first or next sale a lot easier and faster for you and them. 

Mistake # 4 – No Follow Up After The Opt In

This mistake follows right along with the previous flub, namely not immediately trying to build a relationship with that new subscriber. 

How many times have you ever signed up for something, or even bought something, from someone and never heard from them again? 

More times than you care to admit! Don’t be that guy! 

Immediately start following up with people after they buy or opt in for your lead magnet, even if you’re not sure they read it or even downloaded it. 

In fact, this is a great opportunity to drop a few “consumption emails” on them to help them get the result they wanted from the lead magnet in the first place (without ever even opening it, installing it, or viewing it). 

Mistake # 5 – Crappy Graphics

Words tell, graphics sell! 

People will judge the quality of your lead magnet based on the graphic(s) you use on the funnel to represent the thing they are requesting or buying. 

I don’t know what happened over the last few years, but people got away from using virtual covers or virtual boxes, and I think that’s a huge mistake. 

You need to show people a COOL visual representation of the thing they are going to get when they give up their e-mail.

This helps them see the value in trading you their e-mail address for the lead magnet. 

I personally have seen increases in conversion 5X, 10X, even 20X just by adding a professional graphic to represent the lead magnet. 

Put as much thought into your lead magnets as you do your products, services, and coaching and your list will grow like Jack’s beanstalk… I guarantee it!

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