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Relationship Mistakes That Keep You POOR!

In the end, the only thing you own is the relationship you have with the people on your list.

Everything else can be cloned, ripped off, hacked, and otherwise duplicated.

Someone can always offer a similar product cheaper, faster, easier, and better. Someone can rip off your ebook, your software, your coaching program.

The only thing you truly own is the relationship you have with the individual people on your list.

If you want to succeed in the short term and long term in business, nurture those relationships and avoid these catastrophic mistakes.

Mistake #1 – The Submarine Marketer

In churches, they call them submarine parishioners. Those are the people who only surface around Christmas time and Easter.

Submarine marketers are the ones who only show up when they want to sell you something. You don’t hear from these people for six months and then all of a sudden they’re emailing you like you’re old buddies. But they’re only showing up to tell you all about their latest offer.

All that does is piss people off and get them to unsubscribe.

Mistake #2 – Only Pitching 

YES! We’re in business to make money. And YES, I’m a big proponent of making offers and invitations to the next step in your funnel.

However, you can’t get money out of the bank unless you first deposit money into your account. The same goes for your subscribers and customers. 

You can’t extract value from them without first depositing value with them, usually in the form of valuable content.

It doesn’t mean you have to give away the store. But depositing the right type of content can build up a fat bank account of potential payoff you can harvest through product and service sales.

Mistake #3 – Going Off Topic

When people join your list or buy from you, it’s because they’re focused on a certain area in their life or business.

That means you need to stay in your lane because that’s what they care about when it comes to paying attention to you.

Yes, you can occasionally take little side trips.

For example: my people in Content Marketing Scripts also want help with copywriting and sales messages, so I help them in those areas.

But I don’t talk about cooking.

I don’t talk about religion.

I don’t talk about marital relationships.

I don’t talk about child rearing or car repair.

I stay in my lane!

Getting somebody on your list with one topic and then switching around and not staying focused will at a minimum confuse people and can very likely result in them hitting spam complaint buttons!

Mistake #4 – Not Evolving Over Time

Nothing stands still. Your area of expertise constantly changes which requires upping your game.

If you are still teaching the same stuff you did 10 years ago – the exact same way you did it then – you’re not worth following.

I know that sounds harsh. But if you’re not learning and growing, you can’t help other people to learn and grow also.

Consciously avoid these mistakes and not only will you build solid relationships with your subscribers and customers, but they’ll also forgive you whenever you screw up (as long as you have good intentions).

Always strive to provide the best value.

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