Weekly Update – May 15, 2024

“How a Coffee Entrepreneur Unlocked the Power of Customer Avatars!”

 (The Game-Changing Lesson Every Agency Professional Must Learn About Customer Avatars)

One of the great things about what I do is I have the privilege of working with a diverse range of cool people who want to serve others AS they also improve their sales copy.

During one of our training sessions a while back I learned a VERY important lesson that has had a giant ripple effect across countless people’s lives.

Here’s what I mean…

You Don’t See This Every Day!

One client (we’ll call him George) always stood out because he did something you don’t see every day: he helped nonprofit organizations with their fundraising efforts through the sale of specially branded coffee.

However, despite busting his butt to get the business off the ground, he struggled to effectively connect with his target audience and generate significant sales – either for himself or for the nonprofits.

During the training, George expressed frustration with the lack of response to his marketing. As I asked him about his challenges, it became very apparent that his struggle stemmed from confusion in the messaging to his target audience.

Through our conversation, I figured out the critical factor that was sabotaging George’s success…

He Was Communicating The Wrong Message To The Wrong Avatars!

In this case, George needed to appeal to two distinct avatars in his sales copy.

The first avatar was the nonprofit organization seeking to raise funds, while the second avatar was the consumers who would support the nonprofit by purchasing the coffee.

The realization washed over George instantly. I could literally feel the shift over the webinar as his face lit up with a blend of astonishment and relief.

He recognized the significance of speaking directly to each avatar to convey the right message to get them to take the actions he wanted!

What Appeared Obvious Looking Back Was Truly A Breakthrough For Him In The Moment

I guided him through the process of identifying and understanding the distinct motivations and desires of his dual avatars.

Together, we first constructed an in-depth customer avatar profile of the typical nonprofit organization, distilling out their pressing need to raise funds, their dedication to community service, and their overarching mission.

Then, we dove into the mindset of the end consumers, recognizing their desire to contribute to a noble cause through the nonprofit, and their appreciation for quality coffee as an added bonus to push their donations over the top.

The process of crafting avatars for both the nonprofit organizations and their supporters was transformative for George.

Armed with this newfound understanding, he was able to tailor his sales copy to precisely resonate with each audience… and ultimately driving his sales higher.

This experience served as a HUGE reminder that when providing a service to others…

It Is Critical To Consider When Multiple Avatars Are At Play

Ultimately, George’s story teaches us that by intimately understanding the motivations and aspirations of ALL the avatars in each scenario, we can create very meaningful results for ourselves, our clients, and their clients.

This is especially critical for any of us who perform services for others in the marketing and sales arenas.

Are you ready to take your agency work to the next level? Join CopyandContent.AI today and start crafting messages that speak directly to your clients’ ideal customers!

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