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Win The Internal Game FIRST

When it comes to success, most people want to focus on the external things, like the mechanics of a website, the perfect golf swing, or delivering a powerful speech.

They dive into tools and techniques without laying a solid foundation. They might argue that practice and research are part of the foundational work, and they’re right to an extent. But there’s an even deeper level of foundation that most people overlook.

Become The Person, FIRST

This “foundation of the foundation” is about becoming the person who is capable of achieving what you want to achieve. It’s about being psychologically and spiritually ready to receive whatever it is you want to create in the external world.

If you’re not prepared internally, you’re likely to sabotage yourself or get lost in the process. Only when we’re ready internally can we make things happen in the external world, especially in the realm of online business.

Nobody Is Born With A Skill

Why is this so critical? Because nobody is born knowing how to do what it takes to make sales, build a website, or deliver a powerful speech. Some people may have natural inclinations that make things easier, but they’re the exception, not the rule.

Before you even attempt to play ANY external game, you need to win the internal game first. This doesn’t mean sitting around endlessly contemplating your navel. It means actively thinking through what you’re doing and visualizing yourself as capable of achieving it. It means…

You Have To SEE It FIRST

The internal game involves developing the mindset, confidence, and self-belief necessary for success. It’s about conquering self-doubt and fear, then building the mental resilience to navigate the inevitable challenges that come with any pursuit.

Before you build a website, you need to believe that you are capable of doing it.

Before you give a speech, you need to see yourself as a confident and articulate speaker.

Before you take on any external endeavor, you need to FIRST become the person who is capable of achieving success in that area.

This Is The REAL Work

This internal work isn’t glamorous, and it certainly isn’t as tangible as building a website or practicing a golf swing. But it’s THE essential foundation that will ultimately determine your success in any external venture.

When you invest the time and effort into winning the internal game, you’ll find that the external game becomes much easier and more enjoyable. You’ll approach your pursuits with a sense of confidence and purpose, and you’ll be better equipped to overcome the inevitable obstacles that arise.

Don’t Touch Your Phone, Mouse, Or Computer Before Your Mind Is Right!

So, before you dive headfirst into mastering the external techniques and tools, take the time to focus on winning the internal game. It’s a game changer that will set you up for success in every area of your life.

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