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The Biggest Sales Copy Blunder People Make  Every. Single. Day.
…And How To Avoid It!

(How I Turned Failure into Six-Figure Success with One Simple Change)

It was the spring of 2004, and I was on the cusp of what I thought was gonna be my big, breakout moment in the online world.  I had poured my time, energy, and resources into a brand-new product called “Five Steps To Getting Anything You Want.” I thought this was going to change the world!

Seriously. This audio CD was meant to be the pivotal product that would catapult our business to the next level with a six-figure launch. Everything was in place: the sales letter was polished, the CDs were produced, and I was ready for the world to come knocking on my door.

So I clicked “send” on the email to my small, but loyal email subscriber list.



Reality hit hard when we launched the product and not a single person made a purchase. It felt like a punch to the gut. Panic surged through me, and doubts crept in, painting worst-case scenarios in my mind. I literally saw myself having to go back to driving for Domino’s pizza to take care of my family.

I watched as hundreds of people came to the website, only to leave without making a purchase. I was in serious panic mode.

Then, a small voice in my mind posed a question: “What would a world-class marketer do?”

Then another little voice in my head said, “Test the headline dumb***!” (Yeah, needed to work on my self talk a little bit over the years 😂).

“Test the headline dumb***!”

And so, that’s exactly what I did. I changed the headline, and to my amazement, we made a sale… YES!

Now, while most would have been happy with this success and said something like “Don’t touch it! It’s working!”, I knew I couldn’t settle.

So, we tested another headline and we had a 5X increase in sales! First headline change: 1 sale. Second headline change: 2 sales.

Bottom line: the conversions multiplied and we had our six-figure launch that actually surpassed my wildest expectations. It was a testament to the power of perseverance AND the value of testing and refining in the face of sheer panic.

Through this experience, I came to realize a fundamental principle that has stayed with me for over two decades.

The Shocking Truth About Why No One Bought My Product – And How You Can Use It To Make BANK!

Here it is: The biggest blunder in sales copy, particularly with the headline, is making it about yourself rather than the customer.

My initial headline focused on ME, while the subsequent ones shifted the spotlight to the customer’s potential benefits and advantages.

It was a pivotal shift that transformed that literally saved the day!

This lesson has remained etched in my mind, serving as a guiding principle in my approach to marketing. There are two crucial takeaways from this experience I impart to share with you in closing:

  1. Always make the headline about the payoff or benefit for the reader!
  2. Never underestimate the power of testing and refining your headlines / hooks.

It’s Always The Headline

There is no more powerful lesson when it comes to the single most important part of any ad, blog post, sales, letter, article, post card, email… or anything else – the HEADLINE matters more than anything else.

Make it all about THEM… what THEY want… what’s in it for THEM… and watch your clicks, sales, views, and whatever other metric you want to use to measure success soar! 100% guaranteed 😉

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