Weekly Update – July 27, 2022

A Note From Jim

How Stevie Wonder Can Help You Sell More On Your Webinars   

“Time is long, but life is short!” – Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder is one of the most iconic artists of our time. His music transcends time, culture, and generations.

But what the heck does he have to do with helping you sell more on your webinars and get better results with every Zoom, Goto Webinar, or online event you do?

The big idea here is simple: time is infinite, but life is short!

In every area of life, we all need to make the most of every moment.

This holds true not only for us, but for our webinar viewers, subscribers, YouTube followers… anyone who pays attention to you.

Here’s specifically how this quote applies to making more sales from our webinars:

There’s a reason why network TV shows, news programs, dramas, and the like play for either 30 or 60 minutes.

It’s because that’s about how long people can hang on before they get super bored, have to move on because of another appointment, or just lose interest.

Keep your webinars to around 60 minutes.

I know… I know… if going over 60 minutes on a webinar was a misdemeanor offense, I’d be on “death row!” (My mouth just keeps moving cuz I have so much to share.)

But we can all change and adapt.

The cold, hard data shows me that on the webinars where I keep it to 60 minutes, I have a LOT more people present for the close / pitch at the end.

As soon as I go over 60 minutes we lose 30-35% of the live attendees (even if we haven’t gotten to the pitch yet).

Right now, an hour is the magical time limit for a webinar. Will that change in the future? Probably!

My bet is the amount of time will get shorter and shorter… next it’ll be 45 minutes… then 30 minutes.

But before you panic and say “How much could you get done in 30 minutes?”…

Imagine for a minute how cool it would be to do 30-minute webinars and still sell.

I think it’s coming.

But for now, keep it under an hour and I’ll bet your results drastically improve.

Oh, one more thing…

If you want to take your signups, showups, and sales on EVERY webinar you do to the next level, do yourself a favor and check out the amazing FREE Fill My Webinar Scripts training (that goes slightly over an hour 😉) at https://fillmywebinarsecrets.com/

This makes it easy for you to get great, effective copy created fast to promote all of your webinars, trainings, and online events without having any copywriting experience whatsoever.

Featured Article

Do You Make These Mistakes With Webinars? (And KILL Your Sales In The Process)

Mistake #1: Go Too Long

Everybody’s time is at a premium these days.

Nobody has time to waste… especially if they don’t see a specific payoff as the webinar unfolds for them.

Shoot for an hour (including pitch) if you want to keep the maximum number of people LIVE on your webinar.

Read All 8 Mistakes Here


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– Terry Coker

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Check it out here: https://fillmywebinarsecrets.com/

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