Weekly Update – January 17, 2024

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REAL Authority Looks Like This…

(And it’s not what you might think)

I remember the first time I ever got recognized at an event because of one of my books. As I made my way through the crowded hallway toward the bathroom, a lady approached me with a huge smile on her face.

She told me that my book had completely changed her life, and she was gushing towards me the way that I had behaved towards my heroes in the past at events.

You Feel 10 Feet Tall and Bulletproof

Her words were so effusive that I started to feel ten feet tall!

(Side note: It’s interesting when your idea or sense of self comes into contact with somebody else’s concept of who you are. They base their entire perception of you on this one aspect of you from your book… but they never see the entire you.

I must admit that in the past, I didn’t always act as well as I could when faced with such recognition. Praise made me uncomfortable. On the flipside, some people would come up and want to disagree with me and I would get upset.

But then I realized the absolute best thing you can do in any circumstance when someone comes up to you and wants to say anything to you in those circumstances is to simply smile and say, “Thank you.”)

Now, back to the story…

I knew that the best thing I could do in that moment with the lady in the hallway was to acknowledge her, thank her, and encourage her. That’s my job in these situations. No matter what somebody says to me, positive or negative, I need to acknowledge them, thank them, and encourage them on their path.

Make It Positive… No Matter What

All our interactions with people are fleeting, and in the end, everyone walks away with their own perception of what happened during the interaction. Always do your best to make that interaction positive no matter what. Always approach these encounters with kindness and gratitude, knowing that you have the power to make a positive impact on others through my actions and words.

What does True Authority really look like?

To me, True Authority is feeling confident in your knowledge on a topic. It means being able to answer any question that somebody throws your way, AND if you don’t know the answer, you absolutely know where to look or who to ask for the answer.

It also means not having a panic attack or a negative ego experience when someone disagrees with you, because you’re confident in your knowledge and ability.

“Little Hinges That Swing Big Doors!”

True Authority is about making little distinctions that start you and others down paths of whole new discovery.

It’s losing track of time when you’re working in your zone of genius, feeling fulfilled and a sense of contribution when you help others.

But perhaps most importantly, true Authority means that your ego is disconnected from the entire process because you know that you know your stuff.

And yet, you’re humble because the more you know, the more you realize there’s so much more to learn!

A Know-It-All Is Not An Authority!

Your real job is not to be a know-it-all, but to be the best student of the topic that you can be; and then turning around and sharing your knowledge with others so they can grow too.

True Authority is not about asserting power or dominating others; it’s about embodying expertise and wisdom in a way that attracts and inspires others.

It’s about being a resource and a guide who is generous with your knowledge and experience.

Become The Source Of Change People Want

When you achieve true Authority, you’re not only respected, but you also become a catalyst for growth and progress, both for yourself and for those around you.

So, if you’re striving to embody true Authority, focus on continuously expanding your knowledge and skills, embracing humility, and being of service to others.

With these qualities, you’ll naturally become a true Authority in your field, and people will be drawn to you for your expertise and guidance.

Keep learning, keep growing, and keep sharing – that’s what true Authority truly looks like.

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