Weekly Update – January 10, 2024

Surprise ‘Celebrity’ Sightings!

It was Christmas. My wife and I decided to take a cruise to celebrate the holidays. We were looking forward to a relaxing getaway, far from family drama and the hustle and bustle of work. Little did I know, our cruise would turn into a surprise “celebrity” sighting.

As we boarded the ship, I was ready for the party to start. Not long after we set sail, I found myself walking down on Deck 7, heading to the barbershop for a quick trim, when a voice called out to me, “Hey, sir, are you Jim Edwards?”

My heart skipped a beat. It didn’t compute. Nobody knows me here. Truth be told, being recognized in such an unexpected setting made me feel a bit uneasy.

I looked at his hands – no weapon 😱

I turned around to see a man I didn’t recognize, walking up to me with a smile on his face (I looked at his hands – no weapon). “Yes, that’s me,” I replied tentatively.

We shook hands and he proceeded to tell me that he had read my book “Copywriting Secrets” and used my software, expressing his gratitude for the impact my work had on his life. WOW!!

Despite my initial discomfort, I found myself engaged in a meaningful conversation with this stranger, feeling a sense of connection and appreciation for the work I had put into my book. I walked away feeling 10 feet tall 😊.

(If you’re reading this, Sam, great to meet you!)

The following morning, I had a fun conversation with a couple in the dining room on my way to the breakfast buffet after they commented on my new “Beavis and Butthead” t-shirt. (Thanks, Christopher Voss, for the amazing gift!). I spoke with them for a couple of minutes about grandkids and Monte Python movies.

The next morning, the husband of the couple walked up to me and said, “Are you Jim Edwards?” (What’s up, Greg! I loved your Buc-Ee’s t-shirt!) Once again, I found myself in a situation where someone recognized me because of my book and software.

These encounters were not isolated incidents. I recalled a similar experience on a previous Thanksgiving cruise, where a woman approached me, recognizing me as the author of a book she had read.

What An Impact!

These encounters left me feeling both humbled and deeply moved. I realized that being an author has turned me into a sort of “celebrity” within my target audience, allowing me to connect with and impact the lives of those who resonate with my work and need my help.

So, as the cruise progressed, I couldn’t help but reflect on the power of writing a good book and the impact it can have on people’s lives.

I have always aimed to create books that resonate with my audience, but I never anticipated the level of influence and connection it would bring over the years.

Being A ‘Celebrity’ Author Is NOT About Being Famous

I realized that being a celebrity author isn’t about being famous in the traditional sense. (I couldn’t stand that!) But it IS about making a meaningful impact on the lives of the people in your niche market who read your work.

The encounters on the cruise opened my eyes to the fact that being an author is about more than just writing a good book. It’s about creating a connection, inspiring change, and becoming a source of trusted guidance for your audience. These encounters served as a reminder of the profound impact that a well-crafted book can have on the lives of its readers.

In the end, I came to appreciate that being the author of a book granted me a certain level of celebrity within my target audience. It was a humbling experience to be recognized outside of the usual context of workshops and live events. Those “out of the blue celebrity sightings” reminded me that my work does make a difference and has enabled me to create very meaningful connections in my life.

I understood being a “celebrity author” didn’t require fame and recognition from the masses, but rather, it was about making a difference in the lives of those I was called to serve with my book.

Who are you called to serve?

So my question to you is, “Who will you serve with your book as a ‘celebrity author’ and how will you serve them?”

By the way, if you want to write your first or next book, I can show you how to do it with AI doing all the heavy lifting. We start Monday with the WriteYourBook.AI Challenge! Check it out here before time runs out.

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