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5 Ways To Keep Your Product, Service, Or Software Truly Evergreen (And Keep Those Sales Pumping)

Probably the biggest mistake people make is thinking that once their product, service, coaching, or software is done, they’ll never have to touch it again. It’ll just keep selling forever as long as they drive traffic to it.

With very few exceptions, believing that idea is a huge mistake. Why?

Because people love new and improved! Rarely, especially on the internet, do they like things that are the same as they’ve always been.

So here are some specific tips on how to keep your product current and generate renewed interest, even from people who’ve seen it before (repeatedly).

#1 – New And Improved

First, the magic of these words “new and improved.” Everybody loves something new… so add new features to your products!

Whether they’re huge changes, or small refinements, as soon as you make changes, you can label it “new and improved.”

Doing this also gives you an excuse to go back to people on your list who haven’t bought yet and give them a reason to buy now (because it’s “new and improved.”)

#2 – If It Ain’t Broke, Break It

Even if your product works perfectly, you’ll eventually reach a point of diminishing returns, especially if you’ve been selling for a while with no changes or major improvements.

Figure out what you can improve, enhance, correct, or eliminate and then release it as the next version (or the next).

Side note: either make the people who’ve already bought a crazy good deal on it, or just give it to them outright and cash in on the goodwill.

#3 – Tie It To A Current Event

Sometimes you can rename a product to make it totally relevant to today’s world.

Dan Kennedy tells a great story about how his “Magnetic Marketing System” was originally named “The Small Business Survival Kit”  back in the 70s under Jimmy Carter.

When the economy was cratering, and small businesses were dropping like flies, Dan rode in like a white knight to help them save their businesses. The title of his program said it all.

#4 – Add Bonuses That Are Timely Or Tied To Current Events

A great example of this is adding something to your product during COVID that specifically showed people how to use it during isolation.

Linking their products to COVID made a lot of people a whole lot of money!

Right now, anything that’s tied to extremes like inflation, recession, the stock market booming / busting, seasons of the year, climate change, the war (in Ukraine), or any emotionally charged topic in the news will grab people’s attention.

Adding one of those components to your product makes it feel a LOT more current.

This enables you to do something magical in the world of marketing.

You can have a product that teaches principles, but you can add a “bright shiny object” component to it that catches people’s attention and makes them want to buy now!

This gives you the best of both worlds!

A product that won’t disappear in the next 90 days, but it feels like something that will help them with an urgent issue in their life or business.

#5 – Time For A Do-Over

The last thing you can do to make your product feel current is to simply redo it.

Take advantage of distinctions and discoveries you’ve made, new experiences you’ve had, and new experiences your customers have had, and just redo your product.

You’ll be amazed at how much better the product will be coming out with a new model.

If it’s a physical product, coming out with a new version.

If it’s a course, reteach it.

If it’s coaching, rethink it.

Whatever it is, come out with a version that fixes all the things you wish you’d done originally or improvement that should have been added along the way.

Creating a version that takes advantage of your new insights can massively explode sales with existing and new customers.

So those are just a few of the ways that you can make your existing product, service, or software feel current and people are compelled take you up on it… even if they’ve seen it for years, but never pulled the trigger.

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