Make MORE Sales From NEW Leads – FAST!

How soon should you start selling to new leads when they get on your list? The short answer is immediately. 

But just because you make an offer doesn’t mean the game is over. The real objective here (besides making sales) is to build a relationship. 

Think about it. Who do you buy from? 

You buy from people you know, like, and trust. 

Yes! In a fit of excitement when you first opt in for something – such as a webinar or a freebie – you’re at the height of your excitement. 

So, right then is a great time to see a related offer. 

But after that, it’s back to business as normal. You’ve got stuff to do and the thing you just opted in for is off your radar.

On the other side of the equation, if you as the proud, new owner of a lead don’t do something to immediately ingratiate yourself to your new subscriber, you’re toast!

You’ll quickly get relegated to the “promotions” tab in their email program and they’ll never see your messages… ever… again. 

So let me give you a couple of tips for following up and making maximum sales, especially from new leads.

First, make an offer on the confirmation page. 

I don’t care what you’re doing, if you want more sales, you MUST make more offers. The best place to make an offer is on the confirmation page after they opt in. 

This does several things for you. First, it hits them while they’re hot. Second, it lets them know you have MORE to offer. Third, it shows them you will make offers – it’s a part of doing business with you.

Second, make sure they got the thing you promised.

Nothing destroys your credibility faster than people signing up for something and never receiving the thing they asked for. 

Whether it’s a registration for an event, a downloadable PDF, a checklist, or a video, make sure the first email you send out gives them explicit instructions on how to download or access the material.

Then, follow up the next day with a “Thank you” (cuz that’s good manners) and a quick link helping them access the information in case they missed your email the previous day. Make this email as short as possible to avoid filters.

Third, drop more value bombs on them.

Continue to contact them with more value.

Whether it’s a story about you or a successful customer, or just helping them to get a quick win in their area of interest, add value and let them get to know you as a person and as an “attractive character.”

Finally, I like to put them into my general email list where they get into the weekly flow of newsletters and articles. At that point, they’re either paying attention or they aren’t, and the sales will start to come in as long as I make relevant, valuable offers as part of my approach.

That’s how I keep it simple and get results. It’s worked for me for the  last 20 years and I expect it will continue to work until I hang up my keyboard and fade off into the sunset riding an electric horse.

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