Is Artificial Intelligence Stealing All The Jobs?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen the clickbait articles about how AI is stealing all the jobs… gonna replace everyone… and make “The Terminator” a reality.

That’s mostly BS!

I hate to sound like “the old man” here, but this is just another tool. (By the way, I got called an “old man” the other day by a friend. They’re not as good a friend anymore. 🤣😂 Just kidding!)

Yes, chainsaws eliminated the need for 2-man sawyers in the Great Northwest, but the increased lumber production with decreased costs ultimately fed a boom in nationwide construction.

Yes, computers eliminated a lot of clerk jobs, but they created more positions for computer operators.
When one door closes, another opens. Sometimes 2 or 3 doors!

I think it’s funny however, to see some of the lists put out there about jobs that will get eliminated by AI.

Some are truly destined for the scrap heap… some will transform… others will simply lead to a higher level of specialization.

How the hell is AI going to replace my accountant? Sure, it might replace lower level functions by an accountant, but you still need a person to help you understand and manage the numbers in your business.

Advertising Salespeople / Retail Clerks
Anyone who merely takes orders should get replaced. That’s not selling. But the people who transform into a trusted advisor and help business owners navigate an ever-complicated world will find themselves in demand!

Bookkeeping Clerks & Paralegals
Clerks of any type are in danger. Low level, repetitive intellectual work is in danger. Bookkeeping or otherwise.

Coders, Computer Programmers & Software Engineers
They might replace coding functions, but you still need someone to manage the systems. Trains on rails might have replaced the wagon train, but they created an entire support industry that dwarfed the previous way of doing things.

Content Creation / Copywriters
AI may well eliminate the entry level jobs here… or the lowest level functions. But who will determine if the copy or the content is any good or not? Who will edit it? Who will evaluate the performance? Who will put soul into the content?

That’s going be hard to replace.

I’m all for AI robots delivering my stuff from Amazon. FedEx does nothing but piss me off every single day. Long live the UPS driver!

Customer Service Agents
Yep… go ahead and replace them and remove all hope of ever talking to a human to solve your problem. See how long the business lasts.

Graphic Designers
You need someone with vision to create amazing images. AI might give them a chainsaw to create faster, but you still need to know if something looks good or not!

When the only person writing for us is the machine, we have a serious problem.
… and the list goes on.

Here’s reality. AI will replace jobs that require little thinking or involve repetitive activity.

AI will NEVER replace judgement, insight, or wisdom gained through experience.

It might provide insight to supplement judgement. It might help sift through tons of data not previously possible through manual mental effort.

But it will never replace the SOUL of a person!

What it will do is force people to up their game, especially mentally.

And those who choose not to grow? They may get run over by the AI train. But then again, maybe they can get a job on the new AI train as it rolls through their town. 😉

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