Headline Wizard Demo and Question Answered – SCCMH [Podcast 17]

Jim Edwards and Stew Smith take on a question from one of the members of the Sales Copywriting and Content Marketing Hacks Closed Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/ groups/303677449970741/ and answer the question by demonstrating a new software wizard that is available with the PREMIUM program at The Jim Edwards Method.

This is a very specific question concerning marketing and educating medical professionals about the use of CBD – Cannabidiol Oil and other hemp products that are alternative medicines.  Check out how the wizard uses some of the classic headline / title / hooks to grab the attention of the audience.

If this wizard can work for this ultra-specific niche market – it can work for yours!  For more information on the wizards used to make outstanding sales copy check out https://copyandcontent.ai.

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The Transcript…

Jim Edwards: Hey guys, Jim Edwards here and welcome back to episode 16,

Stew Smith: Episode 17

Jim Edwards: Episode 17 of the Sales Copywriting and Content Marketing Hacks Podcast with Jim Edwards and…

Stew Smith: Stew Smith.

Jim Edwards:  And I never know where you are when this goes.

So I just go like this.

Stew Smith: You’re over here.

Jim Edwards: Yeah, but when it plays, I think I’m on the other side. Who knows?

Stew Smith: Okay.

Jim Edwards: So today we got a pretty interesting question about something near and dear to Stew’s heart…


Stew Smith: Hahahaha!No.

Jim Edwards: I’m kidding. Marijuana, THC it’s hemp, reefer stuff…

So now I’m just kidding.

Good thing we’re self-employed, man.

Stew Smith: Yes. I don’t have to take urinalysis tests.

However, I have given myself three because I am writing about it, right.

So I’m testing it out as a recovery tool.

Jim Edwards: Oh yeah. Testing for a friend.

Stew Smith: Yes, that’s, I’m right about and I’ve given myself three urinalysis tests, and I’ve…

Jim Edwards: Did fire yourself?

Stew Smith: …passed all three. So I’ve had no experience then. I’ve used like three different brands. So what we’re talking about is CBD.

Jim Edwards: Did you bribe the test administrator to pass you or what that a little 20 With Your pee cup?

Stew Smith: No… Yeah. So CBD is Cana… bidol

Jim Edwards: Hahaha!

Stew Smith: There you go. I always best them refilled. Cannabidiol. Cannabidiol, yeah.

Jim Edwards: Refer oil. So I know that Steve has been using this stuff and he swears by it for inflammation and Libido and all this other stuff.

Let’s try and to get water.

Stew Smith: I can think of recovery, definitely for sleep. Right? But some people have used it very successfully with antianxiety.

Jim Edwards: Well, here’s the thing. This is… these are claims, and none of it’s canon.

Stew Smith: Canon bidi… cannabidiol. Yeah. Yeah.

Jim Edwards: Reefer oil is a compound found in cannabis that as many therapeutic benefits.

Now we don’t know if this is true or good or anything like that.

And of course, my phone rings while we’re doing this.

And the Robo killers can get through, do not disturb, which…

I can’t get through, do not disturb.

But by Golly, they can, sorry about that.

Jim Edwards: And so we do not endorse this. We’re not telling you that any of this works.

This is not being evaluated by the FDA, my veterinarian, or Stew’s lawyer.

Stew Smith: In fact, it’s just come off the highest level of drugs that the DEA has. So it is, it is now essentially legal cause it’s

Jim Edwards: cool,

Stew Smith: No longer a drug that is susceptible to DEA imprisonment.

But it is still one of those things that potentially can pop positive on your analysis tests.

Jim Edwards: So we’re running down this rabbit hole where at some point guys

Stew Smith: A big rabbit hole. And believe it or not, this is, yeah, this is coming to a…

You know, CBD always creates debate.

Jim Edwards: Sure.

Stew Smith: Just say that.

Jim Edwards: So, but here’s what they say it does…

Pain management, lessens diabetes, helps with sleep apnea, manages epilepsy, helps fight obesity, help symptoms of anxiety and distress.

Protects the skin.

Arthritis relief, promotes brain health.

I can use some of that.

Helps treat substance abuse. Okay…

Better cholesterol level helps promote heart health.

I could use that.

Alleviates depression and mood disorders.

“No, it doesn’t.”

“Yes, it does.”

Reduces cancer risk and curbs appetite.

See, I don’t believe this last one because this little symbol right here means Funyuns.

This means chips, this means brownies and…

Stew Smith: Mold pizza.

Jim Edwards: Yeah, so the reason we’re bringing this up is Stew needed to let everyone know that he’s using…


We had a question inside of the Sales Copywriting And Content Marketing Hacks group from Sean, and he says,

“Hey Jim, another question, more B2B related.

I and a colleague in the nutrition industry are starting a CBD buying co-op for health professionals.

We’re intending to attract health professionals to webinars that we’ll be doing.

What would be the best wizard to use for this first webinar or masterclass.

I will say we have to educate them on the difference in products and also what is about to happen in an industry that is going to cause prices to skyrocket.

Thanks for the advice and I told him The Perfect Webinar would be my advice.

You can definitely teach what you should use the Perfect Webinar Model and the reason I said that was because you can teach them, but you still need to sell them on your service.

And then I said, “Hey, Stew Smith and I are going to answer this in today’s podcast.”

So, Sean, you’re welcome.

So here’s the thing… We were talking about webinars and whatnot, and that’s not really the purpose of what we’re doing today…

But the big thing that you need with any Webinar is you gotta have a great hook.

And when we say Hook…

Hook is the thing that makes them stop in their tracks.

So a hook can be a headline…

A headline can be a hook…

A hook can be a question…

A question can be a headline.

But the big thing is it’s usually either words and/or a picture that stops people in their tracks…

Whether it’s on your opt-in page…

Whether it’s in your ad…

Whether it’s on your Facebook feed…

Whatever it is.

The hook is the thing that makes people stop.

So in the case of a Webinar, typically we think of the hook as being a headline.

So what we wanted to do was just today, talk a little bit about headlines specifically for hooks for pot obviously…

No, just for CBD oil.

And then I was going to demo a really cool script that I came up with a wizard…

A new wizard that I have we’re actually going to be releasing tomorrow for my members as well as people…

So, the Jim Edwards Premium members where Stew and I teach.

And then also I’m giving it as part of the OFA Copy Hacks that goes along with the One Funnel Away Challenge.

So the biggest thing with the headline is they’re really…

If I had to say the two most important things with the headline are…

You got to understand where your audience is…

Meaning there’s a concept – actually was taught originally by a guy named Eugene Schwartz –

about your audience’s temperature…

And it’s hot, warm, cold…

Hot – prospects know who you are and they know the name of your product or at least they know who you are.

Warm – They don’t know who you are, they don’t know your product name, but they know there’s a solution out there in the market somewhere.

Cold – Your target market doesn’t know who you are.

They don’t know about your product, and they don’t even know there’s a solution out there.

All they know is they have a problem.

So, for example, if we were to take tactical fitness…

A hot market for Stew would be,

“Hey, I know who Stew is and I bought Stew’s tactical fitness book…

And now he came out with this tactical strength, and he showed me an ad.

I know Stew, I like Stew. Let me go check it out.”

I mean that’s an example of hot.

An example of warm in Stew’s market would be…

“I want to go to BUD/S. I want to pass BUD/S. Let me go search for a book or a product or a guru out there who can help me pass BUD/S.”

And so if he sees a headline or an ad that says,

“Meet the guy who’s house single-handedly helped more guys to pass BUD/S than any other human on the face of the planet.

Click here…”

or something along that line.


Now you’ve got somebody who says to themselves,

“I keep failing my PT test.”

I mean, it’s like

“Passed PT test?”

“Failed push-ups?”

That kind of thing.

“Can’t do eight pull-ups.”

And there, if you go look on Google right now, you will find…

That’s a big search.

“Can’t do eight polls.”

Stew Smith: Wow!

Jim Edwards: Yeah, I know. Well, some people can’t do eight pull-ups.

Stew Smith: Oh, No. It wasn’t saying, “Wow.” That people can pull-ups up, saying, “Wow, that’s a search.”

That’s… I should consider that.

Jim Edwards: You know, the hook for that would be,

“Can’t do eight pull-ups? Watch this video. Find out how you can fix that in 30 days.”

And you just teach them about eggs, and bands and stuff like that.

Jim Edwards: So when you understand that that’s the first part is understanding your audience and kind of where they are.

And then the other big thing that your headline does is it stops the right people.

It hooks them, and it pre-frames them the right way.

So, in other words, you could put up a headline…


“Free sex!”

And people are like,


And then say something stupid like,

“Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about Dawn dishwashing detergent.”

Yes, and you may need dawn dishwashing detergent if you’re on free sex.

But my point…

Back to that, one-inch chuck from the other story.

So the point though is that the headline…

If you had to choose any element in sales copy…

Whether it’s a sales letter…

Whether it’s a blog post…

Whether it’s an ad…

Whatever it is…

And somebody put a gun to your head and forced you to say,

“Okay, what is the most important thing here?”

It has to be the headline because everything starts with the headline,

the first words out of your mouth,

the first things they see.

So any thoughts on this so far before we transition over to this thing that we’re going to demo and why I made it and all that stuff.

Stew Smith: Yeah, let’s go back to kind of answering his question.

He was asking which wizard is going to be right for this.

Jim Edwards: Right.

Stew Smith: If you think about what we are doing today, we are actually going to demonstrate the wizard that will help with creating a title,

Jim Edwards: Right. The headline…

Stew Smith: But at the same time you also have a requirement there for some education in your sales copy.

So if you think about the last few podcasts we’ve done…

We’ve taken a question, and we’ve answered it.

We have inserted sales copy into education without being obnoxious…

Podcast number 16

Jim Edwards: Right.

Stew Smith: And now we’re talking about,

“You gotta have a hook and do this.”

So these are all individual topics of previous podcasts that we’ve done, and we’re just putting them all together and answering a question for you guys individually here.

So let’s put it all together and see how we can introduce… Cause this is one of those products that is very controversial right now…

Especially in depending on what community that you’re in.

Athletic community, maybe not so much…

The tactical community very much because they all have to take urinalysis, drug testing.

And it’s completely off the table for them, right?

They cannot do it.

But for veterans and people who are self-employed…

Or employed with a job that you don’t necessarily have to have a urinalysis test…

This is a great product.

However, it’s one of those things that is difficult to sell.

So if a wizard can create something for a product that’s difficult to sell…

It can do something for anything.

So like there’s this…

We’re putting the wizard to the test with, you know a very controversial product.

Jim Edwards: Now let me ask you a question. When we jump into this…

Do we want to try to create headlines for him and his webinar for the health professionals which I…

Let’s review his question real quick.

Stew Smith: Yeah.

Jim Edwards: It was basically…

“We’re intending to attract health professionals to webinars. We’ll be doing…”

I’m assuming that they’re basically…

“It says are starting a CVD buying co-op for health professionals.”

So basically we’re going to help these people to buy good quality CBD oil to then…

Stew Smith: Like the middle man of this…

Jim Edwards: Right. They’re going to resell it or use it in their practice or whatever.

Stew Smith: Right.

Jim Edwards: So do we want to use this to go after the health professionals?

Or do we just want to do headlines for CBD oil in general?

Let’s try with this.

I mean this is so niched down if we can…

Stew Smith: Yeah. Who Headlines with this? We’ll pull this off. That’d be really good.

Jim Edwards: Okay. So this is the cool wizard that I want to share with you guys.

And like I said, this is only available for my Jim Edwards Premium peps and also for people who are going through the OFA Copy Hacks.

And a little background on this, if you’ve never heard of a gentleman named Gary Halbert…

You are wrong.

If you’re serious about learning about copywriting and selling, Gary trained more modern day online copywriters than anybody else I’m aware of.

There are other people I’m sure would debate that.

But he’s the guy…

He and another guy named John Carlton, who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a couple times who’s a really cool dude.

They both have just trained and done more than anybody else.

Unfortunately, Gary has passed on.

Cause if he hadn’t, he would have been the first person I went to and been like, “Hey dude, check this out. What do you think?”

And he probably would have hated it. I don’t know.

He was a real interesting character and anyway, what I did was I went out, and I spent a forever researching…

I can’t tell you how long that I’ve researched different headlines he used…

Headlines that he told people to use…

Different templates and stuff…

And direct response…

And direct response is different from image advertising.

And the direct response is designed to get somebody to respond to something then and there…

Direct response typically mean is what we do on the web when we’re asking people to send money…

Without ever talking to another person, that is direct response marketing.

So what this wizard does is…

I found 84 of his favorite headlines, and I adapted them into a wizard…

And some of these headlines will blow your freaking mind.

And every time I’ve used it, it’s been amazing.

So we’re gonna come down here, and we’re just going to say…

Let’s do a new one…

And we’re gonna do this one…

So our main topic is CBD oil.

Stew Smith: Uhhhh…

Jim Edwards: or…

Stew Smith: …CBD products maybe cause there’s multiple types of uses of CBD.

Jim Edwards: Okay. All right. And our target audience is a healthcare professional.

Stew Smith: There you go.

Jim Edwards: We’ll just say, health professional. All right. And it’s going to ask us for plural.

So health professionals…

What’s an action you’re target audience typically engages in or wants to do?

So my target audience typically does or wants to…

Stew Smith: Help people ease their pain.

Jim Edwards: Okay. And what’s the number one pay off your audience really wants?

My target audience really wants to…

Jim Edwards: Ease suffering.

Stew Smith: Uh, yeah. I would say instead of using the term ease… let’s use a different verb.

Jim Edwards: I’m gonna move this to patients… I’m going to change this. Help their patients and clients…

Help their patients and clients up here.

Stew Smith: There you go. Right? There you go…

Jim Edwards: With pain. So now the payoff is my target audience really wants to help people ease their pain…

And we’re just going to do this one.

Helping people ease their pain.

So it’s basically the same thing in the present tense, or maybe that’s not present, I don’t know.

So how fast can you get your target audience the result that they want?

I can show my target audience how to get results in…

So now this is how fast can you start seeing results with CBD oil?

Stew Smith: just a few days?

Jim Edwards: Okay. Yeah.

So we’ll put just a few days.

And who’s an insider?

…An expert who has the answers your target audience wants?

So if anyone has the audience…

My target audience wants and asked to be…

A millionaire entrepreneur, professional public speaker, a New York Times bestselling author.

So how about a nutritionist or…

Who would be someone that’s health professionals would believe that they knew what they were talking about?

Stew Smith: Uh Huh. Let’s say a definitely not a Spicoli

Jim Edwards: Hahaha! Dude, you’re a dick.

Stew Smith: Let’s see. Insider expert…alternative medicine?

Jim Edwards: Ooo, okay. Alternative medicine expert. Okay.

Do that. Now we just do the plural of that, and we’ll be done here in a minute.

So what, or who is the usual way people get results in this area?

Most people believe that harsh drugs…

Stew Smith: Or narcotics, opioids,

Jim Edwards: Narcotics, and opioids.

Stew Smith: Right.

Jim Edwards: All right. I hope I spelled that right. How do you spell opioid? Two eyes.

Stew Smith: Let me see. O-p-i-o-i-ds

Jim Edwards: EE-EYE-ow. I think I spelled it right.

There’s just saying it’s spelled wrong. Look at me.

Stew Smith: I notice, there’s no “i” before the D…

Jim Edwards: it says there is…

Stew Smith: My bad, somebody misspelled. Misspelled it on this one.

Jim Edwards: I’m going to believe you over…

Stew Smith: No, no, no, no, no. You’re, you’re right. You’re right.

Jim Edwards: All right. So who is the enemy in this situation?

The real enemy here is a DEA agent.

Stew Smith: Hahaha!

Jim Edwards: I guess traditional doctors.

Stew Smith: Traditional medicine.

Jim Edwards: Okay.

Stew Smith: Yeah.

Jim Edwards: Traditional medical practitioners.

Stew Smith: Sure.

Jim Edwards: Okay. Traditional medical practitioner.

Stew Smith: Sure.

Jim Edwards: Medical is better. What’s the thing we ultimately want to send them to or share with them here?

Ultimately I’m going to share with them a brand new webinar.

Stew Smith: Yeah.

Jim Edwards: And what’s the typical expense?

They know they have to pay and are unhappy about it so that

These health care professionals…

How about exorbitant middleman fees?

Stew Smith: Yeah, I would think so.

Jim Edwards: Okay.

Stew Smith: Yeah. Cause that’s what they’re trying to be is a…Yeah. Co-op

Jim Edwards: Obviously, I can’t spell exorbitant.

Maybe I can!

Stew Smith: So close.

Jim Edwards: Oh, no, “h” My bad. All right, so let’s say this, let’s refresh it and save it.

Okay, now we click build.

Now, let’s click some of these.

“How to find success with CBD oil products…”

“Right and wrong CBD oil product methods, big secrets that will increase your profits.”

Stew Smith: Hm. Mm.

Jim Edwards: I mean… that could be massaged.

Stew Smith: Yeah.

Jim Edwards: How about just we get rid of the methods…

“Right and wrong, CVD oil products, big secrets that will increase your profits.”

I like that. That’s good.

Stew Smith: Yep.

Jim Edwards: In fact, I’m going to clear the clip in here, and we’re going to add some of these, and then we’re going to just make old Sean excited cause we’re going to use when we get them done.

“Let’s just have to find success with CBD oil products.”

Yes, I like that.

“Watch your CBD oil products problems disappears.”

That’s a possibility. Let’s see… what else?

“The most expensive CVD oil product mistake of your life.”

I like that.

“At last, someone has unlocked the secret of helping people ease their pain.”

I like that, actually.

Stew Smith: Love it.

Jim Edwards: So kind of a sub-headline somewhere.

“By this time next month, you could be an alternative medicine expert.”

“Health professional and discovers how to escape the CBD oil products rat race.”

I like that, actually.

“Don’t envy the alternative medicine expert. Be one.”

“Health professional discovers how to help people ease their pain with CBD oil.”

Stew Smith: I like it.

Jim Edwards: That’s good one. Ooh.

“Who else wants to make big money in CBD oil products?”

That one just, I like that under the right circumstances that could be huge.

I need to choose, I need to fix something.

Stew Smith: You could change it to health care professionals

“What healthcare professional wants to…”

Jim Edwards: Yup.

“Using a traditional medical practitioner may be dangerous to your wealth.”

I like that.

Stew Smith: Hahaha! What a great little play on words?

That one is cause we were talking about health…

Jim Edwards: “Three powerful reasons you should help people ease their pain.”

I like that.

“The secret to CBD oil products.”

I like that.

“How to start from scratch and become a CBD oil products millionaire.”

Stew Smith: Hmm. Yeah.

Jim Edwards: “Why some health professionals almost always make money with CBD oil products.”

I like that.

“Insider information on who’s really helping people ease their pain plus exactly how they do it.”

Stew Smith: Love it.

Jim Edwards: I like that one, too.

“How much are you losing to traditional medical practitioners right now?”

That’s a cool one to go after these people with the alternative stuff.

“How much money are you losing to them?”

Stew Smith: True.

Jim Edwards: I like that.

“Who else wants to help people ease their pain and half the time?”

Stew Smith: …without the side effects.

Jim Edwards: Yeah, that I like that without the side effects of narcotics and stuff.

“Do you sincerely want to help people use their pain?”

I could see using that towards the end of the webinar and having that help in the transition on the webinar to the pitch.

“If you can click a mouse, you can help people ease their pain.”

I like that.

“38 fun, easy ways to help people ease their pain in just a few days.”

“Desperate health professionals help people ease their pain with amazing new CBD oil product secret.”

Jim Edwards: You can take out the desperate, but I like that. Oh my God, this is it!

Stew Smith: Yeah!

Jim Edwards: “CBD Oil Products Secrets that traditional medical practitioners don’t want published.”

Stew Smith: Classic. Classic title.

Jim Edwards: Dude. That is mint, right there. That is seriously mint.

So basically all the headlines are down here…

But the reason that I have it set up like this so you can click on is because…

When you start reading down these things, I’ll be honest with you…

They start looking the same, but…

Stew Smith: Yeah, when they pop up, and you go through them one by one, you’re right.

Jim Edwards: Right. If you really focus on it. I love this one. I fricken love this one.

Stew Smith: You know what’s really cool about the way you have it set up here is that it looks like a title.

You know what I mean?

So you can actually see it in title form in the position of a title on this page versus just being part of a bullet point list.

Jim Edwards: Big list. Right.

Stew Smith: Which isn’t a title.

Jim Edwards: Right.

“Most costly mistakes and see video products. How many are you making right now?”

I like that one too.

We’ve got to stop.

We’re going to overload this poor dude.

Yes, but look at, look at all these.

Stew Smith: I love it.

Jim Edwards: And we can download these.

Yeah, let’s put them all in the answer.

Here’s your titles.

Jim Edwards: We made use some headlines/titles/sub-headlines.

I hope you like them.

Stew Smith: Yeah.

Jim Edwards:  Talk about overdeliver man.

Stew Smith: Man, I love it.

Jim Edwards: Those are awesome. So anyway, for those of you who are wondering,

“How do you get your hands on this, you need to join the gym Edwards Method Premium,”

or you need to enroll in my OFA Copy Hacks course to go along with the One Funnel Away Challenge from FunnelScripts.

Anything to add Stew? Those were pretty cool man.

I was a little bit a wary about that specific group, but I think that some of those could be real mint and all it takes is one amazing headline, dude.

Stew Smith: That is true. And there were several in there for you for choosing. And I really liked your idea using one as an intro…

Final conclusion…

Right before the pitch and the call to action.

That was a really good idea.

So no, I think that was great. And if you can do it for a health professional who wants to sell non-traditional medication, you can do it for anybody.

Jim Edwards: Non-traditional treatment methods.

Stew Smith: Yeah, exactly.

Jim Edwards: Smoke this son, you’ll feel better.

Stew Smith: Yeah. You just came up with a basically a great way to sell snake oil.

It’s not snake oil though.

Cause I, I’ve been using it for a solid year and it’s incredible.

Jim Edwards: I can smell the hate mail coming already. How dare you call this snake oil. It’s blah, blah, blah, blah.

Calm down skippy.

We’re telling jokes. Not all of them are good.

Stew Smith: Yes. That was a bad joke.

Jim Edwards: But you know, I thought it was funny.

Stew Smith: No, no it can… the wizard can, whatever the topic is, you have to put it in, and it really is a case of garbage in, garbage out.

You put in good titles, good topics of what you really want to do.

You don’t have to make up anything.

We didn’t make up anything for that, and it spit out a perfect a list of titles and subheadings for us for the sales copy. So…

Jim Edwards: Well, we didn’t make anything up. We were talking out our ass there a little bit…

We don’t know, but, but, but it was still real good.

Stew Smith: It’s what people are using to sell CBD use. Yeah.

Jim Edwards: If we knew, if we knew what we were doing, it would have been even better if we knew something about the market.

So that just goes to show with these wizards of, even if you know nothing about the market…

But if you know what the buzzwords are, you can turn out some pretty cool copy.

Stew Smith: There you go.

Jim Edwards: So in all seriousness, cool.

Well, I’m gonna let you wrap it up to tell people what they should take away and where they should go and what they should do.

Stew Smith: Oh, absolutely. Yeah. Go to TheJimEdwardsMethod.com and sign up to a member of the premium program.

You get access to this wizard and so many others.

But if you just want to kind of check it out, go to the Facebook page that we have…

Which is Sales Copywriting And Content Marketing Hacks Podcast with Jim Edwards and Stew Smith.

And you will be able to kind of see what, what the communications are between all of us.

And we have a nice little closed group in there that we try to help each other out with their marketing program.

So, there you go.

Can’t beat that.

Jim Edwards: Cool. And if you want to get in shape, head on over to StewSmithFitness.com.

Stew, can help you at any level of fitness to get to your next level.

So I’m Jim Edwards,

Stew Smith: Stew Smith.

Jim Edwards: And we’ll talk to you guys next time. Bye Bye, everybody.


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