Getting Creative with Wizards – SCCMH [Podcast 65]

Users of scripts and wizards as part of The Jim Edwards Method have been opening up to creativity and finding so many uses for them.

Example two for one deal: Make article out of Avatar Wizard (with buy now button options for answers to audience) that is perfect for your audience. Use Headline and Title wizard to top off a killer hook for the above article.

Make salescopy for products with Hidden Persuasion Wizard and articles / video product reviews…etc..

Make a High School report with 5 min Webinar wizard…

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Jim Edwards: Hey guys, Jim Edwards here along with Steve Smith. 

Stew Smith: Hello, everybody. 

Jim Edwards: Welcome back to the sales copywriting content marketing hacks podcast. This is Episode 65 We are all we’re both alive and ready to thrive with 65. 

Stew Smith: Perfect. 

Jim Edwards: So makes me think of Ted Nugent. I can’t drive 85 I don’t know. I mean, I’m just let’s update that stuff because nobody has a 55 mile an hour speed limit anymore. Come on, Ted, get it into the 21st century,

Stew Smith: That’s like neighborhood speed. 

Jim Edwards: Hahaha! The going 55 residential, Little Timmy is Darwin. He’s either going to get out away or he ain’t. Um, that’s terrible. People are going to get really upset. I’m going to have people like writing in saying. 

“Hey, I’m just I’m really really really disgusted with that.” 

I’m going to get a nasty email, handwritten letters from people. It’s terrible. 

Jim Edwards: So, what are we talking about?

Stew Smith: So you’ve been playing with your computer for a while.

Jim Edwards: You’re playing with yourself… No, I’ve been playing by myself with my computer. Here in the bunker.

Stew Smith: Well, I will say this you have gotten creative with some have things that you are now playing with.

Jim Edwards: Would you like, would you like to see something creative? 

Stew Smith: Show me something cool. 

Jim Edwards: Okay, I’m going to show you a video. Can I show you a seven and a half minute long video? Or is that too much?

Stew Smith: Give us a little intro to it.

Jim Edwards: Fine. I won’t show you the whole thing. But you’ll be sorry. You’ll wish you had let me show you the whole thing, Stew Smith.

Stew Smith: Will make this as its own podcast one day. Okay, well, this is a teaser, give us the trailer.

Jim Edwards: I’m working on it. Okay, so let me set the stage for this. This is actually an OTO video one-time offer video for software wizard that we’re going to be launching in a funnel. 

So that’s what this is. So people have already opted in, they got a free piece of software, and now I’m pitching them on the next level up of the software that’s got a ton of functionality in it and stuff. 

Okay, so I’m just gonna let you watch a little part of it. Fine. Just part just a little part. There you go.


Jim Edwards: Hey, guys, Jim Edwards here. What if you could research profitable hashtags, collect and organize them and then post directly to Instagram, all from within the same app and all from the comfort of your keyboard without trying to fumble with your posts using your thumbs on your phone?

Now that would be amazing. 

Well, now you can! 

Introducing tag post wizard, the revolutionary new push-button software that makes it easy and fast to make great posts directly to Instagram in less time than it takes to type a few hashtags with your thumbs. 

I hate you!!

Let me show you why tag post wizard is so freakin amazing, especially if you’re like me, and you can’t type on your frickin phone. 

—End video—

Okay, well, that’s all you get to see. Because that’s all I get. That’s good.

Stew Smith: That’s fun editing there. 

Jim Edwards: Yeah, that took like a day. 

Stew Smith: Yeah, editing video takes some time.

Jim Edwards: But you know, I’ve been using this time to basically work out, hang out with my wife, and work on my business and stuff that’s what I’ve been doing. 

I am just trying to do some different stuff trying to grab people’s attention in different ways, trying to use some humor. 

I can show you the other video. 

Do you want to see the other video that I made? 

It’s only two minutes long. You can see the entire video.

Stew Smith: Let’s use some of this creativity you’ve done because that’s our topic today is getting creative.

Jim Edwards: Okay… 

Stew Smith: Let’s see what you’ve been doing. 

Jim Edwards: Okay, hang on one second. I just got to queue up this next one. And then we’ll get this one. This one’s not long. This is the whole. I’m gonna let you watch the whole thing. Because I’m a giver. 

Stew Smith: Oh, yeah. 

Jim Edwards: Thank you. All right, here we go. 


What if you could instantly identify the hottest hashtags on Instagram and Twitter without hours of mind-numbing and repetitive research? 

Well, now you can. 

Introducing hashtag scraper the revolutionary new free software that makes it easy and fast to see exactly which hashtags your ideal customers use, so you can target them for more traffic and sales. 

Hashtag scraper is so much faster and easier than having to sit down manually and create a list of targeted hashtags… 

While banging your head against the keyboard for hours, weeks, and days 

Ow ow ow ow 

Let me show you how and why hashtag scraper is so amazing. 

Just enter your main keyword or hashtag, click the Find button, and instantly do hours of research in just a couple of seconds. 

The cool thing is that you can sort by hashtag alphabetically, you can sort by score to see which ones are most popular, and you can sort by source. 

Wait! What? That’s amazing. 

Go ahead and select the ones you want. Then you just come up here to results, do copy as a group, and you can post those wherever you want. 

Stew Smith: Nice. 

Video: It’s like copying and pasting. 

The great thing is with hashtag scraper, you don’t have to pay for a research assistant. 

Can I get a raise this month? 

And you won’t miss out on profitable hashtags. 

You will miss trying to do this by hand. 

Now, the great news is hashtag scraper is free. And you’ll see results in less than 15 seconds. 

Grab it now, because that one hashtag you find could be the one that explodes your business. 

Register now to download the software and start finding the best hashtags to grow your business in less than a minute. 

—End video—

Jim Edwards: And there you go. 

Stew Smith: That’s really good. 

Jim Edwards: You like that? 

Stew Smith: Nice work. 

Jim Edwards: So, thanks. So I’ve been that that took a while now it’s only two minutes long. But that took a while to put together that took the better part of a day. 

Stew Smith: Yeah. 

Jim Edwards: To get all that done.

Stew Smith: That’s good work so well. So you’re getting creative with your extra time.

Jim Edwards: Yeah, and trying to use some humor too, because everybody’s so damn serious that I think if you could make somebody laugh, even for a second, they’ll remember it and actually be grateful a little bit. 

It’ll be a good contrast to what they’re dealing with. 

Because everybody’s dealing with the whole drama llama thing. 

Stew Smith: Yeah. 

Jim Edwards: And I think everybody could use a break from it, you know?

Stew Smith: That’s why I’m posting nothing but puppies on Facebook.

Jim Edwards: Did you see my comment that I posted? Little Cindy. 

I got so many damn dogs I just hate you. I just “hey you…” 

Stew Smith: Puppy news channel. 

Jim Edwards: Yeah, four of them that that puppy news channel thing is smart.

Stew Smith: It has made my newsfeed great again.

Jim Edwards: And you’re getting crazy stuff in there. I need to get back on the unicorn bandwagon, man. I’m fading as the unicorn guy. 

But you know, whatever. So that’s, I would say the big thing is, again, whatever you want to talk about, I know you had a thing.

Stew Smith: Yes, I do have a thing. 

Jim Edwards: Okay. 

Stew Smith: And my thing is this. 

Jim Edwards: Okay. 

Stew Smith: You know, over the years, you have created these wizards and scripts. 

And you sometimes have heard people using them for things other than sales copy.

Jim Edwards: Other than for what they were originally intended. 

Stew Smith: Right. Like, for instance, I have used wizards like the hidden persuasion wizard to write articles.

Jim Edwards: Yeah. Which I never thought of.

Stew Smith: Which works really well for an article. 

Jim Edwards: Yeah. 

Stew Smith: And at the end, it’s like “buy now” so it’s the perfect sales copy article. 

Jim Edwards: Yes, it is.

Stew Smith: So, I love it.

Jim Edwards: And the other one, the other one that you did that I never thought of your smart students, like from out of your head, it’s like “Pow!”

Jim Edwards: the other one that you did was you took the avatar report, and you turn that into an article. 

I’m like, What the hell? 

So I actually use that one to create sales copy for a recent promo, and it crushed it. 

It did really, really well. Really well like like crazy Well. 

And I would so yeah, I’m with you.

Stew Smith: Those are just two options you can have, but it’s unlimited. I think who we interviewed the other day. Oh, guy? 

Jim Edwards: Uh, huh. 

Stew Smith: Remember? 

Jim Edwards: Is it, Gordon 

Stew Smith: Gordon! Gordon! Yeah. I have been interviewing people all week. And I think I’ve done six interviews in seven days. Wow. So, I mean, cuz everybody’s home. They have nothing else to do. So I’m just calling up. Hey, you want to be on my show? 

Right and interviewing people for it. So anyway, so I’m getting names confused, but Gordon has a great one use of his of your wizards, to just talk to people. 

Jim Edwards: Yes.

Stew Smith: Helping people. 

Jim Edwards: Yeah. 

Stew Smith: And we’ve heard another one.

Jim Edwards: Using that, he’s using that he was specifically saying he was using the stealth close wizard as a way to verbally engage people and to just crush it as a Bellman at a major Las Vegas resort. So he’s using stealth closes to get people to give him their bags. 

Whereas other people “Are like, nobody is giving me their bags.” 

And he’s like, “I got all these bags.” So that’s pretty cool. Yeah,

Stew Smith: Great use of a wizard for social engineering. 

I never thought of it that way. But because that’s what it is. It’s just sometimes you use it on paper, somebody who’s on video, but one on one in person that’s quite useful as well. 

Jim Edwards: Exactly. 

Stew Smith: And then we had another dad respond, I think in the Sales Copy Content Marketing Hacks section of our Facebook group that mentioned that he did one with his daughter for the…

Jim Edwards: five-minute perfect webinar and she did…

Stew Smith: A she did a presentation at school project. 

Jim Edwards: Yeah, and the teachers were just blown away. Absolutely just blown away by the polish of a little girl’s presentation, and she crushed it.

Stew Smith: And I that that was a cool one. 

Jim Edwards: Just hearing stories like that. What may be some other options for you with these wizards? Let’s maybe look at some wizards and say, 

“Hey, we can use that for…” What?

Jim Edwards: Well, okay, let’s do that. So, but no pressure.

Okay, so let’s look at a couple of things. And we were doing this um, as a reminder for somebody, okay, down here and this is inside of easy online wizards, and we’re down here with the story wizards. 

And I was talking with an author the other day inside of author wizards. And it’s the same wizard, but the origin story wizard. 

Normally people think about the origin story wizard as only about yourself. Okay, so like the example here of my for sale by owner book. 


But then what happened was, we were talking to her. And she was trying to figure out how to make her characters more real…

And how to create some content, because she’s got a fiction book, create some content that would work on social media. 

And I said, What if we came up with an origin story for your main character? 

She said, “Oh my god, I never thought about that.” 

So we use the exact same thing to create an origin story for her main character. And then I said okay, let’s do an origin story for your ideal customer for your book. 

And when we did that, it was totally transformative for her. 

I love when you see people’s face, like the change in their whole being, because she said, 

“Oh my god, I can use this.” 

What gave me the idea for it was what you did with the avatar story, which is a different story. But using this the avatar thing to say, 

“Hey, does this sound like you?” 

And then if this sounds like you, then you need my book you need whatever I’ve got. 

And so for her, though, using the hero’s journey, and then we messed around with the hero’s journey, too, and told the hero’s journey of her ideal customer of the journey they want to go on. 

Because most people are caught in that trough. They’re caught in the rock bottom. 

And that’s where you, you meet them. That’s where you hook. 

But then you got to tell the story, you got to inspire them with the story of where their life is going, and where it can go. 

That’s the inspiration. And again, she was blown away. And that was something again, it’s perfect for social media, perfect for connecting with people,

Stew Smith: Did you know, where I used it, and I told you about this before I was going to do it. And I was actually you had called me up for something, and I said, you know where I am right now. 

I’m copying down all these questions on the hero’s journey, because I’m going to be asking them in my series of to, through, and after podcasts that I’ve been doing. 

And what this is, is it’s basically someone’s journey from being a kid to where they are now. 

And in the middle of that they were somewhere serving in special operations, doing really amazing things, and now they’re out of the military doing something else. 

So I turned it into a commercial for them at the end. 

But till then, it is this journey. 

And the other day, I had a dude. He had two felonies by age 12.

Jim Edwards: You gotta work at stuff like that. 

Stew Smith: I was like, Damn, are you serious? I was thinking, Wait a second, you’re not even a teenager yet.

Jim Edwards: What were they? 

Stew Smith: He was, I didn’t ask, I would have asked just what he just went down this hill. You know, and just, he goes, You know what, I gotta, I gotta make a change. Right? So the questions work perfectly with taking him through this, you know, this downward slope and then he found a way and then the next phase, you know, he’s trying to join the military with two felonies. 


And in a GED, you know, how does he do that? The boom you know, that took two years just to figure out that that issue and then you went into, you know, the Marines.

Jim Edwards: Did he make it be MARSOC?

Stew Smith: Yeah, he went recon and MARSOC.

Jim Edwards: Wow! 

Stew Smith: Just really, and now he has a great business and doing great stuff. So the hero’s journey allowed me to take him through the question I probably asked like 17, 18 questions and you know, some follow ons in between there, but it was really a good video. 

So “to, through, and after with Stew Smith,” that’s the name.

Jim Edwards: That’s awesome.

Stew Smith: Right now, I’m taking full advantage of because everybody’s home, right? Hey, man, you got an extra 30, 40 minutes like most of us do right now. 

Jim Edwards: That’s wasn’t a leading question.

Stew Smith: How about doing a two through an after podcast with me and everybody’s like “Sure man, let’s do it.”

Jim Edwards: So you’re stockpiling these things. You’re not releasing them all at the same time, right? You’re stockpiling, you’re gonna spread them out, or you just released them all out.

Stew Smith: releasing them. I could stockpile them, but I want some publication for them for their time and stuff. So getting it out there, and they share it with all their stuff. And so it was working out really well.

Jim Edwards: I think the big thing to understand is that it goes back to that principle, and the thought process of these are building blocks. 

And just because I say that this, this building block or these sets of building blocks are for this purpose, doesn’t mean that you have to take me at my word and say, “Okay, these are the only things I can use this for.” 


Especially since maybe that’s the way it makes the most sense because of the way I fill it out. And in my head, but then you fill it out. It always amazes me to see stuff that other people fill out. And I’m like, that isn’t what I want you to put in there, but it freakin works. 

Stew Smith: Hey! 

Jim Edwards: And so I learned by seeing what other people are doing. And a good example when I say you know who’s your target audience, plural. Who’s your target audience? And singular. 

And normally, I’m like, “Okay, this should be the same thing.” 

But I’ve seen people fill them out differently. It’s like you know, the singular is that it and plural have done it, I’m like, but then it just works. 

It gives even more ideas and stuff. So the great thing with any of the wizards and scripts is that it doesn’t cost you any extra to fill it out again. 

It doesn’t cost any extra to go back up, change one thing whack the button again and see, it’s like it showed in that one thing keep whacking until you find one you like. 

You can take that advice through many parts of your life as a young man, I’m just saying.

I’m getting a little stir crazy here.

I need to get out, and you know, anyway, I usually tell dirty jokes to my mechanic friend a couple miles down the road when I’m having one of my various vehicles. I get all out of my system there in the garage.

But I can’t so, but that’s you know, just get in and start playing.

That’s also something that can really, that’s where all the great, cool stuff that I have ever figured out in my business came from playing around.

Not just setting a “Today I’m going to experiment with this now, I’m going to get on, and I’m going to mess around, and I’m going to play around with stuff and just have a good time figuring out some stuff.

It’ll be something funny that will entertain me and make me feel good. Maybe it’ll scratch my pickle.

And other times, perhaps I figure out something that will make a huge difference in my business in my life.

Stew Smith: Go figure.

Jim Edwards: You know what I’m saying? You never know. You never know until you try. And when you’re playing around, that’s when you’re like, Well, what happens if I click this? What happens if I do this? What happens if I do, you know, it’s probably not going to break. 

Stew Smith: Yeah. 

Jim Edwards: So, you know, play around with the wizards and scripts and stuff and make sure you own all of them. Absolutely. Make sure you have Traffic Secret scripts, funnel scripts, author wizards, the Jim Edwards Method Premium, all my downloadable stuff, buy it all, because it makes my wife happy. 

And he everyone, all of the tools are awesome and can help you. 

Stew Smith: That is true.

Jim Edwards: That helps Stew.  

Stew Smith: Helps me every day. I’ve been going into a daily now.

Jim Edwards: Yeah, and there are advantages to being my friend because I’m like, I come out with a new thing like, hey, still go play with this. Let me know if it works.

Stew Smith: You know it. They’re invaluable. And so I just wanted to have a show that kind of showcases the individual that can get creative with these tools and make the tools even better.

Jim Edwards: Yeah, absolutely, and go in and have fun. It’s like, I just had it, you know, life’s short have some fun. 

Have you’re dog barking in the hallway and interrupting your thing. Can you hear them? 

Stew Smith: Just a little bit? 

Jim Edwards: Okay? It’s not too bad. It’s loud as hell in here for me. Good microphone. So, just have some fun. I mean, with the wizards with everything experiment, now’s the time when you have an excuse. 

When businesses with business as usual when everything’s cool when everything’s going along like it was a month or two ago…

It’s like you don’t have permission to play around. You don’t have permission to read a book you might not normally read… 

My grandson yesterday had to read a book. 

He was reading a book about jazz. I don’t know why he chose that book, but he was really loving the book about the origins of jazz and other things. 

Stew Smith: Cool!

Jim Edwards: And, you know, now’s the time. We’ll, hopefully, we’ll never have this chance again. 

Stew Smith: Hopefully, never.

Jim Edwards: Right? But hope, but we probably will. This is like a new normal thing. Once it happens, it happens again.

But this is a new tremendous opportunity where no one can fault you for sitting in the living room reading a book. 

You can’t. It’s like, what else am I supposed to do? 

I’m making myself better. 

So buy the course and go through it, review the stuff that you haven’t done yet. 

Knock stuff off of your to-do list, play around, experiment, try some stuff, you’ll never have this opportunity again, hopefully, because of these circumstances. 

So think about it that way too. It’s all in how you look at it.

Stew Smith: That is true. So everybody, check out premium, sign up for a premium membership, and you will have access to all of these things. We’re talking,

Jim Edwards: Well, no, actually you don’t have dim hours method premium is certain stuff. And then Traffic Secret scripts are different. And then funnel scripts is different. 

We got to be careful with that because I can hear the help desk now. 

People coming in, they’re like, “Well, you know? Well, I will say that said in Episode 65, that if you sign up for the, if you sign up for that, then I’m gonna get everything and then what’s gonna happen is.”

I‘m gonna have to come on and go. I am the god of hellfire, and you will not have anything!

Jim Edwards: So I don’t want to have to do that.

Stew Smith: That’s a good point. But anyway, I was on Jim Edwards Method Premium. And check it out. All Yep, plenty there. But you know, you want to check out something a little more streamlined for maybe your business. 

Check out the other ones as well 

Jim Edwards: get them all. Yeah. Get them all. Yeah. 

Stew Smith: Or get them All right, cool.

Jim Edwards: Everybody have a great day if you’re not a member of the Sales Copywriting Content Marketing Hacks group. On Facebook, you should check us out on Facebook check out Steve Smith 

Definitely do not want to put on the COVID-19 remember the old freshman 10 you know, freshman 15 that thing you don’t want to put on the COVID-19 put down the snacks. 

Get yourself on a great exercise program. 

Make yourself smart with my stuff, and by golly, this will be the greatest time of your life. 

Everybody. Have a great day. Talk to you soon.


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