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Jim Edwards and Stew Smith discuss creating a series of podcasts focused on the STARTER KIT for online business.  This week is about your business model.  Check it out.

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Jim Edwards: Hey everybody, Jim Edwards here.

Welcome back to the Sales Copywriting and Content Marketing Hacks podcast with me, Jim Edwards, along with my trusty co-host and Podcast Producer, Mr. Stew Smith.

Welcome Stew.

Stew Smith: Hello, Jim.

Jim Edwards: Today we have for you episode number 84…

It’s like Chopped…

Have you ever watch Chopped?

Have you ever seen that show where they compete in different rounds, and they got to make something really cool out of all these crappy ingredients?

And they always say at the end, “Chefs today I have for you” when they present their final minute.

I have for you today, Episode 84, where we’re going to be talking about the continuation of our series for the newbie to go online.

Not last time, but time for last, we did tools and resources. Last time, we did the target market this time, we’re going to talk about your funnel business model.

What are you going to sell? How do you sell it to make money and how does it flow and all kinds of groovy stuff. Or unless these change that on me, That’s what we’re talking about.

Stew Smith: I have not, in fact, a little recap from podcast 80, 81, 82, 83, and now 84…

We have kind of focused on the world of self-employment for the online entrepreneur.

80 was accountability and adaptability in today’s world of self-employment.

81 was part one of the online business starter kit where we just came up with a big synopsis of “Here’s all the stuff you need to do.”

Jim Edwards: All the stuff you need to have.

Stew Smith: All the stuff you need to have and talk about outsourcing as well. Which, by the way, came up with a new movie poster.

Jim Edwards: That’s true.

Stew Smith: Did you like that?

Jim Edwards: Wolverines!

Stew Smith: Looks pretty cool.

A guy in Sri Lanka made 50 bucks.

Jim Edwards: There you go.

Stew Smith: And then we did online starter kit number two, which was…

Jim Edwards: Your target market?

Your native niche market.

Stew Smith: It was solely on outsourcing.

Jim Edwards: Was it?

Stew Smith: Yeah, we did just solely on outsourcing.

And then now, last week was defining your niche market and marketing your market correctly.

Jim Edwards: There you go!

Stew Smith: Don’t forget about that. And now, what are we going to talk about?

Jim Edwards: I just said at the beginning…

I introduced it…

It’s your funnel business model.

What are you going to sell?

How do you sell it to make money?

How does it flow?

Stew Smith: Yes.

Jim Edwards: Blah, blah, blah, all that stuff.

So, the next question.

Stew Smith: Okay. So the question is…

If you were this 66-year-old gentleman in the insurance business that asked this question a month ago, and we have slowly been trying to answer it week after week after week.

How would you organize his online approach to business?

Jim Edwards: So, the biggest thing you got to do when you’re focusing on your approach to online business is.

Who’s your niche audience?

We talked about that last time.

So then the next question is a two-part question.

Where are they online, and who already has their ear?

So that’s really what you got to do.

It’s kind of like a hunter. If you’re going to go hunting…

Hunting season starts actually next month…

Don’t know that?

Stew Smith: I did.

Jim Edwards: And so, my son-in-law came over yesterday, and the grandsons were not happy because we were out in the woods, and the skeeters are going nuts, but we were setting up trail cams.

And the reason we’re setting up trail cams is because we think we know where the deer are coming through, but we don’t know for sure.

So we have to put up trail cams to see where the deer in the turkeys and all the other stuff are actually going so that we can be there to say “hi” to them like Bambi’s mom at the beginning of the film.

So, I’m not saying I’m gonna do anything other than watch the wildlife.

Stew Smith: Just watch them.

Jim Edwards: Just watch them.

Stew Smith: It this fun.

Jim Edwards: So take that’s the same thing if you go if you want to go hunting and you go to the wrong spot in the woods, where Bambi, Thumper, and Flower and all of his buddies are not hanging out, your chances of whacking one of them are really, really slim to none.

And rather, if you know where they are, then you can show up and make the determination whether you want to make friends with them or not.

And bring them home and mount them on your wall.

So the same thing online though you got to figure out where are these people. And if you want to do it even faster, find out where these people are and who are the people that they’re already listening to the experts, the mavens, as we used to call them.

Who are the people that already have a platform that has attracted the people that you want to target?

That’s what you got to do.

That’s like the beginning.

Then you got to figure out what is the ultimate offer?

What is the most irresistible offer that I can make to these people with whatever I’m doing?

Full disclosure, I was an insurance agent for about nine months. I failed at it miserably, though I did learn how to cold call.

And I got really, really good at calling people I didn’t know on the phone at dinner time, annoying the crap out of them and getting them to allow me to come over to their house.

I was really good at it.

And I cashed in on it two years later, when I was in the mortgage business, and that skill came in mighty mighty handy, but I digress.

The point, though, is I don’t know exactly what he can offer through the internet or what products he is selling.

So it’s hard for me to give a definitive answer.

I also know that that insurance and financial planning and all that other stuff is heavily regulated and making people promises and all this other stuff…

That’s tough.

So figure out whatever the offer is that you’re going to make to people in this area, your target audience around insurance…

Again, you’re just thinking in terms of I know that there are certain insurance products or there used to be that you could target high-wealth individuals, and they were able to put money into these.

I mean, they put huge amounts of money into these insurance products, and they’re able to have it grow tax, basically tax-deferred and then they can borrow against these and in a high tax environment like we have now.

It’s a big deal.

So maybe he’s going after a product like that…

Make an irresistible offer around that to high-net-worth individuals…

Find someone or company or people who already have those people and figure out.

In the financial planning world a way they used to market those types of products or market any insurance product or financial planning product is they would get a list of people they would buy a list of people high net worth individuals…

They would send them an invitation to a dinner presentation.

You would go they’d serve you a steak dinner, and you went to a restaurant.

They served you dinner, and then there was a presentation.

There was a seminar.

Well, if you take away the steak, that sure sounds like a webinar.

Stew Smith: Yeah.

That’s what he’s working on.

He’s looking to do more training like that with people online because people don’t even want to go into his office.

Jim Edwards: Right?

So what do they want to do?

What do they want to learn?

What is the result that they want to achieve?

And then what can you teach them to show them how to achieve that result?

And that becomes your webinar.

And you can use the perfect webinar if you want to sell them into something, or you can use some kind of a masterclass wizard or the dynamic presentation wizard.

And that will help you build a true training where you’re actually doing education, but I would do some kind of a perfect webinar, something where you’re eliminating false beliefs…

False belief number one, there’s no way to get around taxes.

In the end.

There’s no way to get around taxes.

And then secret number two, even if there is a way to get around taxes, it massively increases your chances of being audited.

And you wipe out that belief.

And then the third belief is that if you do some sort of a tax deferral, then it’s going to lock up your money forever, and it’s almost impossible to get to your money.

So, those would be the three, and I’m telling you from a consumer side.

Those are the false beliefs that I have had in the past about any type of tax deferral.

So, that means just talking about it, teaching it all those things…

Paul said something that is regulated but can and can’t say; however, pain points are not regulated go for the situation circumstances of pain, which is exactly why I say that’s a great point.

And that’s why I’m saying if you’re doing a perfect webinar, you can talk about their beliefs, you can talk about their pain points, and you can sweep those out and then sell them into an application.

In this case, it would be not an application, like fill out an app.

But it would be if this sounds like something that you would be interested in discussing more than fill out this quick application.

And we can do a live one-on-one zoom, where you know a meeting with you individually type of thing.

So, Susan said I saw recently where someone was offering to eat dinner together webinar while discussing a topic.

I like that. I’m not sure.

I would like to watch people shoveling food in their mouths over zoom while talking.

But you know what, if I was the presenter, I could always just minimize them, so I don’t have to see them eating.

Stew Smith: Yeah, I got offered something similar to that the other day, and the guy was going to…

What’s that delivery service for restaurants?

Jim Edwards: I don’t know I live way out in the freaking tree, man.

We don’t have that here.

Stew Smith: Anyways, it’s like a delivery service.

I can’t remember the name…

But it’s pretty popular now.

It’s almost like what are some delivery services like Uber Eats.

So they’ll go to a restaurant, pick up your food for you and bring it to you if that restaurant doesn’t deliver.

So they’re going to offer like a gift card for Uber Eats or something.

Jim Edwards: Grub-hub.

Stew Smith: Grub-hub.

Jim Edwards: Excuse me, all you people living in urban areas.

Stew Smith: He’s going to give you a grub hub gift card.

So you could sit in front of the webinar and eat.

Jim Edwards: Here’s something that I do, which is cheaper.

This is kind of a suggestion that I do, is I say whenever I want to talk with something, or I want to meet with someone.

I would say, “Hey, can we get together for a quick cup of coffee over zoom.”

And normally I’d say “Hey, could we meet at Starbucks” or something.

We can’t go to Starbucks, but let’s get together for a cup of coffee over zoom.

And people, for whatever reason, say, “Oh yeah.”

And then I’ll say…

I don’t have my frikin coffee here…

“Hey, let’s get together and take supplements over zoom.”

Stew Smith: That’s fine.

Do you know what I did the other day?

This is a lot of fun is a little digression, I’m sorry.

My buddy called me from high school.

We’ve been buddies for decades and…

“I’m just having a beer cooking out and just thought I’d give you a call.”

I’m like I’m cooking out too; let me go grab a beer!

Hanging out having a beer while we both cookout.

This is fun.

Jim Edwards: That’s very cool.

See, people are craving that kind of connection.

So instead of saying, “Hey, perhaps we could get together and discuss some potentially mutual business relationship ideas”

And say, “Hey, you want to get together for a cup of coffee next week via zoom and just kick around some ideas?”

And I’ve never had anybody tell me No.

Stew Smith: Huh, that is cool.

Jim Edwards: And that’s just a little thing that’s working for me that I think is very non-threatening.

And then you just say, but see a cup of coffee doesn’t imply you’re going to browbeat me for an hour.

A cup of coffee lasts for about 15 minutes.

So, that’s the other thing.

And anyway, my point though is that when you think about what you’re going to sell after that.

Once you figured out the irresistible offer, what is the irresistible offer going to be for these people?

Then the next question is, okay, what’s the fastest way to get them the result? Meaning, do you need to teach them something?

Do you need to show them something?

Do you need to do something for them, with them?

You know, and that’s gonna dictate whether it’s a class, whether it’s a tool, whether it’s a blueprint, whether it’s coaching, whether it’s consulting, whether it’s just a done for you service, which everybody now calls an agency.

That’s if you’re doing something, “I got an agency.”

That means we do stuff for people, okay?

Just, we, you’re hiring me to do something, but they call it an agency.

It’s just annoying.


It’s just all these new words for the stuff, and I looked it up I can’t remember.

But in the Bible, it says, “There’s nothing new under the sun” there is not.


We were doing stuff in coaching.

The only difference between consulting and coaching is that usually consulting has an extra zero on the end.

I mean, that’s the difference between coaching and consulting.

There’s a comma.

Stew Smith: This sounds like what this guy’s trying to do is he’s trying to get butts in seats to listen to his pitch to his training, right?

And my suggestion is, give them options for the next step.

They don’t have to come into the office and sign paperwork…

You can mail them the paperwork, and you can walk it through with them on zoom, something like that.

So you have some answers to today’s issues.

And you know, the reason why you want to go online in the first place.

Jim Edwards: Right.

Stew Smith: Like, people don’t want to come into your office.

Jim Edwards: But you got to link it to what are the results that they want…

You can’t be, “Hey, sign up to have me pitch you.”

No, it’s what are the results that they’re trying to get?

What can you teach them about getting those results that will change their beliefs?

And then how can you present a solution in a way that makes them want to go to the next step?

And it all has to be couched in what’s in it for them; it’s going to help them get a result, it’s going to help them be able to be benefited in some way.

There’s a benefit to them for doing it.

And you do it in a non-threatening way.

And you do it in a way that makes them go, “Yeah, that’s me.”

“That’s what I want.” “And that makes perfect sense.” “And let me sign up for this before they run out of spot.”

You know?

Stew Smith: Yep.

Jim Edwards: So again, you got to put a little brain power into it and figure out what exactly how do you adapt that principle that we’ve just talked about there to your business.

But most people never really think in terms of what is the actual result that I give people that they want.

It’s like I’ve got this stuff that I need to sell.

And so I sell insurance.


You sell security, you sell peace of mind, you sell tax-deferred growth, you sell it’s the advantages and what’s the advantage of that?

What’s the emotional payoff?

That’s what you’re selling?

And then you flip it around, and you like, three ways to grow your money tax-free or tax-deferred.

That without triggering an IRS audit.

Stew Smith: Oh! That’s huge.

Jim Edwards: That’s big right there, man. That’s big.

Stew Smith: Yeah, I like that!

Jim Edwards: I like that too.

That’s actually a really good headline.

Now, whether it’s legal to use that or not, I don’t know, and I really don’t have to care.

Because I come with a disclaimer, which is don’t listen to me for anything unless I’m giving you veterinarian advice on how to choose a veterinarian.

So, um oh, thank you, Carlin says that’s from Ecclesiastes.

“There’s nothing new under the sun.”

Stew Smith: Good quote.

Jim Edwards: Need to get a little card out of that.

Stew Smith: Yeah, like that.

Jim Edwards: So I think we have beaten this one Stew death to bring us home.

Stew Smith: Yeah, my deal on this one is I admire the gentleman who wants to evolve with his business.

He’s probably been selling insurance for quite some time and doing it the regular way.

Jim Edwards: Right.

Stew Smith: But your answer to what does it do, and not what it is.

Jim Edwards: Right.

Stew Smith: I think of an insurance guy is like, “Yeah, he sells insurance.” But he does so much more.

You’re so right on that.

So take that educate your market on exactly what you do, because you don’t just sell insurance, you got to educate your market on that by doing some form of online webinar website or presentation somewhere if you want to do that locally, and then just offer them options to get them in the store or into your facility, whether it’s you do an online option.

Do it over the zoom, or maybe even FaceTime on people have iPhones, you can do that.

So, yeah, there’s so many different options you can take with it.

But the goal of being an online coach is the same as being a local coach.

If you really think about it, you just have some new tools that you acquire some a little bit of foresight and understanding.

Jim Edwards: And one of the things that I think people do is that they see these new tools and they think that they’re in no rules to go with the new tools.

The principles never change.

The principles of educating people, changing their beliefs, talking about what they want, understanding the results of that they want in their business.

Leveraging other people who already have the platform that you want to take advantage of.

Helping people to get those results the fastest way either with tools or doing it with them or for them, or teaching them showing them the path, giving them the roadmap.

All of those things are keys to using these tools to do things faster and applying them and learning how to apply those principles.

But those principles don’t change those principles of interacting with people responding to what they want…

None of that stuff changes.

And being sensitive to that and saying “Okay.”

But then also you have to learn how to use those tools to apply them principles.

I’m not minimizing it and saying there’s no learning curve.

But you have to think in terms of the principle of evaluating people’s needs, understanding the results they want of phrasing and framing things in a way that gets them excited and makes them want to find out more.

None of that’s changed.

That’s why we both got excited about that headline because we understand the principle of “Whoa, that would get some people paying attention to what I had to say.”

I love that.

Without triggering an IRS audit.

Because whenever you’re teaching somebody something new in the financial world, that’s the number one thing that a high-net-worth individual worries about. Is that sound great, but is that going to get me audited?

And that’s a key fear.

Well, that’s all we got.

So, if you would like to improve your ability to write copy to tell people about your amazing, irresistible offer, please pick up a copy of Copywriting Secrets at

It’s absolutely free.

I just ask that you pay a small shipping and handling, and you get a real physical book that will help you understand how everyone can use the power of words to get more clicks, sales, and profits no matter what you sell or who you sell it to. Available at

And Stew, if people would like to get into amazing shape no matter what their current level of fitness, where can they go to find out more about what you do? Stew Smith: Hey, just go to fitness and a .com after my name’s, can’t beat it.

Jim Edwards: There you go.

Stew help me get in amazing shape and got me a lot more self-esteem in the same time.

So everybody have a great day, and we’ll talk to you soon.



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