“AI Content Is Cheating!”… Or Is It?

I recently gave a presentation on AI at a major conference in Florida. Afterwards, an older gentleman with a very serious expression came up to me with a fairly confrontational comment.

He told me AI content wasn’t legit since it wasn’t written by a human.

He felt very strongly that content created by AI was cheating and inauthentic if he didn’t create it himself.

I asked him if he’d ever hired someone to write content for him, he said no.

I then asked if he had a secretary, he said yes.

I asked him if she ever wrote emails or letters for him. “Of course,” he replied (looking at me like I had a unicorn horn growing out of my forehead).

I then asked if he felt like he was cheating by having her write those emails and letters for him, and he replied, “Of course that’s not cheating, that’s her job.”

I explained to him that using AI was no different.

Instead of outsourcing to a human, he was outsourcing to a computer program. I also pointed out that the computer program doesn’t call in sick, responds in seconds, and doesn’t get huffy when you ask for a rewrite of the material.

The moral of the story is simple: as with anything, it’s up to you to put your soul into the content by adding your own stories, original ideas, unique perspective, and lessons learned… whether you wrote it or a computer program did.

You can use AI Genies to create your sales copy and content and it’s completely legitimate.

If the content is good, relevant, and helpful, readers won’t care who wrote it.

They will focus on the quality and usefulness of the information for them.

Also, using AI to write sales copy and content will free up time for you to focus on more valuable aspects of your business, like generating leads or building relationships with your customers – instead of struggling to write blog posts, emails, and video scripts.

Bottom Line:

Ultimately, readers are looking for content that is useful to them and can help them solve a problem, answer a question, or satisfy a desire.

If the content meets these criteria, then it doesn’t matter who wrote it.

That said, readers are more likely to trust content that comes from a credible source, so it is important to make sure your content is accurate, up-to-date, and helpful.

That’s what readers care about!

Soon we’ll be releasing a new tool that unites the convenience and speed of AI with a proprietary blend of my experience and software to create fast, quality content that requires very little (sometimes no) editing.

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