Weekly Update – May 3, 2023

Jim’s Golden Nuggets

Crafting a Perfect Email Message: Get Your Message Across Instantly

  • Maximize the effectiveness of your email messages.
  • Include these 5 key items (great reminder for any skill level).
  • Consider adding this to restate the main idea and slide in a 2nd
  • Keep the message brief unless you’re doing this one thing.
  • The question to ALWAYS ask yourself before you hit “send!”

Creating a compelling email message is essential for getting your message across and driving your desired action.

Your subject line is the most critical factor in determining whether your message is opened. If no one opens your email, no one will read it, no matter how great the content is.

When composing your email, ensure you include the following items in the message itself:

  • A salutation
  • An attention-grabbing or “shocking” statement
  • The body of your message
  • A call to action
  • A conclusion

Also, including a P.S. at the end, which restates the main idea and includes one final call to action (CTA), can lead to a huge win!

This P.S. allows readers to quickly scan the entire email, see the P.S. at the end, and take the desired action (click the link) without rereading the body of the message.

In general, the primary purpose of any email is to get click-throughs.

Try to keep the message brief and only include what is absolutely necessary.

The exception to this rule is when sending a content email, such as a newsletter or article. These emails should have plenty of link-click opportunities, but also provide enough content to keep the reader engaged.

It all comes down to this…

When crafting your email, ask yourself what action you want the reader to take.

Does the email accomplish that objective?

Your success depends on it.

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