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Beyond the Headline: 4 Key Areas That Can Make or Break Your Sales Letter

In order to maximize sales and conversions on your sales letters, it’s important to thoroughly test and optimize various elements beyond just the headline.

YES! The headline is the most important element to test and optimize. I know that. Heck, I teach that. But once you optimize the headline, there’s other stuff you should test to keep that beautiful train of increased conversions, money, and signups rolling down the track!

Reminder: Only test one variable at a time! Yeah, I know there’s such a thing as “multivariate” testing… and I also know that most people aren’t getting enough traffic to make it work. So, only test one variable at a time. Once you’re done testing your headline, here are some other goodies to throw in the mix.

Other Game-Changing Factors for Your Sales Letter

From the opening hook to the call-to-action, there are several key components that, when optimized, can significantly impact the effectiveness of your sales letters. Here are the essential items you should test in order to fine-tune and improve the performance of your sales letter.

Test The Offer Itself:

What do they get and how can you make it a LOT cooler?

Experiment with different offers such as discounts, bonuses, or limited-time promotions to see which one resonates with your audience and drives more sales.

A friend of mine once said that making a great offer was like “Selling dollars for dimes!” How many dollars would you buy for a dime? Answer: ALL of them!

Take a look at the strength of your offer and test that next! Add so much value people will feel stupid for saying no.


If you’ve got a great headline… and a great offer that conveys maximum value, now prove the results!

There are 2 levels of proof when it comes to many online sales:

  1. Proof that it worked for you (the seller)
  2. Proof that it worked for your other customers

Proof that it works for you comes from your own case study, story, before-and-after photos, etc. Example: if you sell a real estate program, you’d show pictures of houses you bought, closing statements, and checks.

Proof it works for your other customers comes from testimonials, before-and-after pictures, etc. Example: pictures of the houses they bought with your instructions.

Proof is critical, especially once you have your headline and offer dialed in. Experiment with different testimonials from satisfied customers to see which ones build the most trust and credibility with your audience.

Remove Risk:

Test your guarantee next. Test 60 days vs 30 days. Test a better than money back guarantee. Test actually spelling out exactly what they should expect to achieve as part of the guarantee.

Example Of Removing Risk

Here’s an example from our 7 Day Ebook training:

If it doesn’t help you overcome any stumbling blocks to write your own ebook, if it doesn’t guide you step by step through picking a topic for a market begging to buy it, if it doesn’t show you how to market your book to the widest audience possible, if it doesn’t take you by the hand and teach you exactly how to get your words down on paper even if you can’t “write” or type, if it doesn’t make creating your own ebook easier than you ever dreamed possible, then we don’t want your money… we’ll give it all back.


Next you want to test price. But I’m going to tell you something that sounds counter-intuitive: RAISE your price! Most people want to test a lower price… but if your headline, offer, and guarantee are dialed in, you may well be able to RAISE your price because the perceived value is so much higher now.

Your Path To MAXIMUM Sales and Conversions

Bottom line:

Optimizing your sales letter involves testing and refining various components beyond just the headline.

By experimenting with elements such as the offer, proof, guarantee, and price, you can fine-tune your sales letter to maximize effectiveness and drive more conversions.

Remember to test one variable at a time, and prioritize creating an irresistible offer, providing compelling proof, minimizing risk, and considering raising your price to align with the perceived value of your product or service.

By strategically testing and optimizing these key areas, you can significantly impact the success of your sales letters and ultimately increase your sales and conversions.

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