The Ultimate “Invitation” Formula That Calls Your Ideal Customers To Action Like Magic!

Who would like the ultimate little formula for a call to action that works anywhere? 

Here you go…

Let’s say I’m doing a little 5-10 minute presentation on “10 Reasons Why Everybody Should Have A Book If You Want A Bigger List”. 

I go through the 10 things real quick, then at the end I say, “Oh, before I forget, if you want to be able to create your own book to use as a lead magnet, or in a book funnel to develop paid customer leads, I can show you nine different ways to have your own book done by next Friday. Only one of which involves sitting down and slaving away at the keyboard multiple hours a day. You can find out all about it and how it’s helped tens-of-thousands of other people at”

People listening to the presentation are thinking, “Oh, crap, he just told me how and why it’s so important to have a book to build a list! Let’s go over there and check out this resource because I need a book.” 

Why does this work? 

Because I invited you the right way. I gave you a bunch of content about why having a book is amazing, and then invited you to take the next step. 

Here’s another 

“By the way…” 

This is one that you can use in the middle of your content, especially if everybody always expects you to pitch at the end. Nobody expects you to pitch in the middle. 

So I’m halfway through a video or a presentation and then I might say, “By the way, if any of you want to know how to take all the amazing information Russell Brunson packed into Traffic Secrets about how to get traffic from paid sources, your dream 100, from Facebook, and make it push button simple, I’ve got the solution for you. It’s called Traffic Secret Scripts. You can go check it out at If you want to get a ton of traffic, and you don’t want to mortgage your house on running paid ads, this will really help you! Okay, let’s keep going with the presentation.”

 See how I slid that in there. 

“But I’m getting ahead of myself…”

This is another one you can use in the middle of your content. You can use it at the end, you can even use it at the beginning. It’s made to be used in a way that creates an “open loop.”

What’s an “open loop?”

Let’s say I’m teaching the five ways to create a headline. I teach number one and number two. I mention after number two, “Funny thing is that I used that headline on a website that I grew from one sale per 100 visitors to five sales per 100 visitors in less than 30 seconds. But I’m getting ahead of myself… One of the tools that you need to be aware of if you want to be able to test headlines really, really fast is …”

This creates an open loop in their minds of “How did he increase sales by 500% in less than 30 seconds?” They’ll be watching for the answer with heightened attention. 

All of these are the transitions either to or from the invitation (depending on where you put it): 

“Oh, before I forget”

“By the way”

“But I’m getting ahead of myself”

This is how you can go from content, a Facebook live video, an article, a blog post, or any of that to inviting people to check out your offer or move further into the sales process. 

This is the go-to formula. 

“If you want to ______ in _________ go to ___________.”

“If you want to big benefit in timeframe, head on over to URL or take this action.”

Here are some examples. 

If you want to create an unlimited number of headlines in less than 30 seconds that hook like crazy and get your target audience so juiced up they can’t wait to click, go to 

If you want to be the author of your own outrageously profitable ebook in less than seven days, go to

If you wanted to drive hundreds, 1000s, even 10s of 1000s of highly qualified ideal customers to your website in the next 30 days, go to

If you want to be the author of your own real unique book without slaving away at the keyboard 18 hours a day (and have it done within the next week), go to 

If you want to have a profit pulling, sales sucking, cash generating sales letter done in the next 60 minutes without hiring an overpriced copywriter head to right now. 

This can be done verbally; it can be done in print. 

But you should start thinking about all of this is an invitation, NOT some tricky ninja sales copy. If you have set the stage properly, your target audience will think, “Oh my God, yes, I got to do this.” 

Think of this as the ad at the end of an article or a video. At the end of a sales letter this can be your final call to action. 

An example would be:

If you want to say goodbye to struggling to create ads, emails, webinars, and you want to generate profit pulling sales copy in as little as 10 minutes, sign up now for Funnel Scripts. 

It’s the big old benefit… Without the pain… in the timeframe that gets them excited… with the action I want you to take (sign up, try, buy, click, or call…).

This is a formula that pretty much works virtually anytime… every time. 

If you are talking to someone who has a problem they want to avoid / eliminate, OR an objective / result they want to achieve, this is how you invite them.

There’s a difference between a call to action and an invitation. 

A call to action is you telling somebody what to do. 

An invitation is pulling them toward something they already want! 

People love to be pulled. They hate to be pushed. 

This is how you pull people in, and they think it’s their idea. 

The standard call to action is a lot of pushing. There’s nothing wrong with that. I made a lot of money doing that, but you’ll make more money making a really cool invitation to people.

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