The One Thing That Always Sets You Apart

When many people think about being the author of their own book, they think of royalty payments rolling in every month… month after month. They think of living the “laptop lifestyle” with your feet kicked up and an umbrella drink in your hand.

That’s mostly a lie.

I’m 110% honest with you… the people promising that lifestyle are out there hustling their butts off and doing the exact OPPOSITE of what they are selling. (Just sayin’!)

But if you’re serious about building a side hustle… or a business… or establishing yourself as an expert, speaker, trainer, professional, or coach – there is ONE thing you can do that will make EVERYTHING you do easier.

Write a book.

Here’s what being the author of your own book does for you:

– Makes you an expert on your book’s topic.

– Helps you coach confidently on the book’s topic to paying clients.

– Gives you the basis to build your brand and platform.

– Creates opportunities to use the book to attract media attention and speaking opportunities.

– Enables you to use the book to generate leads and sales.

By the way…

I’ve done every single one of those things (and more) BECAUSE I was the author of my own book.

Many of my students have done the exact same thing or MORE than I have on topics like:

  • Dog training
  • Teen psychology
  • Investing
  • Survival
  • Fitness
  • Business building
  • Family safety
  • … and countless other topics

As the author of your own book, you have a unique perspective that can be used to build credibility with your audience, the media, and more.

You can leverage that book to create multiple income streams.

You can also make a LOT more in your existing business or career BECAUSE you wrote a book.

So my question to you is… why haven’t you created your first book yet?

And, if you’ve already written one or more books… why haven’t you written your NEXT book yet?

With everything that’s going on in the world right now, including titanic shifts in the way people work, conduct business, and communicate, having the credibility of being an author is CRITICAL.

Imagine handing a prospective employer a copy of your book (and how that puts you head and shoulders above everyone else going after the same job).

Imagine handing a prospective team member or joint venture partner a copy of your book (to prove you’re the right person to work with)!

Imagine being at a conference or networking event and handing a major influencer a copy of your book (and making a connection that could change your life).

Imagine the pride in your mom’s face… or the admiration in your child’s eyes… or the love in your spouse’s hug when you show them your book and shout “I’m a real author!”

Being the author of your own book can change your life, your family’s lives, and the lives of others you might never even meet.

But you gotta get it out of your head and into a book form to do it!

I can help you with that.

In fact, I can show you 9 ways to have your own book done by next week (only one of which involves typing it out by hand at your computer keyboard – which is the suckiest way to do it! 😂)

Check out to see the tools and training that has help THOUSANDS of people all over the world achieve their dream of becoming a REAL author.

There’s no reason why you can’t do it to!

See you on the inside! 😎


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