How To Leverage AI To Test and Make a LOT More Money in Your Marketing


How Testing Headlines Can Increase Your Income by 500%: The #1 Way AI Can Help You Make Big Bucks!

(Which headline do you like better?) 😊

In 2003-2004 I launched a product called “How To Get Anything You Want.” It was a studio-quality audio CD I spent months putting together. I had a LOT riding on the launch of the product, not only in terms of money, but also my reputation and self-image.

So, launch day came and I sent out an email to my list announcing the brand-new program. 100 people came to the site… nobody bought. 200 people… 300 people… 400 people… NO SALES.

I was freaking out!

This was long before the days of easy traffic you could just buy and have people show up… it took WORK to get eyeballs on an offer.

So, a little voice in the back of my head said, “Test the headline.” I brainstormed for a while and came up with a new headline… switched it out… and made a sale to one of the next one hundred people to come through.


Now most people would say, “Don’t touch it!” We’ll just lick our wounds and make a sale here and there and someday make our money back.”

Not me…. I tested another headline. This one sold FIVE (5) to the next one hundred people. I had increased my income by 500% just by trying a headline. Testing is the key to making the big bucks online.

So, what does the sale of an audio CD back at the turn of the century (does anyone even own a CD player anymore) have to do with AI twenty years later?


One of the great things AI can do is help you come up with a ton of headlines fast (it’s really good at it if you know how to ask the right way for targeted, relevant headlines your avatar will go nuts over). On a side note, our “Killer Headline Genie” is one of the best, most popular genies in our current stable of AI genies at

Most people have a hard enough time producing one headline, let alone serving up several good ones they can use to test and find the best one out of the bunch. Yet, if you start testing from the beginning, not when you get around to it, you can massively increase your profits, registrations, sales, optins, and more…. FROM THE START!

The single most important part of any sales copy or content is the hook, headline, or first words that come out of your mouth. Those words decide if someone will stay or bail… if they will stick around or if they will click off to somebody else’s site that has a better headline (and spend money and time with them instead of you).

The #1 way AI can help you make more money right now is to come up with headline hooks, subject lines, and more (we have a subject line genie too, it’s excellent) so you can test right from the beginning.

So many people leave testing until later. “Once I get everything set up and running. Once I have some traffic. Once I start making sales… I’ll go back and start testing!”

NO – DUMMY! You start testing right from the start. And now with AI, you don’t have an excuse!

By the way, if you want to get a better result the first time you try an AI Tool (and not have to waste time learning how to make it work for you), I invite you to check out a demo of Content Marketing Scripts. Content Marketing Scripts combines the convenience and speed of AI with a proprietary blend of my experience and software to create fast, quality content that requires very little editing. If you’d like to see it in action check out a demo on the replay of the Copy and Content Show.

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    I like #2. Now I have to go figure out how to load my autoresponder e-mails.

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