A.I. The Angel of Death for Creativity?

A.I. (artificial intelligence) has a lot of people running scared. Artists are banging their heads against the wall as users of A.I. software win art contests. Fiverr gig sellers are seeing demand for cheap articles and SEO content drying up as former customers start experimenting with ChatGPT. Teachers know students are using A.I. to write portions of their term papers and other assignments, but they’re helpless to stop it.

Bottom line: Many people find it simpler to hit the “easy button” and have A.I. give them a picture, article, list, or snippet of sales copy than to create it on their own.

But there’s one big problem with this. A.I. does not create. Let me say this again…

A.I. Does Not Create

It mimics.

It mimics the things it has seen. Like a parrot mimics the voice of its owner or a song it hears on the radio, A.I. can only mimic what is has seen in the PAST!

Although A.I. has examined millions (if not billions) of images, videos, and text snippets, it can still only mimic… that means it can only predict language or image patterns based on past results.

This is what I’ve always referred to as “simulated creativity.”

Perhaps the biggest area of simulated creativity is with images. Because you can tell Dall-E to give you a seemingly endless supply of images based on your input, you feel creative. But that creativity is an illusion (though that’s not a bad thing). What you get back is just a representation of all the other images with those characteristics that came before the one you just asked Dall-E to create.

Does that mean the image… or the text… or the blog post… or the sales copy isn’t any good?

No. It’s potentially very good (or at least average or above).

But it’s not creative.

Creativity is the offspring of thought, soul, and spirit that can only happen inside a human being.

A.I. Will Never Be Able to Think Like a Human.

A.I. will eventually be able to simulate human thought, but it will never have a soul.

And the soul, combined with experience and insight, is the wellspring of all creativity.

So… is A.I. the angel of death for creativity or is it just another tool?

For some, A.I. will snuff out their underdeveloped creative muscles. It’s easier just to let A.I. do the work and call it “good enough!” That’s sad. Those people will never feel the rush or satisfaction of creating something truly unique that flowed from somewhere deep inside.

For others, A.I. will be a tool to help them get past the first draft stage on any product. Just like a rocket ship expends most of its energy in the first stage just getting off the ground, A.I. will free us to quickly get a first draft done so we can use our energy to make it our own.

Instead of spending an hour or a day creating a first draft, we can let A.I. be the first stage of the rocket. Then we can use all our energy to take that first draft and make it amazing!

Bottom line:

If you’re lazy… you’ll never be creative. A.I. will take out the super lazy people before they even get out of bed.

But for the rest, A.I. is like a time machine… it can fast forward you into the future on any project and help you do your best work with the most energy and creativity. A.I. can truly take your creativity to new heights if you use it correctly.

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