Weekly Update – February 8, 2023

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The Genie Is Out Of The Bottle: The New Way To Create Content And Sales Copy In A Flash!

When the average person hears the word “genie”, they think of a magical being that grants wishes.

Content creators and copywriters might take it a step further and picture the magical character from Arabian mythology (or Robin Williams’ Disney character) that grants wishes with the rub of a magic lamp.

When content creators and copywriters in the know think of “Genies,” they think of amazing AI Genies used to quickly create content and sales copy that requires relatively little editing.

However, they may also think of past experiences with “AI robots” or “Chat bots” that spit out low-quality content or sales copy. The kind of output that ends up requiring a ton of editing, and costs a LOT more in time, energy, and effort than originally anticipated.

Despite those often frustrating and inconsistent experiences with “AI robots,” with the advances in AI and natural language processing, I’m confident that the term “Genie” will become synonymous with amazing AI-powered content creation and copywriting. The kind of tools that produce high-quality content and copy which require minimal editing.

Genies will become the go-to solution for content creators and copywriters who need to generate excellent material quickly, cost-effectively, and with minimal effort.

But even with all that… you still have some responsibility in the mix. You can’t just offload everything to AI, no matter how good it is. Here are the main things we all need to get better at if we want to succeed using AI.

Understand Your Avatar: Knowing who your audience is and what they want is essential for creating effective, compelling copy. AI can help you generate material much faster, but you still need to understand your audience in order to create content and copy that resonates with them.

Proofread and Edit: AI can help you write faster, but it can’t make sure every single sentence is perfect. Copywriters and content creators need to read through their copy and make sure it’s error-free, factual and high quality.

TRUTH: Some of the time you save by not wearing your “writer hat” will get spent wearing your new “editor hat!”

Understand Your Brand: AI can make sure your copy is up to a specific standard, but it can’t make sure it’s in line with your brand’s voice and style. It’s up to YOU to understand your brand’s tone (as well as your persona) and incorporate that into your copy and content.

Monitor and Adapt: Copywriters and content creators need to monitor their copy’s performance and make changes as needed. AI can help create alternatives (and even provide data on how the copy is performing), but it’s still up to the copywriter to interpret that data and adjust the copy for maximum results!

Bottom line: AI is a game-changing technology and the “Genies” will definitely take it to the next level for you. However, as with any tool, you still have some responsibility to learn HOW to put it to best use in your business for your audience.

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