Weekly Update – December 7, 2022

Jim’s Golden Nuggets

“If You Want To Be Successful, Only Put VERBS On Your Calendar”

My good friend and mentor, former Navy SEAL Stew Smith, always says “If it’s not on the schedule, it doesn’t get done.”

Most people don’t reach their goals because a goal isn’t something you “do” – it’s something you “get!”

And the only way to “get” anything is to take action.

So that means…

Do NOT put outcomes or goals on your calendar (make a million dollars). That won’t work.

If you want to be successful, you put ACTION items on your calendar.

You literally make specific appointments with yourself to take the actions you need to take to produce the outcomes you want.

Placing an action on your calendar at a specific date and time also creates a deadline – a key ingredient to getting anything done.

* Email 10 potential affiliates.

* Walk for 30 minutes.

* Write article.

* Do 50 pushups.

* Hire programmer to design software.

* Run 10 sprints.

* Find graphic designer.

* Do 50 pullups.

* Write 3 Facebook Ads.

* Do 100 situps.

* Post 3 Facebook Ads

If you want to be successful, 99% of the items on your calendar should start with a VERB, because that’s how you know it’s an action.

Actions produce results. Nothing else.

Featured Article

How To Make The Right Dog Yell “Squirrel!”

Need traffic to your website? Who doesn’t!

PROBLEM: You need targeted, steady, high-converting traffic.

SOLUTION: Learn how to write a great ad!

TRUTH: The whole sales cycle (online or offline) all starts with a great ad.

Ads get attention and arouse curiosity from the right people.

Attention and curiosity result in clicks.

Clicks put eyeballs on the offer (your website, affiliate link, or whatever else you’re trying to sell).

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